So yeah I’m back (Durarara ED transcription)

Shizuo just kicks ass

First of all: Thank you very much for your kind words for my terrible misfortune with my HDD.

I’ve never thought that I have already gathered such a great readership, and because of you I will continue to provide you with the fastest, most accurate and best anime music transcriptions possible. I was thinking for a long time which anime music I should transcibe next and suddenly I remembered to finish the transcription of the ED of Durarara. I’ve already made the draft for the transcription when the first episode has been aired, but unfortunately it is lost now. Nevertheless I’ve found some time and inspiration (an important factor) and I just completed the transciption.

But before we start I have to make an announcement:

– I’ll only update my blog in the weekend because I’m still in the school and busy at the moment. I have only some spare  time  in the weekends. (you know, it’s not easy to transcibe something and actually write it down.)

-Due to this, I can only handle max. 2 transcriptions in a week. So if there are more requests, I’ll put it on the on-hold list.

– The ongoing requests… yeah sorry. I’ve actually accomplished 5 of the requests but they are all gone now -___- so it’s time for a restart. I’m going to delete all the old posts in the “request” section, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean, I’ll never accept requests again. I want to filter the older requests, which nobody (probably) cares anymore. It’s no offense, I just want to make a new beginning. If you still demand for your request, you can repost it of course.

– Finally I’ve made some changes in the “Request” section. Wouldn’t mind if you read it 🙂

Okay now back to the actual content of the post: The transcription of the Durarara ED “Trust me” by Matsushita Yuya.

To begin with: Hands down for the best ED of one of the best Anime in this season. This ED was for me an instant hit, I put this ED in the list of my 10 favorite ED’s after I have listened it for the first time. I don’t know why but this ED sounds a lot like “western pop music”. And I listen regulary (besides J-Pop and classic) western pop. Damn this piece is stuck in my head, I’m listening this piece the whole time, it’s just too awesome, I love it.

I have to admit, this transcription is so far one of the most difficult transcriptions I’ve ever made. Due to the “bass” line you have to jump quite some gaps with your left hand. But there are some easy passages too.

As always there is an easier version available. (please just don’t ignore it, give it a try, it sounds really nice too. And it’s playable for the most of you )

Enough of words, here are the download links:

“Trust me” sample

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Trust me – pdf + midi]       (difficulty: challenging)

“Trust me” (simplified ver.) sample

Download the simplified version here:

[Trust me (simplified) pdf]        (difficulty: easy)

[Trust me (simplified) midi]

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “So yeah I’m back (Durarara ED transcription)

  1. Great sheet music Animenz!!!

    I found a mistake in the first link though. Piano music sheet: [ Trust me pdf ] (level 5), points to it’s midi file, not the PDF.

    Hope that helps.

    Do you plan to transpose/transcript the Durarara OP too?

    Greets & keep up the good work!


    btw: HDD crash fucking sucks! Learned to do backups the hard way too…

  2. Yeah backups backups backups hahaha…

    An easy way: just buy another HDD with the same size as your original and well mirror its content.
    ‘n if you’re lucky, they both won’t crash at the same time! >_<"



  3. Fine to have you back.

    Lol, I was planing to do this song next week, nice arrangement.

    Hope to hear you more in the future :3

  4. I’m just a leecher, but I do know the pain of HDD crashes, seeing as I just had mine not 6 months ago. The good news is you’re over the I-give-up part eh?

    I went and got your Toradora transcript. No promises on coming back and telling you how good it is or anything, but it looks pretty great. I just wanted to give you some encouragement, since it’s the easiest form of currency on the internet.

  5. Just watched your video on YouTube of this and I have to say you have truly perfected this song on the piano. Well done I say!

    And yes, it is the best ED song this season by far!

  6. Hi, everyone i’m very new on playing piano. And now i have note problem that just how to play a note that got another note behind it or in front them?

    Example like Trust Me treble clef first 4 note. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks!!

  7. i’ve watched this at youtube.! and it’s waaaaayy more than awesome.!! you go dude! never thought trust me could be played on piano.. suggoi.!! just like nodame-chan.!!

  8. WOW this song sounds great!!
    though the scores are quite difficult actually^^
    (even though I’ve passed Grade 8 in ABRSM piano!!)

    also I’ve been practising the scores of HIKARI NO SENRITSU~

    yah anime songs rocks!!

    Keep up your good work Animenz!!!^_^

  9. Gracias por las partituras de “Trsut Me” me han dado deseos de aprender a tocar el piano solo por eso ^^.

    El video esta genial de verdad te luces con ese instrumento.

  10. Thank you for both versions! Now, I can transpose it for clarinet! (Even though it is impossible to play more than one note at once on clarinet…)

  11. hello there, i’m just read your blog.
    thanks for the sheet!
    actually i want to make a vocaloid cover of Trust Me
    don’t worry, i’ll credit you for the MIDI xD
    you’re just so awesome! please keep transcribing!

  12. Agree, cant download simplified version. Could you please check it? or I would be very happy if you can send sheets on my e-mail.
    Wanna play “Trust me” (simplified ver.) so much )

  13. Hello..
    I can’t download the simplified version :/ it said it’s was deleted or something.. :/
    Could you please check it?I realy want to play it! 😦

  14. Hi! Can you also please make a transcription of Complication? It’s Durarara’s 2nd OP and I think that song suits your playing style very well. Thank you so much!

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