Special Transcription: Yuugure no yakusoku (Toradora OST)

I just finished it for the completeness sake. (nobody ever transcribed this, I wonder why, because it’s not that hard to transcribe it)

A really nice small piece of music and it’s easy to play.

If you don’t know this piece just listen to youtube.

(mediafire is temporary unavailable so this time I used an other upload site)

Piano Sheet Yuugure no Yakusoku [pdf] and the [midi] file  

Okay, so with this I wish you all a merry merry Christmas ^^

Transcription: PSI Missing (To aru majutsu no Index OP1)

I know that there already exists a transcription (seach for PSI missing at Josh’s anime music) but nonetheless I tried to make an “easier” version of PSI-Missing.

Unfortunately I got all worked up about it and it’s… still a bit difficult to play it (I could see it coming *sighs*). Especially the left hand is tricky, because I tried hard to make the bass sounds as good as possible, so the left hand has a pretty complex rhythm.

But hey, it was worth a try, right?

PSI Missing PDF + midi + Mp3 (difficulty level 3)

PS @ mindless: if it’s still to difficult for you, I’ll make a new version.

Transcription: Vanilla Salt (Toradora ED 1)

Aaaahh~ of course! ^^

I loove this ED, it’s a very happy and cheerful ED with a catchy refrain.

One of my favorite endings ^^ (the anime was awesome too * sighs* good ol’ times…)

This time it took me longer than usual to transcribe it, I don’t know why.

So yeah, try it out! (btw, it’s a little harder than my usual)


Toradora ED transcription for piano:  Vanilla Salt pdf + midi (difficulty level 3)


Transcription: Kimi ni Todoke OP


Forget my previous post.

Here is the transcription of Kimi ni Todoke’s OP: Kimi ni Todoke (duh)

It’s pretty short for the TV version.

Anyway, I tried to transcribe this as easy as possible, but it still sounds pretty good on the piano.

Have fun


Kimi ni Todoke OP Piano music sheet:  Kimi ni Todoke (midi + pdf) (difficulty level 3)

Current Hiatus

I think this music describes most suitable my current mood. (Did I mention that I love Tchaikovsky? His compositions are simply amazing!)

it's pretty cold here in germany now...(it’s getting cold here in Germany…)

Since I don’t become any comments (I barely think that somebody actually cares about my transcriptions), I’ve lost every motivation for transcribing new Anime OP / ED /whatsoever)

So here is my last demand for you readers:

PLEASE give me some requests . Seriously I can transcribe anything, but if nobody gives a shit about it… then … why am I bothering with this at all? But, if I can make even ONE person happy, then my whole effort is make up for it.

So please, leave a request in the comments. I’ll finish it as fast as I can (actually, I transcribed the kannagi ED in less than two hours)

Thank you

Transcription: Sociometry (shakugan no shana II ED 2)

Oh yeah.

Forgot about that.

Anyway, Sociometry is one of my favorite ED’s, I wonder why nobody transcribed this epic piece of music.

the melody is very catchy, plain, but memorable. Truly one of KOTOKOS best songs.

So this would be my last “difficult level” transcription.

Starting today, I’ll only make easy transcriptions.

But seriously, althought it seems very hard, it is not impossible to play it. I tried it too and it sounds incredible cool on the piano. So it’s worth to practice this!

Piano sheet: Sociometry.pdf

mp3: mp3 + midi

she is cool and I don't care