So there is still one open question remaining about Madoka….

who is that f*cking cat? (in the opening)


Edit: found the answer:

[…]drama cd 1 from DVD volume 1 explains the black cat 

timeline 1 Madoka became a magical girl to save a dying cat that was hit by a car

however, she keeps this a secret from Mami, who would otherwise scold her for becoming a magical girl for such a “half hearted reason […]”

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Madoka is officially the best show I’ve watched for years (Sagita Luminis – piano sheet)

 I’ll get straight to the point: Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka was the most exciting, best written, universally acclaimed and simply the best TV-series I’ve seen in the few past years.

Seriously, when was the last time I gave a 10/10 rating in myanimelist? I think the last 10/10 rating I gave was Aria…

Also I was pleased about the fact that the show was both extremely popular (read: hyped) on the anime community and I actually AGREED and enjoyed the show. Let’s look back: Ore no Imouto was the last seasons hyped anime and – I hated it. Highschool of the dead was the most popular show in summer 2010 – and I hated it. Angel beats was the most discussed show in spring 2010 – and … okay, I guess it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t also a 10/10 masterpiece either.

Nevertheless, Madoka is a show that truly deserves the hype and I am so glad that it didn’t screw up the finale, (at last I’ve watched a show with a satisfying closing episode, it’s been a while too) both bittersweet and logical. (fuck those who says this is a deus-ex-machina ending)

Oh, and if you didn’t quite understand the ending (aka TOO DEEP FOR YOU) then check out this excellent post by ImperialX. He pretty much explained everything.

So when I was watching the final episode, there was this scene, where Madoka became a god and Homura must leave her forever… (episode 12 at 10:30 minutes)

if you are offended by this picture because of the nudity then GTFO now because this is art

…the yet unknown soundtrack began to play and… and…. and – okay I cried like a bitch because it was just too beautiful.


So after finishing Madoka, I just ran to the piano, and tried to transcribe it. It was not really easy though, because I have to replay the scene between 10:30 and 13:20 over and over again…(including Homuras voice and her desperate screams during the scene)

I also noticed that this is one of the few soundtracks of Madoka which is actually in a major key. And damn, I really love this track, it’s gives you a good feeling and at the same time it’s incredibly sad. As if the music wants to tell you: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine“. Once again, many thanks to Yuki Kajiura for composing this epic piece of music!

Well, I couldn’t think of how I should name the sheet (I actually thought about naming it Untitled soundtrack 2 but it sounded just silly) and so I decided for “last theme – miracle” because it’s the last heard soundtrack of Madoka. And a miracle truly happened.

[EDIT on 15.04.2013, fixed the name of the sheet]

Coincidentally this is my longest (2:40 min) and slowest played transcription I’ve ever made. And it’s the only level 2 transcription I’ve made so far. But this is for sure one of my favorite transcriptions, because I really love the calm and positive tune.

Okay, now let’s stop right here,  just enjoy the sheet and – if you still haven’t watched Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka yet – go watch it. You won’t regret it.


-= Download the sheets here =-

[Sagitta Luminis pdf + midi]              (difficulty: easy)


Nichijou ED – ZZZ – transcription

Hello folks, it’s update time!

This time it’s the (first?) ending of Nichijou: “ZZZ” (an unusual title)


I don’t have much to say except that this is one of the “calmer” transcriptions I’ve made. Relatively easy to play, but nonetheless interesting sounding.

-= Download the sheets here =-

[ “ZZZ” pdf + midi ]    (difficulty: average)

And so, I returned (Hidan no Aria OP – “Scarlet Ballet” – transcription)

missed me?

Hello everyone!

I (once again) have returned after a long pause. If I look back, I think I have reached my usual updating pace: Making three or four  piano transciptions for each Anime season and then vanish for a month without a trace until the next anime season starts and I will come back again. It’s like I’m “hibernating” and waiting for new openings and endings to transcribe.

But first, here is the obligatory

final impressions of Winter 2011 Anime Season:

Shows I followed but ended up as disappointments:

Yumekui Merry

Way to go to ruin a otherwise decent manga, JC staff. Once again. (see Bakuman) Seriously, I am mad as hell. Because Yumekui Merry had a good cast, a really good cast, a unique Sountrack, potentially interesting plot and occasionally awesome background arts and animation, but everything is ruined by that -whatthehellamiwatching- bullshit finale. I really really HATE manga adaptions with original  ending because it’s always blessed with 100% fail. The finale pretty much killed the good initial impressions I had for this anime. If it had only more episodes like 24, it woult have been a hundred times better… well, the manga is still awesome though.


Probably the worst show of Winter 2011 I’ve seen. And I am not even exaggerating. The description sounds so ambitious, it had so much potential, but the anime turns out to be an  incomprehensible mess, mostly thanks to the incompetent director of this show, who doesn’t have any idea which direction the anime itself shoud take. It was aimless, random, there was no built-up, it had awkward and unneccessary fanservice, there were inexplicable turns of events, there was even a blatant filler episode… in a series with a lengh of 11 episodes. -_-

Somehow they managed to achieve the impossible: Not a single character was likeable at all. Especially the main characters was so goddamn annoying. And at some point I just don’t care about it anymore. And the finale was the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. I could only laugh (and cried a little bit inside)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka

Hell no. Why couldn’t you just continue with random your slice-of-life stories? Yes it was nonsense but it was still entertaining, because it was perfectly suited for this kind of show. Every serious attempt of introducing a drama or serious plot will kill this anime for sure.

What were the makers thinking, deciding to force a LOLDRAMA plot in the second half of this series? In order to give this show a deeper meaning or a right to exist? – I’ll never find it out

Shows that would easily be my favorite but could’nt air the last episodes due to an unfortunate earthquake in japan and thus delaying its final episodes until 21. April

Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka

… well I hope the finale don’t disappoint me. Only four days to go. I can’t wait. Finally.

Everything else was dropped before the third episode or I didn’t even bother to begin with it.

Overall it was a very weak Anime season (again), pretty much everything ended with huge disappointments with only one exception and that would be Madoka.

So about my newest transcription…

… I think I overdid it a little in term of difficulty. But I couldn’t help it, I had so many ideas in my head after that long pause and so I used a lot of different techniques to make it sound “awesome”. I included everything: mega arpeggios, insane jumps, insane speed, staccati… I have added everything which comes in my mind. And once again, I’ve added an extra ending for the TV size ED in order to give the score the final touch.

For the first time I also added some articulation symbols,  dynamic symbols and some pedal marks. I think this gives the score a more profesional look.

Someone in the Youtube comment mentioned that the whole score gives a bit classical (like Baroque) feeling to it and I have to agree. It’s sounds rather different than your usual J-pop transcription.

Well, I guess I’ve reached a new level of insanity, so this will be the first (and probably last) transciription ever, where I would ever label it as “level 6 – impossible to play”

You better don’t ask how many attempts I needed to play everything without a mistake.

I wish you good luck then with the sheet ^^

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Scarlet Ballet pdf + midi]             (difficulty: insane)