Transcription: Musuhi no Toki (Kannagi ED)

Yaah, I know, it’s way too late (and nobody cares) but for those who are interested:

Here is the transcription of the beautiful ED of kannagi.

And the best thing is: It plays pretty well on the piano.

Very soothing.

So enjoy

Piano sheet: Musuhi no toki.pdf

Mp3: midi + mp3

Btw: I initially wanted to transcribe the full ED but, yeah, it was too much work and I’m too lazy now.

I’ll post the full version later. (seriously this time)


2 thoughts on “Transcription: Musuhi no Toki (Kannagi ED)

  1. If I was able to turn back in time, I would notice your blog, this blog, your works at the very beginning of times haha.

    I am attracted to Anime way too late, summer 2018 … and took a year for me to come to Tokyo Ghoul, and yes unravel kicks in my favorite songs like everyone else 😁. I usually managed to find transcriptions of the songs I liked randomly … God grants me a luck to find your unravel cover and that way change my whole life, hobby, … music attractions. (Like you were, I had been playing piano for 8-9 years but I didn’t have proper taste in music … kinda losing interest in piano for a long time) That’s why I saw your unravel reasonably difficult, it’s playable lol.
    *Whisper* You are the only youtuber that I have watched all of the videos !

    Now that I take my piano playing seriously. Hope one day I really succeed in my piano career once for life as you have become the king of anime pianist.

    P/S: btw congrats on your Steinway’s Artist banner ! Sounds so coooolll for an anime pianist ^^

  2. I’ll take time to read every single post in this blog :)) guess reading your youtube’s descriptions isn’t enough.
    Never thought that I would idolize a person so much in my life haha.

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