The year 2011

2011 was  – without a doubt – an awesome year of Anime.

Every Anime season had at least two very interesting show I was looking forward to weekly and 2011 also delivered several extremely successful and very influential anime to the Anime fandom.

So let’s begin with the annual Anime award presentation : There will be three categories and in the end one winner, bearing the title of Anime of the year 2011.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start!

(warning, contains strong language and excessive ranting in some parts, viewer discretion is advised)

Well then, unlike last years summary where we started with the bad things, let’s start this time with –

The good (awesome anime I really liked)

Steins;Gate. Without Steins;Gate, this whole post would be meaningless. And without a doubt, Steins;Gate was one of the best “building up and everything comes perfectly together” anime of this year (meaning it has a coherent plot). This is all thanks to the cleverly written dialogue and script which makes the interactions between the characters a real pleasure to watch. And with the time you will grew up with the characters while the story steadily progresses and the plot thickens… culminating in a very satisfying finale.

Steins;Gate also introduced me to the Microwave phone, Tuturu~, KURISUTIIIINAA, and Dr. pepper. Also, it made me actually bought a lab coat. IT’S SO COOL! Sunovabitch.

Need I say more?

Nichijou is a bit controversial in the anime fandom. While some people regarded it as plain boring and unfunny, other people found it downright hillarious and acknowledged it as the funniest Anime since Azumanga Daioh. I am the latter one. And -in my holy opinion- , this anime clearly deserves more attention and credit because it has a really charming and hillarious cast, excellent gag timing, combined with a top-notch animation and a fantastic OST. It has also one of the most touching moments of Anime this year. (episode 25).


I will miss my daily dose of Nichijou ;_;

Dantalion no shoka is underrated as hell, and I can’t really understand why: Because of the episodic nature? Because it didn’t have a plot? Well, you may be right, but nonetheless, it was an intriguing show. It has an awesome OP, a badass Main character who don’t give a f’*ck if he shoots someone in the head, an interesting setting with a dark mood, and lots of experimental animation.

My only – and probably biggest – complaint is: there are not enough episodes.

Seriously, just when I thought the real meat of the story has finally began – it abruptly ended. It should have had 24 episodes or more. A shame, really. I still hope that someday, there will be a second season… oh, and it also had an excellent OST.

Ben-to! is also one of the hidden gems in this winter season. There is much more behind it than the first impression gives. I expected a badly acted Harem with tons of fanservice and a lowbudget animation but surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the most entertaining anime I’ve seen this year. I mean, people are fighting to the death over half-priced lunches, – how awesome is that? Definitely deserves a second season. Also, every character is a real bro.

Shana IIIsee this. And it still gets better and better every week.  And yes, I am fan-biased.

And now some honorable mentions:

Ikoku Meiro no croisee, a really excellent and charming Slice-of-life series with a interesting setting in good ol’ Paris with old master Satou junichi as director. How could I possibly not like this? But unfortunately, it was really short. I really wish there were more episodes to flesh the characters out. The same applies to

Tamayura – Hitotose as well. Seriously, why only 12 episodes and not 24? ;_;

Aside from TV-series, 2011 also brought us numerous awesome Anime movies like

Karigurashi no Arrietty, the long awaited next Ghibli magic,

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, a “ripoff” of Ghibli movies, as some malicious tongues said, but I think this is actually Makoto Shinkais best work,


the bittersweet drama Colorful, which teaches us the value of life,

the light-hearted epic kid-adventure tale Welcome to the Space Show,

and the incredibly exciting first installation of Cyberpunk Anime Mardock scramble.

Yeah, as you can see, 2011 kicked ass. But as every good thing in life, it follows –

The bad (shitty anime,  I just want to pretend they never existed)

No 6. Gay. No, not only the Characters, but the whole story. Gay. Seriously, don’t bother with it.

Fractale. It had so much potential. It has a fascinating setting, the animation was good, and Yamakan, the director, claimed this anime will “revolutionize” the whole anime industry (okay I am over-dramatizing a bit here). And what do we get? A clusterf*ck of a story which didn’t made any goddamn sense. And the finale- OH GAWD THE FINALE . F*ck this shit.

Ao no exorcist. Why – is – every – goddamn – shounen – the – f*cking – same?

You know, you got this hot blooded idiot as the Main Character. He was actually a normal boy and lives a normal live until he discovers his hidden power and suddenly – his life was never the same as before and evil forces began to chase him blablabla… – you know, the standad fare. But I don’t want to appear as too biased. In the beginning I really had hopes that this shounen will be different, try something new, it could actually become quite cool, I mean, the main character is the Son of Satan himself. But noooo – it got from episode to episode worse, it introduced me to many annoying characters, many annoying Shounen cliches and many annoying plottwists and and and.

TL;DR, all shounen are the same and sucks.

Guilty Crown.

