I am in love (Dantalian no Shoka OP – Cras numquam scire)

This theme.


I was … blown away.

When I heard the theme for the first time, it send a chill down my spine and I was loss for words.

I mean, just listen to it.

Video not found

– epic latin (elfen lied anyone?)

– epic voice

– epic piano + strings

– epic melody

I just love this. And I am still loss for words.

Just, grab the sheet and enjoy it.

Download the sheets and the MIDI file here:

[Cras numquam scire pdf + midi]       (difficulty: average)


11 thoughts on “I am in love (Dantalian no Shoka OP – Cras numquam scire)

  1. You are an angel in this world, doubtlessly. Not only do you possess divine abilities with the piano, you also share your work and sheets without asking for nothing in return. For this kindness, I pray your life be always full of blessings, Animenz.

    I can’t stop listening to this song seriously
    The anime isn’t even that good but ALL OF THE MUSIC (apart from the ending, wtf) MAKES ME WISH I WAS A PIANO SO SOMEBODY COULD PLAY IT ON ME

    thanks for all the things <3<3<3

    • Haha…I lol’ed at the “except the ending” part…
      Seriously wtf with the ED…
      Now learning how to sing this song…but really curious about what kind of recording device for this piano sequence…

  3. Hi Hi!! I was wondering if you know of anyone, or if you are willing to do an transcription for the background of this song (as in the melody of the piano and harp and such, not the lyric voice part). If you do know of anyone, or if you do transcript it, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much in advance!!!

  4. The whole anime was awesome….anime enjoyment Like a Sir….
    For starters I love Gothic loli….a gothic loli as female protag? awesome.
    Also the main protag didn’t suck and he, in fact, was a real gentlemen…
    The setting was wonderful and the spirit of the century really was caught in the anime. Also it was the first anime I’ve seen with a non-animated ED…and the second (1st was Elfen Lied) with an OP in latinum…which was especially awesome. Also I like how some mystic and antique references appeared, kinda like Haiyore! Nyaruko-san but more and in a more serious context. Anyways, this anime had so many completely new and overly creative elements, it just screams “EPIC”….i’m still a little sad, that, just as Elfen Lied, it never got a sequel…but oh well I guess that’s even increasing the dramatic parts…The anime was just….awesometastic. And the OP too. I really appreciate your work….This OP’s awesome. You’re awesome.

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