A Quick Update (Aria OST AQUA transcription)

Sorry folks, for not updating the last weekend. I was having a cold and have to stay in bed.

But now I recovered and I will update every weekend again.

Ah, ARIA…. you never ceases to amaze me

Well, since I was sick I haven’t completed anything, so I’ll just upload a sheet, which have been finished a long time ago but  haven’t been published yet. I have a “draft folder” which mostly consists of incomplete transcriptions but some of them are almost up to 90 percent finished,  I only  have to put the finishing touches on the sheets.

A word or two about the sheet: It’s the transcription of AQUA, a soundtrack of ARIA. On Josh’s sheet library you can find a lot of ARIA music sheets but I wonder why nobody ever transcribed this particular piece. I think  it was one of the most memorable pieces in ARIA. Oh yes, and I just began rewatching ARIA again and it’s still as good as  it ever was.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[AQUA pdf + midi]    (difficulty: easy)

On a side note:

I can’t really decide which OP or ED of this anime season I should transcribe: I’m currently working on Star Driver OP, but I’m not sure what I should doing next. Feel free to propose something.

(Series who are not listed here are out of the question)

8 thoughts on “A Quick Update (Aria OST AQUA transcription)

  1. The moment i saw the poll i knew i had to post a comment, plzzz transcribe the kuragehime op it’s awsome, the other are good too but they are all somewhat generic and forgettable.

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