This is probably my most ambitious transcription project (Mirai Nikki OP Kuusou Mesorogiwi)

Today, I’ll present you my most unusual transcription I’ve ever made: The Opening of Mirai Nikki transcribed in classical-style.

This transcription is in several points of view special, because

-a third of the entire transcription is completely “original material”, to give the transcription a more “complete” and classical-like feeling.

-it is reasonably difficult, technical skills is a must to play this

-is the longest transcription I’ve ever written, (8 pages long)

-I’ve made over 150 edits in the last few days, until I was 100% satisfied with the transcription, so this transcription took the longest time for me to finish

-= Download the sheet and midi mere =-

[Kuusou Mesorogiwi pdf + midi]      (difficulty: insane)


Warning, the following section, is an incredibly long musical analysis of my transcription, which will bore 99% of you readers, but there is a small chance that some people might actually find it interesting. Oh, and some basic musical knowledge wouldn’t be bad, either.

So, if you have already listened to my transcription, you would probably ask yourself, “what the…? Why are you adding so much original stuff at the beginning?”

Well, I actually wanted to experiment a little bit with my transcribing technique, so I decided to try something new and adding a “original segment” at the beginning of the transcription instead at the end.

I will explain now how the “original segment”, was developed in the past few days, which is over 26 bars long.

Lets have a look at the first theme the Opening introduces to us:


The beginning of the OP sounds like a choral to me (or in layman’s terms: it’s sung by a choir) and I really liked the grandiose sound. (I’m a fan of vocal works)

Pity it’s only four bars long, before the guitar riffs suddenly kicks in and interrupting this small introduction.

So I decided to expand the first theme by writing a baroque-esque prelude.

Of course I am not just adding stuff randomly, instead, I use a lot of musical material which are already provided in the first theme.

For example, the first part of my “original segment” begins right after the first theme:

  1. bar 5-6, right after the first theme

It’s basically a variation of the first theme: notice the same harmoniy in the left hand.

The variation is a more speed up version of the first theme, with fast sixteenth-notes on the right hand. This is also a foreshadowing to the later themes (see 2.)

It contains the same notes, it even has a similar rhythm

Additionally, I introduced a new motif, a kind of “downward movement”, it was at first introduced in the first theme:

then it makes appearances in bar 6-7 in the right hand:

followed by the left hand in bar 8:

and then again in the right hand in bar 9 -14

I recently play a lot of Bach, and I noticed he uses a lot of circle progression in his piano works. So I just used the same method to develop the music. To be precisely, I’ve used the circle progression three times. One at the beginning (in quarter notes)…

…one in the middle part (only the left hand is shown to save space)

…and finally one in the latter part:

Before the barock-esque part leads the wild octaves, I want to add a a proper finale of the first theme, so I took the melody which appears at the end of the first theme:

… and made a fugato with this small motif. In order to achieve a monumental feeling, I’ve added a lot of octaves and huge chords in the right hand, which almost covers the entire upper half of the keyboard.

The bridge before the fierce octaves kicks in is also made from a small motif at the beginning of the first theme

Last but not least, I’ve added a Liszt parody in the transcription: Those freaking insane octaves in bar 24-28 are almost the same as the beginning of Liszt Piano concerto No.1. To give the “original segment” a proper end, (the equivalent to the sudden guitar riffs in the original opening), I decided to end it with a bang, and what could possibly fit better than a virtuosic Liszt piano concerto introduction? And coincidentally, the liszt piano concerto is in the same key, as the OP itself (it’s actually in E-flat major but it still fits)

The original piano score in Liszt piano concerto no.1

The slightly modified Parody in the transcription

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Maybe there are more hidden motifs I’ve forgot to show you, but I think you readers are already tired of this, so I guess I’ll just stop now.

By the way, I’ve been using these “hidden motifs” from time to time in my older transcriptions too.

I thought you might be interested.

56 thoughts on “This is probably my most ambitious transcription project (Mirai Nikki OP Kuusou Mesorogiwi)

  1. Sorry to disappoint you, but I have absolutely zero knowledge of musical theory other than naming chords 😛 (and my teacher now is basically just assigning me pieces to play).

    But I do know that there’s a consistent and coherent repeated pattern and recurring themes throughout your transcription.

    By the way, at around 2:00 mark of your video, what was the left hand based on, Chopin? It really reminded me of Pianeet’s left hand style and you pretty much captured his nuances (like how there are “key” notes in the runs that makes it sound what it does and actually match the chord you were playing). Would love your insight on that one. 😀

  2. Glad to know, that at least you noticed the small ideas I’ve putted in my former transcriptions ^^

    Concerning the left hand on 2:00: Good guess, my friend! It’s actually based on Chopin. I got the idea for the left accompaniment when I was practising the Revolutionary Étude Op.10 Nr.12.. The left hand pattern is based on this.

    I’ve got a question by the way: what are you studying actually? Music? or something else?

