Out of moe (Anamnesis – Another ED transcription)

Maybe… I’m growing old of Anime… I feel tired…very tired.

“The new anime season has already began more than two weeks ago, and there is only one update?

Well, I was indeed planning to update two weeks ago, when new openings and endings came out, but I lacked motivation to finish the sheets. I started doing the sheets of Mouretsu pirates OP, Rinne no Lagrange OP and the second OP Nisemonogatari, but I dropped all of them halfway.

And to be honest I’m gradually losing interest in Anime. (yet again)

Yeah, I know, all of us have experienced this, there’s always a weak Anime  season where everthing seems to suck, but until this point I though I could deal with it. It’s particularly bad this time.

Maybe… I should start transcribing songs from other media besides Anime like video games… or even pop songs.

Anyway, here’s my obligatory first impression post. And I am NOT  happy with this season:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear: What the hell am I watching. The entire premise is just… ridiculous beyond hell. The evil minions have the most stupid design I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is stupid.

Nisemonogatari: FANSERVICE FANSERVICE FANSERVICE WORDSWORDSWORDS – damnit SHAFT. I had high hopes,  since I liked Bakemonogatari. SHAFT, I know you like pandering the audience, I appreciate the “unconventional” fanservice you are showing us here to boost sales, but using the first three episodes to simply reintroduce the characters? Where’s my plot? Where’s the kickass action? Where is badass-Shinobu? I am disappoint.

Mouretsu Pirates: … that’s actually not bad, but waiting this on a weekly basis is killing me. I’ll archive it and watch this in one run.

Rinne no Lagrange: XEBEC being… decent? HOW? Despite the “obvious” fanservice in the character design, it’s really not bad and partially entertaining. Still, I am not sure how long it will keep my interest, since everything else feels so generic.

Inu X Boku SS: Oh boy, every Shoujo love-comedy story ever. Let me guess: The main Character, will gradually fall in love with the bishounen – despite rejecting him first – and in the final episode they will be kissing, or at least holding hands. Prove me wrong.

Daily lives of Highschool Boys: Yeah it’s funny, but still, it can’t compare with Nichijou. Somehow, I can’t really relate to the characters, it’s lacking something.

Another: The only show I am still watching weekly.

Shana III is put on hold and I’ll watch it, when all episodes have aired.

Everything else not mentioned here sucks.

However, I have finished at least one piano sheet, it’s the ED of AnotherAnamnesis by Annabel.

Not much to say about this transcription, I kept it as simple as possible, the only difficulty in this transcription is probably the chord in bar 11, you’ll need big hands for this.

Well, that’s all.

I’ll start updating again when the spring Anime season 2012 begins. (and hopefully will be better than this lacklustre season)

Until then-


-= Download the sheets here =-

[Anamnesis pdf + midi]      (difficulty: easy)

Side note: Curse you FBI for taking down Megaupload. Now I have to remove over 20 bookmarks. Curse You.

18 thoughts on “Out of moe (Anamnesis – Another ED transcription)

  1. I’m with you on Another and Nisemonogatari and I’m glad to hear about people who aren’t just lapping up the second season for the sole reason that they get to see more of their favorite characters from season one. There really is no narrative going on.

    Have you given Ano Natsu de Matteru a try? I had mixed feelings about several scenes in the first episode that felt forced / cliche, but it has potential to shape up in to a good drama. Smooth animation and some well-known VAs.

  2. I can’t help that I’m partially responsible for your lack of motivation, since you asked me if I could drop Mouretsu Pirates OP because you were doing it as well. Like the indecisive shit that I am, I tried to find a middle ground solution instead. So I deeply apologize if I invaded your personal space there… ;_;

    When I heard this performance, it was more heavy with depression than calm. I imagined a dark, rainy night in the artwork style of Cowboy Bebop.

    Any chance you would do more Katawa Shoujo tracks? I’m still looking forward to “Painful History”.

    Speaking of which, Shana and Pirates are the only two anime that I’m watching right now too (on-hold to pile up the episodes). I heard the third episode includes heavy Pirate Fanservice. I thought the director was leaning away from that, but I can’t really complain.

  3. Why can’t we just have both your’s and Animenz’s transcription. I mean it’s not a competition, right?

    And no… I like how Nisemonogatari is right now. Cause I know when the plot starts picking up, she’s going to cut her hair!!! That in itself is the end of the world, my friends.

  4. Don’t worry brah, there are always seasons like that, just watch something old, or just go and play some visual novels. I feel the same way currently, so i’m gonna reread Onani master kurosawa, Cross Channel and probably rewatch Gai rei zero and Code geass.

    Cheers, mate.

  5. “Maybe… I should start transcribing songs from other media besides Anime like video games….”

    Yes, that. Some more Katawa Shoujo stuff, like “2x400m Relay”, would be awesome :).

  6. Hey, last year was like this too. The only good show was Level E, and the only halfway-decent show was Wandering Son. If Madoka didn’t get so much hype, I wouldn’t have watched it, and that winter would be the worst anime winter ever.

  7. 1.Senki Zesshou Symphogear – I only like the Opening since the singer is nana
    2.Nisemonogatari – well, the novel is like this also, if shaft changes the plot they will be fired by novel fans
    3.Mouretsu Pirates – This is shit. No comment. I watch it because of kana.
    4. Inu X Boku SS – Well, you’re wrong haha. (I’ve read the comic

  8. I agree with Kevin; I sincerely wish that one day in the future, I can find your Mouretsu Pirates OP transcription on youtube! I’ve watched theishter’s one but I want to hear it in your style 🙂

  9. May I ask you one thing? Do you watch Zero no Tsukaima F and Papa no Iukoto no Kikinasai? I think those two are okay too. Moreover, I suggest you listen to “Kimi no Shinwa” from Aquarion EVOL. I’m not interesting in the Anime itself though, but at least the Opening is good. Hopefully that you will play it. ^ ^

    P.S. And sorry for my bad English. > <

  10. If you’re looking for Shinobu, you should wait for Kizumonogatari

    well.. so far I recommend Shana III (truly one of the best anime I ever watch) and Ano Natsu de Matteru

  11. i laugh pretty hard when i went to the Request tab. it says “request are currently closed”
    hahaha! Still watching anime? i’ve been scouting your blog for hours.interesting. still watching anime? Try: Nodame Cantabile. Season 1 ~ Season 3. And of course,it involve piano in the anime. and also some orchestra.its really unique because its classic. The anime itself quite funny too. Recommended watch the anime instead of Manga and drama. also,subtitle,not dubbed version. Tell me what you think about it. i never thought i’ll get so hype when listening to some piano classic’s piece. you should try watch the anime.

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