– oh boy I can’t wait to watch the eagerly anticipated original Anime in the mature Noitamia timeslot for mature people as myself, it sure has to be an absolute masterpiece with an incredibly complex plot and characters with a lot of depth….

– (3 episodes later) wait… are they serious? Did Gai just….? And how did Shu….?

– (another 3 episodes later) …. this shit don’t make any sense. And why are the main characters so uninteresting and annoying? Why is Shu such a emo crybaby?





Hahahahaha..ha….ha *sniff* *sniff* – ha – *sniff* … *uuuuuhh~*

*cries uncontrollably in a corner*

Translation note: Guilty Crown had tons of potential, awesome animation, good OST, excellent Character design, but is butchered into unidentifiable horseshit by a horrible, horrible script, which was probably written by a bunch of monkeys in the rainforest.

Of course there are more shitty shows I would rant about but these were only the shows I’m holding a special grudge against (I want my wasted lifetime back, damnit)

Now, let’s proceed to the next category, –

The ugly (anime I really want to like and which had much potential, but turned out to be very disappointing)

Yumekui Merry had a very strong beginning, a weak middle part and a terrible ending. It’s a shame, really. Because I really liked it at first, it had a very cool concept of “Dream invading” (Inception anyone?), a bunch of cool characters, (occasionally) fantastic background arts and a surprisingly good OST.

Nevertheless, I owe this Anime for introducing me – including many other people – to the infinitely superior Manga. Highly recommended, if you are disappointed by the anime original ending.

Oh and my vote for best character design and best portrait of a human middleriff  goes to Merry, too.

Hanasaku Iroha – not sure about this, but initially, I hoped for a serious drama dealing with characters and their interpersonal or daily problems, but instead I get some random slice-of-life Anime with the tendency of being stupid. Yes, you heard me right, some stories were just plain silly (author and it’s SM fetish, the field maneuver) It just didn’t fit to the Hanasaku Iroha atmosphere. Dropped because it keeps being silly and thus losing interest. Also, Minchi is annoying.

Ano hana and the title that’s soo long nobody can remember – or abbreviatedAno Hana, was for many people of the anime community the epitome of drama and tearjerking. So… am I a heartless monster if i say, I didn’t care about the character at all and found the complete story a bit melodramatic because everyone is just crying and suffering?  I think that’s because of the three problems I had with the series:

1. I find Menma a bit annoying, especially her voice

2. I didn’t care for Jintan nor for any other characters in this show

3. There weren’t any Ghostbusters present – okay that was lame but I still… nah… this show didn’t work for me.

Well, I heard, at least the soundtrack is excellent.

And now,  finally, the time has come, for the most important event.

Ladies and Gentleman,

the award for the “best Anime of the year 2011” goes toooooo…

Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka!

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. Madoka was THE most talked and universally acclaimed Anime of the year 2011.

Madoka really came out of nowhere, virtually no one had expected that Madoka would become such a international phenomenon. The fanarts exploded, Madoka’s characters dominated the Saimoe, there are even fan music before the official Soundtrack came out!  Not to mention the legendary third episode which caused a shitstorm as never occurred before in the anime community, the incredible epic boss fight between Homura and Walpurgisnacht, the relevation of Homuras true nature, the tragic heroine Sayaka – everything. Buzzwords like Deconstruction of the mahou shoujo genre was born, a new emoticon was created based on Kyubey,  /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\  , and even a entire wiki dedicated for Madoka was found.

Madoka came, enchanted and left with a bang in only 12 episodes. After Madoka, nothing was the same anymore. It marked the beginning of a new era, a new phenomenon in the Anime fandom, the new “Haruhiism”, but this time, it’s called “The Church of Madoka”

Well, I have always had some minor bias against SHAFT for their pretentiousness, but! This time, I really have to congratulate SHAFT for creating this fascinating piece of work.

And that was about it, folks! I hope you also enjoyed the year 2011 as much as I did and with these words, let’s look forward to the next year!

We shall meet in year 2012 again! (and let’s hope the world will not end like the Mayas had predicted)

/人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\

Oh before I forget: here are some interesting stats of my Youtube account:

For the year 2011, I got:

1.138.684 upload views on my Youtube channel

174.375 views on my most popular video (Madoka ED – Magia)

54.387 channel views

4.984 new subscribers

16 new sheets including

4 “classical style” sheets

1 video as well as 1 audio upgrade and finally –

one big thank you, for everyone who supported me in this years by leaving some comments and downloading the sheets!

Especially TehIshter, for being a bro and a fellow transcriber.


11 thoughts on “The year 2011

  1. I completely share your sentiments about Guilty Crown, it was such a let down ;(

    Also, congratulations Madoka, you truly deserved that best anime of the year slot!

    Happy New Year Animenz! Best wishes.

