Special Transcription: Yuugure no yakusoku (Toradora OST)

I just finished it for the completeness sake. (nobody ever transcribed this, I wonder why, because it’s not that hard to transcribe it)

A really nice small piece of music and it’s easy to play.

If you don’t know this piece just listen to youtube.

(mediafire is temporary unavailable so this time I used an other upload site)

Piano Sheet Yuugure no Yakusoku [pdf] and the [midi] file  

Okay, so with this I wish you all a merry merry Christmas ^^

5 thoughts on “Special Transcription: Yuugure no yakusoku (Toradora OST)

  1. Hey Man!

    Thanks a lot for this transcription, Im indebted for life to you for putting this beautiful song within my reach. Seriously and sincerely, thanks form the bottom of my heart.

    Sorry for being so imposing, if you cant thats ok, Im happy enough with this one, but would you be able to transcript yet another song from the Toradora OST? is called Kotori No Etude, I will file a formal request…

  2. Hello!
    I tried to download the sheet 4 times but there seems to be an error and I cannot open it:( Could you pls have a look see to check if everything is ok? Thank you!

  3. I just finished this anime and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait till you think of transcribing Silky Heart (OP 2). Such a touching piece.

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