This has to be the best Anime season I’ve ever seen


My face of this anime season


Anime… I am not disappoint.

In fact, I still can’t believe every series I have started  turns out to be interesting and enjoyable.  I think, I have never been following so many shows simultaneously in one season.


Keima is truly the god of Harem


One of the shows I was anticipating the most was The world god only knows. I followed the manga half a year ago on Mangafox, but somehow I lost interest and didn’t catch it up again. When I heard a anime adaption is going to air on spring season, I immediately became interested again and I was really curious how the adaption turns out to be. The results achieved are excellent. Really smooth animation, a cool OP, and the seyuus fits their roll very well.


Glactic pretty boy... dazzling the stage!


Stardriver is just faaaaabulous. I mean, just look at this guy. The mechas looks dumb, I admit, but the whole transformation scene, the amazing soundtrack, (just listen to this) the exciting fight scenes, are really too awesome. It has also the best OP this season IMHO.

Panty & stocking is surely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I do like it. Panty and Stocking are two kick-ass characters and it’s a ton of fun watching them. Especially THIS scene has blown my mind (FLY AWAY NOW, FLY AWAY NOW). It has also one of the most catchy ED this season.

Index II was of course on my watch list, since I watched the first season. I hoped it would be better, because I have a lot of issues with the first season but –*sighs* Touma is still a moralfag, Index is still annoying and the pacing is still bad. To be honest, I don’t really know, why I ‘m still watching this. Maybe I’m waiting for Accelerator to appear again, because he was the only character in Index who was really awesome…

Ore no imouto is probably the most surprising hit for me in this Anime season. I expected some incest crap like Yosuga no Sora but it proves to be my favorite Anime for this season. This show SO reminds me of my daily encounter with my little sister. (You don’t know how exhausing it could be dealing with a little sister. She is 14 and also likes Manga). Nevertheless, I didn’t expect the first two episodes turns out to be that amusing. Definitely on my watch list.




I originally didn’t intend to watch Otome Youkai Zakuro since I generally dislike Shoujo but I gave it a try and … it was surprisingly good! This series has a really enjoyable cast and a interesting setting. I especially like that Youkai girl Zakuro (she reminds me of Reimu from Touhou)

Shinryaku! Ika musume is an  excellent comedy show with a funny  cast. I had quite some good laughs in the first episode. I hope it will keep up his humour and don’t become shallow, de geso~

I own the Bakuman mangas and I was surprised, it become adapted that early. (there are only 6 volumes available here  in germany). Well, the animation is really mediocre, but aside from that, it’s exactly the same as the manga. I like the Bakuman manga a lot so I naturally follow the anime.

And at last, Kuragehime: initially not on my watch list, but since I’ve heard good things about it, I gave it a try and it turns out being more entertaining than expected. This show remind me a bit of NANA, I don’t know why. I will follow this for sure.

TL; DR: Don’t mind me, just proclaiming the best Anime season ever.

Also, have a glorious Norio Wakamoto image:




4 thoughts on “This has to be the best Anime season I’ve ever seen

  1. So glad that you’re back in the mix. 🙂 Taking a season off wasn’t a bad idea after all, I think.

    I had been reading the TWGOK manga and have been happy with how faithful the anime has been thus far. Itou Kanae as Elsee is a real treat to listen to.

    Ore no Imouto has been excellent as well; ep 3 is the best and most powerful yet.

    Index II is so boring without Mikoto, haha; I hope there’s more of her soon.

  2. Damn right: This is one of the best seasons I’ve seen since the 2006 winter (Kanon being the main reason) and the CLANNAD/AIR seasons. You should think about giving Index II a try, it’s been pretty good the first 3 episodes. Ika Musume is outrageous; though you seem to have that figured out.
    Anyway, I’m loving your blog, I play the piano alot in my free time on campus and I bring sheet music with me all the time. Also, I’ll be adding you to my blogroll for this reason. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. Glad you like anime again ;D

    OreImo is my favourite series this season!! It’s SOOOO AWESOME!!! xD Please transcribe the OP~~~

    Index II…Touma and his preaching…and ridiculous fights….*sigh* [Still going to watch it anyway]

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