    • Nice, Chopin etude. It was pretty smooth. I think your subscribers (me as well) would love it if you would upload one or two videos of just classical music. I’m really interested in the repertoire you’re building too, since I’m not too familiar with Bach works.

      Oh, I’m actually taking Pharmacy in university. The piano lessons are just on the side (the university wont let me apply for music courses unless I go with music major, sucks ass)

      Also didn’t you say you love choir music? The only one I actually listen to is Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy and Requiem Mass. Any recommendations?

  3. love it… love it…
    yeah i love the part where you put in Lizst’s part.
    and the first second i listen to ur cover it already gives classical feeling.
    GOOD JOB, thanks for your hardwork and that grand piano looks good too lol.

  4. I do not play the piano. Yet, every season, I look forward to your transcriptions. And every time I see a new one, it makes me want to learn how to play the piano. This one, more than any other. You are amazing indeed.

  5. This is TOO AWESOME!!!!

    I’m finished learning Scarlet Ballet now, but this is one is….=[]=”

    However, I love (to listen to) this piece, too. ^ ^

    P.S Looking forward to your next transcription. (Wish it will be Oath Sign from Fate Zero)

  6. Absolutely amazing. I just now discoverd your blog because I was searching for the name of the OP but your transcription is really impressing.

  7. Woah. The moment I got the email this was out, I hurried to watch Mirai Nikki so I could listen to the two arrangements. I was immediately wondering how you were going to transcribe the choral and loud guitar parts. Really enjoy your take on it!

    Anyway, I’ve been lurking your blog and working through your pieces for like a year now, and was moved enough to finally post. 😛 I don’t have any real musical background or education, so yours are about the only songs I’ve ever played. I am playing ARIA – Aqua over and over again to practice my dynamics (I try to play it softer and slower than the original; feels more like calm waters that way), and I am trying to keep my octaves consistent in Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo. I enjoy the left hand, rhythm and bounce to Fallen Angel, and the controlled tempo to Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku. I hope to be able to play like you one day! 🙂

  8. An amazing transcription in such a short amount of time! Did the German in this song make you want to transcribe it? ;x

    Still haven’t read your wall of text but will definitely get to it later!

  9. I never met such transcription, fusing classic and the original song! Maybe this is the first time I’m greatly Impressed by your transcription! Good job!
    By the way, I can’t access the link to the sheet music. Do you know why? Thanks.

  10. Found your video by coincidence and I’m pleased. Great stuff!
    No wonder you compared the octaves to Liszt.
    Having played Mazeppa and Eroica 2 years ago, your octaves reminded me of: – 1:06 – 3:12

    Fucking octaves…

    Reading the analysis was interesting, if it doesn’t bother you too much please continue doing so.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. I would love to see more of this.

    I am a long time user of your site and have always loved your work. But I must say that this is the first time I’ve been…inspired. Transfixed by your work.

    Do you take donations?

  12. Amazing! Unfortunately, MediaFire isn’t loading right so I can’t download the PDF but based on your recording and the bits in your analysis, it is an epic transcription. I want to learn it, like, now but unfortunately I don’t own a piano and I’m very rusty as I haven’t practiced in about 6 years >_> *fail* Still, I want to print it out and try~ (also, it’s level 6?! Wow. Where I learned piano, I’d peg this at around level 8 at least)

  13. Pingback: I decided to ragequit but then I realized I’ve done this before (Guilty Crown Insert song – Euterpe) | Animenz' Piano Sheets

  14. After I first thought, “It’ll take me forever to perfect the Hidan no Aria opening…” but then I got your sheets and it’s slowly coming along… But this?! It’s a masterpiece! You created a masterpiece! (And I can’t play masterpieces… because I’m not a master) 😦

    Oh well, sometimes it’s just nice to listen to the difference of a pro and yourself..
    I honestly listen to this video like.. everyday… (At least once) It’s just so amazing!!

  15. Definitely a fantastic transcription – easily one of the best I’ve ever seen. I have only one question – what’s the criteria for your Level system for assigning difficulty to each of your songs? This song, according to you, is a Level 6+, but what does that mean in terms of years playing or however else you may categorize it? The closest I can find to your Level system is the following: – is this about right?

  16. Out of curiosity, may I ask exactly which bars are of your original creation (You said over 26 in the introduction, but I’m not sure [I’d guess at either 30 or 32 it ends]; Are there more original insertions after that?)?

    I really love this transcription! Hope I can learn it, as it does seem pretty complex orz;;;

  17. Hello, kliajb from YouTube here. Question! Does it help in your transcriptions to play loads of classical songs. Cause I have to be honest that I’m not exactly a fan of Baroque or Classical music.. I’m more into Romantic to 20th Century.

