And so, I returned (Hidan no Aria OP – “Scarlet Ballet” – transcription)

missed me?

Hello everyone!

I (once again) have returned after a long pause. If I look back, I think I have reached my usual updating pace: Making three or four  piano transciptions for each Anime season and then vanish for a month without a trace until the next anime season starts and I will come back again. It’s like I’m “hibernating” and waiting for new openings and endings to transcribe.

But first, here is the obligatory

final impressions of Winter 2011 Anime Season:

Shows I followed but ended up as disappointments:

Yumekui Merry

Way to go to ruin a otherwise decent manga, JC staff. Once again. (see Bakuman) Seriously, I am mad as hell. Because Yumekui Merry had a good cast, a really good cast, a unique Sountrack, potentially interesting plot and occasionally awesome background arts and animation, but everything is ruined by that -whatthehellamiwatching- bullshit finale. I really really HATE manga adaptions with original  ending because it’s always blessed with 100% fail. The finale pretty much killed the good initial impressions I had for this anime. If it had only more episodes like 24, it woult have been a hundred times better… well, the manga is still awesome though.


Probably the worst show of Winter 2011 I’ve seen. And I am not even exaggerating. The description sounds so ambitious, it had so much potential, but the anime turns out to be an  incomprehensible mess, mostly thanks to the incompetent director of this show, who doesn’t have any idea which direction the anime itself shoud take. It was aimless, random, there was no built-up, it had awkward and unneccessary fanservice, there were inexplicable turns of events, there was even a blatant filler episode… in a series with a lengh of 11 episodes. -_-

Somehow they managed to achieve the impossible: Not a single character was likeable at all. Especially the main characters was so goddamn annoying. And at some point I just don’t care about it anymore. And the finale was the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. I could only laugh (and cried a little bit inside)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka

Hell no. Why couldn’t you just continue with random your slice-of-life stories? Yes it was nonsense but it was still entertaining, because it was perfectly suited for this kind of show. Every serious attempt of introducing a drama or serious plot will kill this anime for sure.

What were the makers thinking, deciding to force a LOLDRAMA plot in the second half of this series? In order to give this show a deeper meaning or a right to exist? – I’ll never find it out

Shows that would easily be my favorite but could’nt air the last episodes due to an unfortunate earthquake in japan and thus delaying its final episodes until 21. April

Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka

… well I hope the finale don’t disappoint me. Only four days to go. I can’t wait. Finally.

Everything else was dropped before the third episode or I didn’t even bother to begin with it.

Overall it was a very weak Anime season (again), pretty much everything ended with huge disappointments with only one exception and that would be Madoka.

So about my newest transcription…

… I think I overdid it a little in term of difficulty. But I couldn’t help it, I had so many ideas in my head after that long pause and so I used a lot of different techniques to make it sound “awesome”. I included everything: mega arpeggios, insane jumps, insane speed, staccati… I have added everything which comes in my mind. And once again, I’ve added an extra ending for the TV size ED in order to give the score the final touch.

For the first time I also added some articulation symbols,  dynamic symbols and some pedal marks. I think this gives the score a more profesional look.

Someone in the Youtube comment mentioned that the whole score gives a bit classical (like Baroque) feeling to it and I have to agree. It’s sounds rather different than your usual J-pop transcription.

Well, I guess I’ve reached a new level of insanity, so this will be the first (and probably last) transciription ever, where I would ever label it as “level 6 – impossible to play”

You better don’t ask how many attempts I needed to play everything without a mistake.

I wish you good luck then with the sheet ^^

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Scarlet Ballet pdf + midi]             (difficulty: insane)

30 thoughts on “And so, I returned (Hidan no Aria OP – “Scarlet Ballet” – transcription)

  1. Okaeri.

    “I think I overdid it a little in term of difficulty.”

    Hmmmm… If i can remeber, you are always saying this phrase 😉

  2. Woah. That’s one hell of a transcription! Too bad I’ll never be able to play it. Level 4.5 is probably the best I can manage. 😀

    Nice to have you back though!

  3. Aw, don’t say it’ll be the last level 6, I am sure you can produce more 6’s and even those that are beyond this number. If you’re willing to go through the trouble of making quality transcriptions, I am sure there will be people out there who will play your works. 🙂

    • ็He have played piano for 12 years. So he probably practise that (Arpeggios) for a long time!! …

      Because I have studied piano for 11 years. I think I’m enough for understad. =_= But I don’t great like him!! Level 5 is the best of me (but I almost die because of it OTZ)

      I wonder how many years you have played piano. If you have played for 10 years+. You will understand! Sure!
      (Sorry. I’m not very good at English. )

      • **Edit**
        Oh, sorry. The correct is “So he probably have practised that (Arpeggios) for a long time!! …and always practises it!! “

    • @armorbreak

      One week passed. So I recognize…
      I want to tell you these things:

      When anybody played piano until they have more skills… more skills. And finally, have good skill at it.
      When they will play some piece of music. They knows how to play any technic immediately.

