Madoka is officially the best show I’ve watched for years (Sagita Luminis – piano sheet)

 I’ll get straight to the point: Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka was the most exciting, best written, universally acclaimed and simply the best TV-series I’ve seen in the few past years.

Seriously, when was the last time I gave a 10/10 rating in myanimelist? I think the last 10/10 rating I gave was Aria…

Also I was pleased about the fact that the show was both extremely popular (read: hyped) on the anime community and I actually AGREED and enjoyed the show. Let’s look back: Ore no Imouto was the last seasons hyped anime and – I hated it. Highschool of the dead was the most popular show in summer 2010 – and I hated it. Angel beats was the most discussed show in spring 2010 – and … okay, I guess it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t also a 10/10 masterpiece either.

Nevertheless, Madoka is a show that truly deserves the hype and I am so glad that it didn’t screw up the finale, (at last I’ve watched a show with a satisfying closing episode, it’s been a while too) both bittersweet and logical. (fuck those who says this is a deus-ex-machina ending)

Oh, and if you didn’t quite understand the ending (aka TOO DEEP FOR YOU) then check out this excellent post by ImperialX. He pretty much explained everything.

So when I was watching the final episode, there was this scene, where Madoka became a god and Homura must leave her forever… (episode 12 at 10:30 minutes)

if you are offended by this picture because of the nudity then GTFO now because this is art

…the yet unknown soundtrack began to play and… and…. and – okay I cried like a bitch because it was just too beautiful.


So after finishing Madoka, I just ran to the piano, and tried to transcribe it. It was not really easy though, because I have to replay the scene between 10:30 and 13:20 over and over again…(including Homuras voice and her desperate screams during the scene)

I also noticed that this is one of the few soundtracks of Madoka which is actually in a major key. And damn, I really love this track, it’s gives you a good feeling and at the same time it’s incredibly sad. As if the music wants to tell you: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine“. Once again, many thanks to Yuki Kajiura for composing this epic piece of music!

Well, I couldn’t think of how I should name the sheet (I actually thought about naming it Untitled soundtrack 2 but it sounded just silly) and so I decided for “last theme – miracle” because it’s the last heard soundtrack of Madoka. And a miracle truly happened.

[EDIT on 15.04.2013, fixed the name of the sheet]

Coincidentally this is my longest (2:40 min) and slowest played transcription I’ve ever made. And it’s the only level 2 transcription I’ve made so far. But this is for sure one of my favorite transcriptions, because I really love the calm and positive tune.

Okay, now let’s stop right here,  just enjoy the sheet and – if you still haven’t watched Mahou shoujo Magica Madoka yet – go watch it. You won’t regret it.


-= Download the sheets here =-

[Sagitta Luminis pdf + midi]              (difficulty: easy)


24 thoughts on “Madoka is officially the best show I’ve watched for years (Sagita Luminis – piano sheet)

  1. I have to agree with you. This piece is beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Madoka like so many of us viewers, and thank you for this transcription.

  2. I agree, this show is the best I’ve watched after so long. :’) Beautiful, just beautiful. Keep up the good work! Well excuse while I rewatch the whole series again and cry like a bitch.

  3. Join the church.

    (I thought P&SwG was the most hyped show last season?)

    Still, I thought the ending sorta ruined it; totally unexpected, totally rule-bending (Why didn’t Mami wish she were a God instead of ‘hey, I want to get out of this car’; there must have been /some/ smart people who wished to be God), totally downgrading the species of Incubators (they’re the real Gods, or Madoka’s a fake God; I mean, one who makes Gods is greater than a God, right? Unless you want to bring up Arianism ;_;), and really, totally out of the blue. There are some shows where a concept is brought up and expanded the entire series, something you don’t notice, and when they conclude with said concept, it all goes ‘bang’ in your head and you /understand/. Madoka didn’t reach this; but all in all, yeah; it was the best anime I have ever watched.

    That’s saying nothing 😦

    • I think Mami didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it; surviving the accident was her greatest priority at the moment. And that may have been part of the Incubators’ strategy — targeting girls that wouldn’t think so far as to wish to become gods. The amount of sacrifice such a wish requires is no trivial matter either; I believe only Madoka was able to understand it and be selfless enough to execute it. She originally wanted to become a magical girl just to be one and forfeit her wish. So she had no desires in particular and had a lot of time to think about the greatest wish that would be worth it.

    • I don’t think Mami could have become a “God” of Madoka’s caliber even if she wanted to. I thought it was pretty clear that the reason Madoka could wish for pretty much anything (still not ABSOLUTELY anything) was because of Homura’s time looping.

  4. I got here because of the trackback on my Madoka blog post, and my goodness, thank God I came here. Your blog is excellent and you bet I’ll be grabbing the transcription. Thank you for posting it!

    • Hi, I wouldn’t have imagined you would comment here that soon. ^^
      I just added your excellent post (I found it by chance too) in my post and not even a few minutes later you were here.
      Well, you are always welcome to try out my sheets ^^
      Also, your blog added to my blogroll. Keep up your good blogging!

  5. finally we have the same opinion about an anime….
    yeah! this is one of the best anime I ever watched…..

    thanks for the transcription….. T_T
    Madoka will always live in our hearts

  6. Just finish watching and……… it was EPIC! Thanks to you that I try watching it after you posted a transcription of Magia…

  7. this show was excellent. it explained the ending, and the ending is a happy yet a sad one. i cried when Madoka went to the past and future to destroy the corrupted soul gem, because that really means Madoka killed those Mahou Shoujos but they ended up not being witches, which is, heart-throbbing fact ;____;

    i love the transcription! thanks for transcribing! xDD

  8. Madoka had a great run too bad it fell flat in my eyes. I think maybe the long break in between caused it and the ending just stole from SO many classic anime I just couldn’t enjoy it that much. I was really hoping for something original and not done before.

    Oh well nice try SHAFT. Least it was better than most of the crap out lately.

  9. Damn this, no pianos in Beijing. Have to wait so many weeks to test that awesome theme out!

    Seriously, can anything top this show in the coming seasons? I doubt it. This show was full of symbolism and something deeper – much more than what we’ve seen for ages, and it brings back vibes of shows like Evangelion and even before that, where everything would culminate and explode into fireworks, blowing the viewer’s minds away.

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  11. Madoka sucked ass. I don’t know why people love Shaft so much, Kyoani is obvious god. Anyways madoka just creeped me out.

  12. Old posts… but one of the best ones 🙂

    i just finished madoka since my friend recommended it. and although i didnt like it at first… i was a human waterfall by the end. Just listening to such a beautiful transcription made me flow again all over.

    Thanx 🙂

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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