Current Hiatus

I think this music describes most suitable my current mood. (Did I mention that I love Tchaikovsky? His compositions are simply amazing!)

it's pretty cold here in germany now...(it’s getting cold here in Germany…)

Since I don’t become any comments (I barely think that somebody actually cares about my transcriptions), I’ve lost every motivation for transcribing new Anime OP / ED /whatsoever)

So here is my last demand for you readers:

PLEASE give me some requests . Seriously I can transcribe anything, but if nobody gives a shit about it… then … why am I bothering with this at all? But, if I can make even ONE person happy, then my whole effort is make up for it.

So please, leave a request in the comments. I’ll finish it as fast as I can (actually, I transcribed the kannagi ED in less than two hours)

Thank you

4 thoughts on “Current Hiatus

  1. Hi!

    Haven’t noticed your site before (sorry!), but now I can both say that I have, and that I love it! ❤

    Since I was like.. poking through your files and noticed this one on the way down, I thought I'd leave a comment with a lil request (you wanted those, right? ^^)

    I'd love to hear (and be able to play) anything, everything and/or something from One Piece. It's totally my favorite.

    ❤ Val

  2. Woww, seems like right now you have a lot to transcribe xD but I’d appreciate if you transcribe “their aspirations” from durarara!! I love that song but I cannot find it 😦
    so please…I’m begging you T.T

    Your transcriptions are really good! I cried when I listened to your transcription of “butterfly” from digimon ’cause I was a fan too!! T_T haha

    Well take care… 😀

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