One last update before I go into hibernation mode (Fate/Zero OP – Oath Sign)

I’ve finished this transcription a long time ago but I was never satisfied with it (compared with my Euterpe or Mirai Nikki transcription) but yesterday I received a message on Youtube from a guy, and he asked whether I’ll make a sheet for “Oath Sign”, the OP of Fate/Zero.


translation note: “wiederherstellen” means “recover”

There you go.

This is made in my “old transcription” style, which means, almost no “original parts”, mostly faithful to the original TV-size ending, and – most important of all – not too difficult to play.

It’s not much, but well… I’ve done what I could.

20 thoughts on “One last update before I go into hibernation mode (Fate/Zero OP – Oath Sign)

  1. I really hope you don’t dismiss your simple transcriptions just because it’s not challenging.

    I mean, I guess looking at the flashy pieces are nice, but it’s really refreshing to see something so straightforward and just basking in it’s natural beauty.

    • I have the tedency to delete or “neglecting” my less successful transcriptions. I already have dismissed more than 65 sheets. If I am not 100% satisfied with my transcription, I just pretend they never existed. I know it’s kind of a waste, but I could not help but being a perfectionist.
      Maybe I’ll recover them all one day and upload it together in a post. I can already see the title: “Special transcription: Dropped and discarded sheets”

      • Medley?! NOSTALGIA. Amazing how your last medley was already a year ago.

        I’m actually quite the opposite of that. I upload something even if it’s flawed because of the effort that I have put in that particular work – even though it’s not practical in terms of viewcount and popularity.

        I think this phenomenon is why people love Hatsune Miku. I mean, it’s just software, but they’ve personified it.

  2. OMGOMGOMG Thank youuuu I’ve been waiting for you to release a song from Fate/Zero!! If you did the ED Memoria as well without uploading it….PLEASE DO IT TOO!!!

  3. I have been listened all your transcriped songs.
    to tell the truth, this fate/zero is a fail song.
    I cannot play a piano, but I’m pretty sure that i’m a good listener.
    Your transcript mirai nikki op was fabulous, I got goosebump on my skin when I listened the song.
    That was amazing. Not just mirai nikki, amdoka, angel beats, etc…all of ur transcripted song was brilliant, and fantastic.
    However, for this song, I felt something unnatural. some part made me to feel weird. I cannot exactly say which part is, but it is definetely weird.
    Not like other song, this song… is lacking in ur passionate, an enthusiasm.
    I was feeling like, the performer(you) really do not like to play piano at that time.
    I felt like, you definetly didnt want to play this song, but u forced to play the song somehow.
    Too much pulled bowstring will be snapped. controlling your condition is always important. do not push urself too hard.
    All of my words are not offense. I trully like ur performance. It was trully my honor to listen ur works.
    please do not feel hurt. I just wanted to talk waht I felt about this song.
    But remember, I am still one of the biggest fans for your works, and I always support you from heart. Take care my best pianist.

  4. ^lol bs

    it’s important to know where i come from before commenting so:
    I’ve played piano for over 10 years
    I can make my own sheet music which would probably be at your level.

    “A follower from the beginning.” is partially correct.
    It did lack intensity, but this was only because of lack of dramatic change between dynamics and use of dramatic embellishments. I thought this piece was very strongly covered. The only concern is that it’s not as “epic” as your previous covers.

    I say awesome work. Keep up what you’re doing,
    and don’t be afraid to try new grand things! Covers are mean’t to be played into your style after all 🙂

    • Ya, ur right.His previous covers are “epic” for sure. Id like to say legendary transcript.I agree with that. But in this song, didnt u feel that beats were slightly different from the original?(20-40sec, and 52sec) If he intended to, I cannot say something. however, i dont think he intended to do that.
      by the way except that part, Id like to give 10/10 point.

  5. ohayo 🙂 i’m a huge anime fanatic and been listening to different transcribed anime music for years. I already heard a lot of amazing transcriptions but i think there’s something in your music that makes me wanna listen to it anytime of the day. your’s is really refreshing, and the most amazing one *just an opinion (critics may read this comment and i don’t wanna start a fight :D)

    🙂 well, all i can say is KUDOS and continue sharing your talent ^^

    *standing ovation*

  6. I’m not sure if its a mistake but in the third measure the first note for the right hand (I don’t know the names of chords and such yet) is different from what you played. On the sheet it shows F and D but when you played it was A and F#. Is it a revision on the sheet or a typo?

  7. What are you talking about, this is a beautiful transcription! Not to mention easy enough for me to play (that fact makes me love it more) my friend introduced me to your youtube channel about a week ago, I love your stuff.

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