I nostalgia’d (Digimon ED “Butterfly”)

remember when Digimon used to be awesome?

Guess what I just found in my “Transcription Drafts” folder: A completed Digimon anime music sheet!

I’ve written this a long time ago and have completely forgotten this one. I think it was originally transcribed for my little sister. (She also plays the piano, but not as good as me :P) Back then she was a huge Digimon fan and she really wanted to play this piano version of “Butterfly”.

I remember when the first season of the Digimon aired on the german TV,. Back then, I was so excited and thrilled with this great series so that I haven’t been able to keep one’s mind off Digimon. Ah, those were the days…. (and I still have some Digimon soundtracks on my mp3 collection)

Well, since it’s written for my little sister, you can guess it is designed rather easy, so the most of you can play it with ease.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Butterfly pdf + midi]      (difficulty: easy)

7 thoughts on “I nostalgia’d (Digimon ED “Butterfly”)

  1. Animez i really like and appreciate your transcriptions, but i am curious with one thing, why you always transcrive the musics in TV-Size and not the complete version?

    I trying to complete your version of Brave song(my favorite anime music in piano until now) for the full version (5:40) but is very difficult for me, I’m have learning piano to just 5 months XD.

    Maybe one day I can also do a good piano version of the song Be your Girl (Elfen Lied ED) since no one succeeded so far, or managed and not posted on youtube XD.

    anyway, thanks for yours transcriptions

    Sorry for my horrible English.

    • let me tell you, you shouldn’t be doing that when you just started for half a year…

      our M. G. have played for 12 years an still cannot transcribe some, so why don’t you go learn more and then come back do to all these hard stuffs…

  2. Hey there, fantastic job with your transcriptions but saddly I can´t download the score…..you know what’s wrong?? I would really like to have it….! thanks!

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