  2. Happy new year to you aswell! Great list. Although I think you left out Redline, don’t know if you forgot about it or just didn’t wanted to include it but I think it deserves an honorable mention at least. Simply one epic movie.

  3. happy new year to you…. anid congratulations for Madoka Magica for winning Animenz anime 2011 Award!!!! that series completely deserved it!!!

  4. happy new year!
    it’s always something to be happy about when you find people that are as passionate as you on stuff like anime and music!
    thanks to your mirai nikki transcription, i decided to take things on the piano a bit more serious hehe

  5. A little late, but happy new year animenz!

    I agree with all you said about titles that i watched, madoka truly deserves to be the best anime of 2011. Thanks for all of your work and good luck in 2012!

    Streambro Kerber

  6. Long reply because this is my job:

    ‘Fighting to the death over half-priced lunches’ is not ‘awesome’. It’s disgusting, especially when you realize that so many people are actually fighting over half-priced lunches in every country in the world (maybe not Vatican City, those vendors /never/ sell half-priced things, they think they’re so cheeky and smart well GOSH fine). And the directors of Ben-To obviously realized this, because every single episode is brimmed full of biting criticism, satire, and irony. From the gundogs’ defeat (symbolizing the lack of order in poverty) and the Monarch’s behaviour (showing the rich taking food from the poor even though they have the money to buy full-priced lunches) to Orthros being accepted as a wolf (as the rich gradually starts buying full-priced lunches even though they have no need to) and in You not finding an actual job (describing the poor’s lack of will to improve themselves), everything about Ben-To screams that poverty is stupid, ridiculous, ugly, and disgusting.

    And that’s satire done right, because I got nothing else from Ben-To but absolute disgust. It’s truly a masterpiece.

    And Croisée? Do you really want to see the characters fleshed out? Is that why you watch it? Do you think that Croisée really won’t become an AnoHana-esque drama instead of the gentle nothingness of everyday life? Developed characters just make stories more real; is that really what you want?

    Yeah, it probably is, seeing as you rejected the BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE that was No. 6 and HEY LOOK, WASP STORMS FLYING UP ALL THE WAY AROUND THE PLACE, EH DESTROYS HUNDRED-METRE TALL WALLS AND NOBODY CARES also magically nobody dies but some guy in a car

    I feel like I’m disagreeing too much so I’ll stop now. You said each season had two very interesting anime; what about Winter? Does Fractale count? :v

    tl;dr: shoka is awesome ok I’ll really stop now

    P.S. please don’t tell me you read through this ball of crap

    P.P.S. I suppose it’s a comment of crap, not a ball

  7. I… I loved No.6…

    A-and I loved AnoHana…

    Kill me, but I also loved Guilty Crown (though I did try my best to psychologically repress to acknowledge the awful, awful script). I raged at emo Shu, but bleh.

    I agree with all your likes, but I disagree with most of your hate. I guess it’s simply a matter of perspective then? It’s not like I couldn’t tell between a good and bad anime, but I choose to ignore them as much as possible and immerse myself in the universe.

    Since I think A LOT (mostly because I barely have a social life) due to being a contemplative person in nature, I will BEAT UP every anime for every small flaw, every chip in the paint. I will be a cynical bastard that criticizes any and every show on the air simply because of the tendency to over-analyze and focus on the negative.

    ^ So with that said, that’s the reason why I view every show with a low expectation and an ignorant mind (who doesn’t like bliss?). It allows me to be immersed in the show more and be distracted by the negative aspects. I then finish the anime with satisfaction, or at least more satisfied if I was to view the show solely as a form of literature that needs critiquing.

    Thanks for the shoutout dude! Your videos keep inspiring me~

    … don’t hate me for my opinion of anime critiquing though ;_;

  8. I looked at The Good section, and I’m like “What the hell, did I miss Madoka or something?” and proceeded to reread it. Then I was worried you had forgotten it.
    Then I finished the reading. Nice.

  9. Hmm, I really like this post and I share most of your likes and dislikes, but there is just that thing about Guilty Crown. I really like Guilty Crown as it is now, but ofcourse the beginning, or rather the first ten episodes SUCKS, it’s just to hang in there, hope for a change somewhere!
    Well, the latest episodes have been a thrill to watch, atleast for me! I like Shu with more confidence 🙂 this contradicts what I am saying below, but I only started to like Shu in these latest episodes which is.. 19.. 20 🙂

    Anyways! I also hate that Shu in GC is so wimpy! Don’t know why but I HATE those kinds of personalitys, wether it is in real life or in anime, doesn’t matter. Usually I drop the animes that have such a main character, but since most of my friends liked it I tried to follow 🙂 it was hard!

    As for the other stuff you posted I TOTALLY agree that this winter stack of animes mostly sucked! Manga FTW!!! 😀 Oh.. yea.. I gotta watch that Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka, never been really interested in the Mahou Shoujo before but I’ll give it a try!

    That’s all! I am tapped out!

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