Back from the dead (for the fifth time) (Shakugan no Shana 3 OP – Light my fire)

Well hello again.

It seems that I’ve reached my “transcription cycle”:

At the start of every new anime season, I’ll transcribe 3-4 pieces until I got bored or if there aren’t any interesting pieces left to transcribe. Then I’ll “hibernate” until the next anime season arrives with fresh OP and ED’s. And then I’ll begin transcribing again.

And so, once again, a new season begins, the fall anime season 2011 brings tons of new shows which I’ll look forward to, but most importantly, the anime, I’m anticipating the most is finally airing:


I can’t f*cking believe it, Shana is finally back, the long awaited third season finally airs!

I jumped out of my seat when I heard, that the third season is airing this fall 2011.

You know, shana was one of my “first real anime” I’ve watched. Therefore it remains as something special in my hearts. If Shana had aired 2011 and not nearly six years ago I would classify it as “generic fantasy anime no. 154723”. But Shakugan no Shana is different.

I’m not really sure either why I am liking this series so much,


Shana, because she is so hot?

I know a guy who watched over 200 Anime series and recently began watching the first season of shana the first season and his reaction was like

“OMG why do you favor this boring anime so much? It’s just another generic slice of life anime with a fantasy setting, and with a annoying tsundere and a useless male lead as the main characters, and the animation sucks and blah blah blah…”

And then I was like

“SHUT UP, shana is special and I know that I am not the only one who thinks like that!”

– …right, guys?

Okay, now back to the actual transcription:

Sorry for the occasional defocus in the video, blame the new camera.

Also, because of the malfunction of the tripod, I accidently revealed my face a little.

Oh well, it can’t be helped since I’m too lazy to record it again.

Anyway, why is this transcription so special?

I’ve always wanted to do a Shakugan no Shana transcription since I like ALL of their ED and OP. Seriously, they’ve been in my anime playlist for years and I still listen to them regulary.

Now, I have the oppurtunity to transcribe a Shana OP for the first time and so, I wanted to make it special.

I’ve added, once again, a special part, right after the main transcription of the piece, the nostalgia part, since it contains the theme of the first OP of shana.

Well, I don’t want to spend too much time talking about it, instead, just listen to it yourself.


-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[Light my fire pdf + midi]      (difficulty: challenging)

12 thoughts on “Back from the dead (for the fifth time) (Shakugan no Shana 3 OP – Light my fire)

  1. np…. I love Shana and it obviously one of the best anime I ever watched… thanks for transcription anyway…
    yeah! Fall season 2011 animes are awesome… many good series with good songs

  2. Happy to hear you like Shana too. And moreover that it was your +- first real anime 🙂 I’m in exactly the same position ^_^

    I watched DBZ for like 4 years in a row and another anime for me was unnacceptable 🙂 And than, on that glory day, I – tried – Shakugan no Shana which begun to air so I know the exact date thanks to this show 😀 +- 10.10.2005 🙂

    (I still remember writing to the people “please, when will be the next episode?” because I didn’t understand that it hasn’t aired yet 😀 Uuaaa those times.. 😀

  3. Yay! Shana songs are always impressive; they look even better when played. Nice work. (The volume pickup seems lower on this camera than in previous videos?)

    Even if you might be tired of Shana or her character, it doesn’t stop her from looking absolutely cute and stunning.

    What do you think of Persona 4? It’s practically based exactly on the game, using a lot of its music, so I don’t know if you were previously familiar with it. The style is just really neat.

  4. wow… thanks for being a Shana’s fan and transcribing this!!!
    i was on the same shoes, Shana is my first favorited anime (besides digimon….that one is out of question) and it is still my favorite anime since!!!
    Shana is not the boring tsundere, and i like this better than ZnT (if u wanna compare Kugimiya’s works…)

    though i dont play piano that much i’ll absolutely try learning this…

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  6. i really miss shakugan no shana too and the same as you a jumped in my seat when i heard that it and when i watched it i cried with joy that what i is real, she is back with new music

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