      In this case you ask “I was wondering do you keep practicing the arpeggios? because its insanely fast and difficult to do”

      Yes, it’s the most hardly. But when you can finally play at that high level…professional.
      ***You will know how to play it Immediately. It isn’t necessary for you to practice that more than 100 times like amateur. (Do you undersand?)***

      I’m not good at English. I don’t know how good I am at playing piano… to explain you. And I don’t know, do you want me to explain.

      But I think it probably useful for people who want to know these .

      • Sorry, I mistaked (again -_-!).
        The correct is “Understand” not “Undersand”.

      • Sorry, I forget important thing..
        *** Even though you are a pro. ,you need to always practice … to make your technicals and your skill remain…***

        As if I talk to myself -_-”

        If you already know everything I said, I’m sorry, to do as if I’m your teacher…

  4. That’s a picture of Remi, right? Nice play on words there.

    I agree with you that the season sucked, but that’s because you never saw Level E, and Fractale was more of a hit-and-miss thing (I enjoyed it, but I won’t go into that).

    You have the best image-titles, btw.

    And why do you even need to write the pedal marks? Anyone who plays anime music know everything is pedal pedal pedal pedal pedal (unless you’re /really/ skilled).

  5. Let me die!! Let me die~~~~~~~!!
    Please tell me this transcripton is a little less hard than your “Anime piano medley – playing the untranscribed ones”…!
    I have finished practise all in good time in 3 months…
    I’m sure I must practise this 5 months+ if I won’t practise it every day!!
    (Sorry. I’m not very good at English)

  6. This…. This just sounds great!!! Captures the feel of the song perfectly. I sincerely wish I could play this _–_

  7. eikkhh this transcription is WICKEDDD!!!! DDD=

    i agree with ur comments on Yumekui Merry. this anime disappointed me D= what a waste of good art.

  8. Thank you for transcribing great songs! Magia took me 2 months but it was worth it.
    Ehh any plans for a simplified version of Scarlet Ballet? 😉

  9. Murmur, and I’m forgot something… I forget to thank you!

    Thank you for splendid transcription as usual….

    • Ouch, the correct is “I forget” not “I’m forget”. Wrong again! I’m Sorry (_ _).
      And —–> I didn’t forget “something”. But I forgot “something important”!

  10. First off, an incredibly entertaining transcription that speaks of considerable transposing skill. What i’ll give to have absolute pitch as you have to be able listen to a piece and immediately head straight to a piano and paint it out lol.

    Anyways i hope this wont be your last level 6 piano transcription. It was an absolute joy to take a break from the usual classical repertoire and play an anime piece given such delightful substance and flavor. It is so rare to find satisfyingly complex anime transcriptions with the exception of your stuff.

    Perhaps a level 7 in the future=)? Looking forward to that if you do so.


    I just sightread through it (albeit around half the tempo -_-) and it doesn't seem too impossible 😉

    IMO, it's easier that the Level 5 Sociometry transcription…hmm (maybe I've improved sufficiently since then? :O)

    Thanks again! 🙂

  12. This is a really amazing transcription. it has such a great feel and energy to it even though it looks insanely hard to play imo.
    Will try it out but I doubt I’ll even get past the first stanza. Hahas

  13. AWESOME!!! love the way you have added parts to the original OP!
    After 3 months of practising and killing my hands, I can FINALLY play it at full speed, with several mistakes ); (probably because of watching you play it perfectly everyday to get me FIRED UP)… XD
    Your awesome talent is truly inspirational reaching to many people throughout the world!
    …Because of all your AMAZING transcriptions… I am SO motivated to continue playing piano, thank you so much!
    Also, once I have played your transcriptions, I have really improved dramatically with my piano skills. I don’t know what I could do on the piano, if it weren’t for your wonderful transcriptions.

    This might just be me, but, it seems that I keep getting the feeling that these AWESOME transcriptions are more difficult than the actual level in piano. For example, the transcription of AQUA (a level 3 transcription) is WAY harder than the actual piano grades.

    (btw: I hope this doesn’t bother anyone, but to play difficult songs like this one… it isn’t really essential to get up to (say…) level 8 in piano (though it would help) as I could play this and I am only in grade 3 in my the piano lessons.)

    Anyway, Thank you once again, Animenz, for all your efforts and I can’t wait for your next real challenging song (level 6 or higher).

    (sorry for the long comment… but I couldn’t help myself) ^.^

  14. I am greatly inspired by your transpose,composing ! LEVEL6!!!THank you so much!^^I will have fun trying and practicing hard^^” XD

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