REDLINE was probably the most exciting movie I’ve seen in my life (REDLINE DAY transcription)

Never heard of Redline yet? Then watch this trailer. Or this one.

Convinced now? Good, because Redline was the m- HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME -ost exciting and visually most impressing anime movie I’ve ever watched.
The main selling point of this movie is of course its ABNORMALLY AWESOME animation, which I have never experienced in my life before.

Seriously, every single frame of the movie is beautiful, every frame is full of details. It’a feast for your eyes, you will have an eyegasm, you cannot leave your eyes from your screen for a split second because everything is so well animated and you don’t wanna miss it. Hell, it’s almost a sensory overkill for your poor virgin eyes.

I will not go into the details of the story of REDLINE now, because you have to experience the movie yourself to be able to describe the atmosphere in REDLINE.

A small percantage of you will likely not like this movie at all or find it boring.

That’s because it’s so unconventional and experimental compared with your typical japanese anime. You could go ahead and get the impression that the movie is made in the USA, because it’s so heavily influenced by western movie tropes, it’s more a cartoon than a anime.

My transcription is of course the ending song of the movie, REDLINE DAY.

Did I mention this is my favorite track of this year? I just can’t stop listening to this all day long. The guitar intro, the bass, the voice, the beautiful lyrics…, this song is simply glorious.

Surprisingly my longest transcription to date (3:44 min), and I played it a bit faster than the original, unconsciously. Also, very difficult, but what did you expect from me :3

-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[REDLINE DAY]      (difficulty: challenging)


Some guy on Youtube just wrapped the movie up pretty nicely with these words:

[…] This art style is the epitome of beauty, and manliness. Each frame hand-drawn, hopes and dreams poured into every scene. This movie has been in production for 7 years, almost too long for a profit to even be in the equation.

This movie, is a look into the mind of it’s creator. This is one rare case, where exactly what the creator wanted to make, is what was made. This movie, is put simply, beauty.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go and watch it already! Grab a beer (or a Dr Pepper), watch it in your living room, turn your volumes up to max, and enjoy the fun, action and adrenalin of this unique racing movie.

And with this, I will sign off now and go to Summer vacation (I’m going to Shanghai, in case you are interested)

I will see you again in the fall anime season, (Shakugan no Shana season III? FUCK YEAH!) and by that time, enjoy your summer.


14 thoughts on “REDLINE was probably the most exciting movie I’ve seen in my life (REDLINE DAY transcription)

  1. Yours fans from China welcome you. Thanks a lot for your piano sheets. I hope you can enjoy your vacation in Shanghai… I am going to watch Redline later…

  2. i watched the trailer months ago, but unfortunately i havent seen the movie.
    and yes the animation is very excellent, details in every frame and i love the bold black shades. some really good key animators there.
    i love your transcription. especially ‘i love you’ part (and part after that). the subtitles (or surtitles?) r so random xD
    if you wanna watch excellent animation (movie), go try Sword of the Stranger (action, samurai… as you can probably tell. with some Chinese swordsmanship). it has some beautiful OSTs as well =)

    and OH YESS Shakugan no Shana Final.

  3. On an unrelated note:

    Back to Redline:
    It’s an awesome awesome awesome animation! I was so thrilled when I realised JP is voiced by Takuya Kimura! I have Redline Day on loop for a long time as well!

  4. Thank you Animenz.
    I watched this anime and I can say, that it’s FANTASTIC!!!
    It’s totally awesome. Such a great visual quality, music, characters, scenario…
    Well it’s one of the best animes I’ve ever seen.
    And of course I’ve listened Redline Day on loop all day long as well 🙂

  5. Hey loving everything! I love Redline. Is it possible to get the sheet and the MIDI file? Mediahost seems to have taken your file down. Thanks! Big fan from Kenya 😀

  6. This movie is just spectacular. 10 years in the making, completely hand drawn frame for frame and the result is a visual orgasm of beautiful and exiting animation. 10/10, brilliant movie, AWESOME transcription!

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