5 thoughts on “WHY.jpg

  1. I think your current Gravatar is a good representation of the current situation.

    I guess Google (YouTube) just wants to make everything sleek and modern, even if it means alienating some of its users. The thing is, Google is now such a giant that you can’t get away from them! We’ve no choice but to accept the changes.

  2. I think the reason for the new layout is so that it would be easier to access on mobile devices. Notice how on the new layout has all the buttons bigger and more vertically focused to allow easier use in scrolling on a phone.

    But I am also upset at the new change. I like my background as well, and in the current layout, i can see more videos at once so browsing though other people’s channels is faster, rather than having to use my mouse and scroll furiously just to see if the channel has anything useful in it.

    Perhaps the most angering aspect of this change is that Youtube is offering no choices or freedom. You -have- to go to the new layout, no exceptions. Whatever happened to the ability to show individualism or personality?

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