The End – for the time being

Well, I’m sitting here in my room, it’s 00:45 GMT and I still don’t know how to express it in words.

To put it in a nutshell: I have lost my inspiration.

The whole story started with that “cursed” Angel beats OP. Since I initially really digged the new OP of Angel beats, I of course wanted to transcribe this immediately. And since quite a few people are requesting it too, the expectation increased immensely. I wanted to deliver a masterpiece, a perfect transcription, both with a clean sound and a high accuracy. So I sat down and tried to score it… until I noticed that it’s impossible. The main problem are the small “piano insertions” in the background which occurs frequently during the OP.

I thought it can only be transcribed if I use two independent voices like two pianos (like in this video), but since I have no experience in scoring duets (besides, 99% of my transcriptions are for solo piano), I HAVE to transcribe it somehow. So I experimented around with several transcription methods like using two melodies simultaneously, or make use of chords but ultimately, I just couldn’t find a  satisfactory solution.

I just could’nt finish this. And then, when I saw that other transcription, I just thought myself: “boy, why am I making my life so difficult for this transcription? Why don’t i just leave the piano tones out and just focus on the melody and add some random accompaniment?”. But there is no way I could do this because I am a pig-headed perfectionist.

So when I played that other transcription, I have to realize, that it sounded indeed very nice – despite its simplicity – and suddenly, a feeling of defeat overcame me. I know its childish, but damn, I sure was frustrated.

Well, since then I haven’t transcribed anything and didn’t lift a finger on the on-going projects . (Not counting the Angel Beats ED Brave song, because it was finished a long time ago, but I just couldn’t find the time to upload it)

Here’s a list of my current transcriber status:

My soul, your beats (Angel beats! OP) : 90 % – PERMAMENTLY DROPPED DUE TO %&/§”%%

Ame Iro Rondo (Toradora OST) : 60% – god knows why I could’t finish this

Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora (Ookami kakushi OP) – TV sized : 55% – lost motivation

Futuristic Imaginations (Eden of the east ED) : 20% – jesus, I could play this on the piano on a whim, but scoring this is nearly impossible

Uragiri no Yuuyake (Durarara OP) : 15% – no comment

Other request I forgot to mention: under ~10%

To put it in a nutshell: I hereby announce that I will quit transcribing – temporarly.

Until I have found my inspiration again, there will be no updates anymore.

I’m sorry for letting your requests slide again, but I only want to provide you with the best transcription possible, but without inspiration, it’s impossible to accomplish it.

I would like to point out that I do not quit transcribing permanently, I’m just taking a break. I may return in a few months (or earlier, depending on my mood), as soon as I find my motivation and inspiration again.

Until then – so long and see you next time!


farewell, until next time

Just taking a little break... somewhere far far away

22 thoughts on “The End – for the time being

  1. Shit, man, I hope we’re not the ones causing you this much trouble. You’re an amazing pianist, and this is really heartbreaking.

  2. This happens to me a lot, since I’m quite the perfectionist too (and I openly tell that in a lot of my descriptions).

    I hope you’ll get over your slump quickly as I terribly enjoy your works, and I get inspired by your arrangements.

  3. It’s sad to hear that you are putting an end to transcribing – even if temporarily.

    That being said, I’ll probably still check back on this page everyday and wait eagerly for your return.

    Until then~

  4. Really hope to see a return to activity once you find that spark to kickstart the creative process. As is, the work you do has been invaluable and I do enjoy listening to what comes out of your work!

  5. You’re human just like the rest of us; slumps will happen. I’ve enjoyed all your transcriptions thus far, so I’m glad that you had the inspiration to do even one; I won’t hold it against you if you never decide to come back.

    Though of course I hope you do find that muse again, even if it takes a year. Fortunately (in my opinion) this is music, which is ever-changing and full of unique and new moods. Music is also something very many people in the world appreciate, and not many have a talent like yours — not only being able to play piano, but also have the ear and the knack to do transcriptions. A lot of people, myself included, are envious of that.

    I’m not saying you should return because you have some sort of “obligation” to such people. Whatever you do has to benefit yourself; /you/ have to enjoy it and love it first, before that enjoyment can be passed down to us. But I think your audience (us envious folks) can be a strong source of motivation and encouragement for this hobby you love.

