this is the worst thing that could happen to anyone

To the (few) readers, who are following my site:

Apologize for not updating anything for nearly a month but the worst case scenario for every owner of a computer has recently occured to me: My harddrive crashed.

Yes, without warning  my 500GB HDD has made some funny scratching noise and suddenly – bam – everything was dark.

I looked up the internet with my phone to search for help, I brought my PC to a computer store, I’ve tried everything but ultimately, nothing could be done.

All my animes are gone (~350GB), my datas are lost,  music, pictures, videos and the most important, all my transcriptions are gone. Sure there is still the pdf’s uploaded somewhere on the internet but the raw composition files (.sib) are all gone. Originally I wanted to make a huge update with 5 new sheets but… T_T

I really regret not listening to my friends back then when they told me about making a backup, but, goddamnit, who would have thought  that my harddisk of all things would die. This is like losing your lifework. Screw it, this is the end , my life is over.

…well, after some careful consideration I think it’s time for a restart. My computer just got repaired recently and I want to start all over again. In fact, I first wanted to abandon my blog but I just couldn’t do it. There is still so much I want to transcribe and to share with you,  loyal anime fans, who badly want to play the music. Because it is my passion. (okay that sounded cheesy)

Nevertheless, I have to apologize that I still can’t fulfill your requests, because I really don’t have the mood right now to transcribe everything again. But I promise you,  I will catch this up one day.

*sights* but still… I can’t…. believe it…. all my animes… are gone…. forever…

R.I.P. HDD 0?.0?.2008 - 02.02.2010

EDIT: Goddamnit gg ragequit again. ARRGH where are my durarara subs??!?

11 thoughts on “RAGEQUIT – NOT

  1. Feel sad for you .. If i were u i would’ve gone insane and would be in comma right now .. that 2nd pic is too depressing
    Delete it!!

  2. 😦 Sadness.

    All the anime can be recovered likely, but what I feel bad about are the personal documents like pictures and your compositions.

    I’m glad you’re going to take a positive look on things. And extra hard drives these days are getting cheaper. Even webspace is cheap, so you might just have a private folder online with copies of your music.

    I lost a hard drive full of school documents and pictures some years back, too. It made a clicking sound, which told me the disk arm or disk head broke inside. It was a mechanical failure rather than an electric one. So I think the only way to recover my data is to physically open the drive and switch out the arm piece … or move the disk platters to another housing. But doing something like that is very difficult or might require a clean room so no dust gets inside it. Your data might still be there, just very inaccessible (though I’m not sure how much that info helps). x.x

    I still enjoy your sheet music, though!

  3. I’m not good at cheering people up… but plz do not so depress… You are on your way of becoming popular. I like your transcription very much and don’t mind waiting for it.

  4. There a few awesome transcribers on this world, we can’t afford to lose another one!

    Do your best! Ganbatte! がんばって!

  5. Danm that suxs!!!!…………nvm the anime (u can download it again) 5 new transcriptions lost forever /cry
    cheer up i just found you and im a fan already 😉

  6. OMG , I understand your pain ,because recently internal hard disk just like crap that my new brought pc also crashed like that……. but that’s why i “want” to buy a 500GB external Hard Disk to lessen my pain…….

    Mean I also LOST all my things just like you , if i brought EXD earlier datas won’t fade away……T.T

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  8. Hey man!

    Really sad to hear about what happened to you, but happy to see you are holding up well and taking a positive view on things. You are very talented! even if you computer fails it cant take away your talent, so keep it up!

  9. Well, as I always say, your Hard Drive goes out 10 minutes before you expect it to…. get a external backupdrive.. pretty easy to find these days and once you plug it in it automatically backs everything up for you. I got one of of tigerdirect.com and theres ALLOT of space in it haha.

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