Mahou Shoujou Magica Madoka ED “Magia” – transcription

It’s update time!

My first transcription for this year’s Anime goes to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, my favorite Anime for the winter season 2011 so far.

Initially I was very sceptical since it’s SHAFT and SHAFT’s productions usually annoys the hell out of me due to their eccentric director Shinbo and his weird (read: bullshit) direction. SHAFT is trying too hard to be unique or experimental but it’s my opinion that the factor uniqueness is unequal to the factor enjoyment. I almost gave up every hope since I was disappointed so often by SHAFT ‘s works (Dance in the vampire bund was shit, bakemonogatari was too pretentious, Maria Holic just sucked etc etc) and so, I am glad to see them finally delivering an anime, I truly enjoy since  … well, whatever.

Anyway, back to my real purpose of the post, the transcription.

The third episode of Madoka was without question THE highlight of the entire Anime season: I was genuinely shocked by the you-know-what-scene, I just couldn’t believe what I just saw, it was… an incredible feeling… and when the ED finally kicks in for the first time I just had one thought: this is it, this shall be the first transcription of the year 2011.

What a amazing song! KALAFINA, you never disappoints me in delivering epic tracks, especially in creating memorable and catchy melodies.

If you have already watched the video, you will surely notice the sound in the video has changed: That’s right, I finally got a new microphone for recording my playing. The sound is now in much better quality than my older videos. My only problem is the volume: It turns out to be a little bit quiet, so you have to turn up the volume. Oh well it can’t be helped.

I did the transcription within a few hours, because the left hand is basically repeating the same rythm and pattern over and over again.

Because the TV ED was a little bit short, I extended my transcription a little by adding some original material. I basically had the idea of a music box, who plays the refrain melody. I think it is a good contrast with the excited and restless main piece.

Playing the transcription turned out to be more difficult than it seems, so playing it requires a lot of effort, but since it got such an awesome melody, I have also made a simplified version, which can be found below.

19 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujou Magica Madoka ED “Magia” – transcription

  1. Hm…originally, Madoka Magica wasn’t on my to-watch list, because it was another SHAFT work, and a few others who reviewed it, didn’t like it. Well, I may try it, when I feel like it.

    • You HAVE to watch madoka magica, yes the animation company isnt the best, but, the music and the story line are the best I’ve seen in a while, i cant not recommend it enough,

  2. Full version released!!

    We want to see your piano playing!


  3. “フルバージョンがリリースされました。
    The full version’s been released. I hope we’ll get to see your full version arrangement!


    haha, we’ll I echo his sentiment, but I think I can… figure… something out with your sheet music… ahh, I think I need to take piano lessons again. Or maybe a music improv class…

  4. I know this is a response to an old post but it wouldn’t make sense to respond to your SHAFT comments here in a newer one. I feel exactly the same as you about this being the first SHAFT anime I’ve enjoyed. I really had to trudge through ef, Bakemonogatari and I had to drop Maria Holic. Don’t even like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I’m very surprised to know that a studio that I learned to ignore their anime has come up with such a great one such as PMMM. Of course, the Kajiura Yuki music helps too.

  5. I remember that when i saw Koiji Romanesque i said “Shaft reached the limit of its awesomeness with this” but then came Madoka and Magia and i just wasn’t ready.
    Also, thanks for posting the midi.

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