Transcription: Kimi ni Todoke OP


Forget my previous post.

Here is the transcription of Kimi ni Todoke’s OP: Kimi ni Todoke (duh)

It’s pretty short for the TV version.

Anyway, I tried to transcribe this as easy as possible, but it still sounds pretty good on the piano.

Have fun


Kimi ni Todoke OP Piano music sheet:  Kimi ni Todoke (midi + pdf) (difficulty level 3)

7 thoughts on “Transcription: Kimi ni Todoke OP

  1. Hello animenz!!! ^^
    I love your playing of Kimi ni Todoke and I tried to play it too!
    But I can’t seemed to get the song right…
    Is it okay if I ask you? After the C#, A, F#, A parts, then it’s F, G, A, F, A, F, A, B right?
    I think it kinda sound weird and different from the midi you are playing…
    Did i got it wrong???

  2. AH!!!! Sorryy!!!! XDD
    I made a mistake!!!! lol!!!!
    I asked some of my friends and I realised where my mistakes are…
    So sorryy!!! lol!
    Thank you! =)

  3. Do you know if a piano part is the same as a flute’s? I cant seem to find a flute part anywhere! some parts sound the same but……

  4. Uh…..Animenz your link to the piano sheets aren’t working….T-T I really wanna learn how to play this song! Can you fix it please?

  5. Hihi 🙂 The link of the piano sheet isn’t working? And can somebody list the letters of the note, my piano note reading skills aren’t too good -_-” And can any of you guys suggest an easy anime ost? Thanks :3

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