    If in a couple weeks you find yourself visualizing notes at the dinner table or while you’re driving around, then you may be on the way to being back. 🙂 (I hope that’s the case at least.)

  6. I totally know what you mean about the Angel Beats OP. I even commented on that guy’s blog saying “maybe you should transcribe the ORIGINAL chords!” in broken Japanese. He was like “I don’t know them…” hahaha.

    I’ve written this in places, but my policy is just to make a lead sheet. Melody and chord symbols. Pretty easy! I rarely transcribe the arranged parts, only when they play a crucial function in the form of the song (e.g., when the introduction of a piece is also used as the interlude between chorus and verse).

    I was going to try and do a full arrangement transcription of the Angel Beats OP (original piano craziness, string craziness, etc.) but that would be a giant pain. Don’t give up though! Arrange the K-ON!! insert song from ep7 for piano. I have the lead sheet finished!


    No, just kidding. You did come off awfully dramatic at the beginning of this post, though. 😛

    Like has been already mentioned, you’re not under any strict obligation to keep churning out transcriptions. You’re just participating in a community of fans, providing a cool service to an admittedly niche part of an already niche group; I don’t think anyone here is seriously holding you to this as if it were your job. I’d like to think that you’re doing this for fun, and I’m certainly here for that reason too.

    I really appreciate the transcriptions you’ve put out so far (the K-On one is especially awesome) and look forward to what else you end up doing in the future.

    You’re probably gonna find some new OP or ED to spark your interest when the next anime season rolls around, and there are tons more seasons to come, so don’t sweat it.

  8. I know exactly how you feel. I may not be as great as you at piano (All aspects of it, really) I transcribe and improvise a lot. And when you start improvising the same things everyday, same chords, almost the same melody, you can get pretty down. Good luck finding the inspiration that you need.

  9. I was just stopping by your blog to inform you that your transcription of Brave Song broke my soul, but from the looks of this post apparently that’s not good enough for you :P.

    I’m going to have to selfishly agree with Josh though, it would be a major bummer for you to quit at 90%. Sure the song is probably ok with some random accompaniment beside the main melody, but is that really all it could be?

    I really have no right to judge. I’ve tried to transcribe songs a million times less complicated and failed, but still, you brought something to Brave Song than it had to begin with, and for the people who have seen Angel Beats! that really means something.

    I hope to see more of your transcriptions someday (hopefully soon).

  10. Hey, I’m don’t compliment people often. In fact I don’t remember the last time I ever bothered to. But letting your exceptional talent go to waste is no different than cutting off both your arms. Your music can really make a huge difference in our lives. Who cares if someone makes a half-assed version of the same song you’re transcribing when you can 1-up them with a masterpiece?

    • I’d like very much to agree with you, but I think it’s also important not to give him any pressure. After all, this is his own endeavor, let him do it at his pace. Whether he’s in the mood to create a “masterpiece” is his own business and not ours really.

      In any case, I agree that seeing someone else’s transcription isn’t a reason to lose spirit. Keep going, Animenz!

  11. I am eager to learn piano again (stopped at Grade 5) after listening to your transcriptions. Hope you will come back soon

  12. Kinda reminds me of when Rachmaninoff had his composition “likened by nationalist composer and critic César Cui to a depiction of the ten plagues of Egypt, suggesting it would be admired by the “inmates” of a music conservatory in hell”-wiki” and then sank into a period of introspection when he wrote no music.

    But he bounced back later with glorious masterpieces that blast pianos into the stratosphere!

    I believe that all of us have at one time felt that curious despair of being incapable of completing something perfectly. Amateur pianist that i am, i have never been able to do transcriptions, with closest thing to pitch sense being the aquired semi-perfect pitch of regular piano playing. As such i admire your skill and your commitment at painting out these beautiful transciptions for all.

    I hope your break refreshes you and fills you with a new peace. Come back when you are ready:)

  13. Hey….as much as I would like to just yell at you and give you a pep talk like I do to my friends in real life, I know that people sometimes lose interest in what they do, and it just becomes somewhat…….monotonous. So you just…..take a break for a while.

    Well, have fun on the break, and I guess….come back you’re ready.

  14. Don’t sweat it too much. It’s a natural occurrence for artist, but you probably already know that. Good news is, it’ll probably be over before you know it. Bad news, I can almost guarantee you it’s going to happen again.

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