It’s been a while… (Shakugan no shana OVA ED transcription)

… but now I’ve finally found the time to post something.

Some of you may ask why I didn’t post anything  for such a long time.

Anime became boring and is no fun anymore…

It’s because I’ve completely lost interest in Anime in the past five months.

I don’t know why but suddenly, everytime when I start watching Anime, I became bored and I have a feeling of wasting my time and not achieving anything. I’d rather play some computer games like Starcraft 2  or go out with my friends instead of spending time watching anime.

That’s because the spring Anime season was really weak. I’ve dropped everything I had began watching:

Highschool of the Dead had just too much fanservice. Yes yes, I know, Highschool of the dead IS entirely made of fanservice, but still, I was hoping it wouldn’t focus too much on the fanservice. But it just got worse and…I just can’t stand fanservice series.

I’ve tried Occuld Academy but I didn’t find it really interesting and dropped it already after 2 episodes.

Ookami san and her seven compagnions was… mediocre at its best. It wasn’t anything special. It’s just another  standard tsundere romance comedy show with a little drama. Completely forgettable.

Mitsudomoe was in the beginning funny but it became repetitive and boring.

I gave up on K-ON!! because it just don’t work for me. I really don’t feel the need watching it. Dropped.

In conclusion, there was nothing to watch. And after a month, when I still don’t miss anime at all, I thought I should just quit Anime.

And that’s how today, when I’ve been organizing my computer files, I’ve seen this:

[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana S – 01 (1280×720 h264) [DABC2A44].​mkv

oh boy… how I’ve missed this series

I’ve completely forgot, there was still a Shanakugan no Shana OVA!

Suddenly I felt how I missed this series and I decided to give it a try, since I have nothing to do today.

After finishing the first episode I just had one thought: It was good. It was very good, no, it was awesome!

I felt satisfaction and got excited. And I wanted more. I’ve downloaded all 4 episodes of the OVA and indeed, it was the best thing I’ve watched for a long time.

Anime is suddenly fun! And since the fall season have already started, there will be likely some series which could be interesting for me! Now I’m downloading all the new shows of this season and I can’t wait to watch it.

Which also means, you can expect me uploading more transcriptions as from today.

Anyway, when I finished the Shana OVA, I immediately went to the piano and transcribed the ED only within two hours.

Well, that’s it,  enjoy the sheet .


-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[All in good time pdf + midi]      (difficulty: average)


15 thoughts on “It’s been a while… (Shakugan no shana OVA ED transcription)

  1. Haha, yeah, sometimes it’s just that there is not good new stuff. But you have just to check out things from the past!
    May I suggest for example to give a try to Kino no Tabi?

    Great work anyway!

  2. I agree with you. This anime of this season was a very disappointing, most of them didn’t even live up to the hype. By the way. LOVE TO HAVE YOU BACK! 😀

  3. Welcome back.
    I have told some friends as NinjaZidt’s “HE’S BACK”. 🙂
    Actually, the animes of these seasons bore a few people, including me. Thus just follow your own appetite.
    Thank you for all the sheets.

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  5. Glad to have you back. 🙂 A slump from time to time is totally okay; plus I agree with you that the previous season just had so few things to enjoy. The fall 2010 season has a few good ones, though.

  6. Hey you should try watching kaichou wa maid sama. I,like you, had lost interest in watching anime. I just entered college and that’s probably why. Everything seemed boring to me. None of the anime right now looked interesting. Then, I discovered “Kaichou Wa Maid Sama” It’s an interesting story if you go ahead and watch. Enjoy.

  7. Animez could you by any chance make the transcribe for Brave Song(Full Version)?
    i love that song and your transcription but is only Tv-Size, the entire song have 5:40 minutes.

    if you dont want to do it i understand.


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