    Also… What program do you use to write sheets? A lot of people are asking me to write sheets for my covers too >_<

    • Hey there!
      Well, I just listen to some Chopin and Beethoven mostly, and to be honest, I am not that into baroque music. I am not really a classical geek either, my transcription may sound “classical” but that’s just my arrangement style.
      I LOVE to diversify the left hand and adding some additional voices. The MIrai NIkki transcription was only experimental, so see how far I can carry it out.

      And about the sheet software, I use “Sibelius 6” as notation software. It’s extremely expensive (200$) but it was worth it. Of course there are tons of other free notation software on the internet like or

      Otherwise, you can also look for Sibelius 6 on various torrent sites too… *cough*

      • Lol. That just makes you a genius then. I can’t see for the life of me how you could have the time to create such elaborate covers. I spend at most 10 minutes for each of mine.

  18. Simplemente impresionante! Esta es la mejor transcripción, creo que ahora me gusta mas ésta versión en piano que la original.

    Me parece genial todos los arreglos que le hiciste, sin excepción del segmento original.. pff!! Bien hecho.

    Y ahora ya que tengo las partituras… a trabajar en ellas !

  19. Oh, it might be disappointing that most of the Youtube comments only say “i love that” when you’ve made this effort… I mean, there’s a lot of hard work behind! I’m as ignorant in music as them, but man… Wow. Awesome.
    I’m so glad there’s people who transcribe anime songs such as this one 😉 They help us piano begginers and also motivate us!! THANKS! Keep it up >_<

    • I agree your word!This composition is…….. how can I describe it in a good adjective?I couldn’t find it in my shabby brain XD

  20. I really think this transcription is awesome!
    How could create such a fantastic classical work?
    Actually,I don’t like the original version (the Rock stytle by the original singer).But your transcription really amaze my hearing!

    I’m sorry about my poor English writing,because I’m a Taiwanese high school student(just like the main charactors of the Mirai Nikki?No,they’re junior high,I know)
    If you can take a look of what I wrote here,it’s my greatest preasure.

    by Shabby Bear.

  21. Can you play a song called magnet, sung bu hatsune miku and margurine luka. I would love to listen to it and I also want the piano sheet in pdf/ove plx:)

  22. Can you play a song called magnet, sung by hatsune miku and margurine luka. I would love to listen to it and I also want the piano sheet in pdf/ove plx:)

  23. holy crap, that first part is genius!

    I remember having to study Bach and analyzing his fugues and eventually having to write in this style… so i can appreciate how hard this is.

  24. I don’t want to sound dumb, neither disrespect your work. I loved the song, but would you mind doing a facilitated sheet of the song? I think that would make it much more acessible, and would have the possibility to play it. Do you mind? Of course, if you can’t, i understand completely. I’m kind of autodidate and the best i can play is the 14th song, of D.Gray-Man. Thanks for your patience. Atenciously, ApoCryPhos.

  25. man relly awesome there, i relly enjoy your piano transcript and, i tink i going to try learn this one look funny to learn

  26. Fantastic!!!!!!!!! thank u for give the score.!!!!!!.*-*. is really boring see fabulous arragement without that(that> the score) (N)

  27. WTH are you a god?
    My master… I really, really, really like this song. I want lessons from you xD
    I got it last week from this site and started practicing it 4 days ago. I’m 14 years old and it actually goes pretty well. I dont know if you check your blog or something anymore so you can answer questions, but my question is how long you practiced a day on this masterpiece.
    Im doubting about how long it would take to play it clearly. Another question what really frustrates me is how you practice songs into your head. That really doesnt work out with my pieces.

    Do you have your new mic already? because i could be kind for you to try getting a good one for you.
    Hope you write some other fantastic masterpieces 😉

  28. fucking hands of the hell, you are awesome with your piano, but i don’t like how you add pieces to the original song, these are awesome, but i just wanna hear and learn the original opening, i thing the original song is perfect, and yeah, i ask myself, what the hell? Why are he adding so much original stuff at the beginning? XD we have a reason to love this song, you are *¬*, but please, make the original version! D:

  29. Thanks for the musical analysis! I really appreciate it. I’ve been taught the basics how to interpret these little things but I’m not sharp enough and nor have I had enough exposure with classical works to notice them. I’d love to hear even more original music from you, it’d be an honor. Really, really hope that you’ll get well soon. (:

  30. To tell you the true I hate the original song, lyrics seem stupid and rock isn’t my thing. But your transcription is awesome. I love it. I mean, I really love it. You are talented and you worked hard. You motivated me to work on my technique so I could play this, thank you very much.

  31. I have a very strong background in classical piano, I am enjoying learning this piece and do find some of it a challenge. I used to play the Liszt Piano Concerto in high school. I am trying to figure out how you make the stretch in the right hand in measures 58n and 59 and still keep those 16th notes playing. I had to re write it so that the left hand takes over some of the notes to allow the right hand to keep the melody. It was pretty tricky but I have it, now I am working on 69 through 75.
    I’m at it for 4 days now I have it memorized but just trying to get it accurate and up to speed. This piece has inspired me!

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