Finally the spring anime season has arrived (Mysterious girlfriend X – Soundtrack)

and so… a new journey begins…

Hey everyone, it’s time for an update again!

Since the last winter anime season was very, VERY disappointing, (I dropped everything except Another and Daily lives of highschool boys) I am glad that spring season has finally arrived upon us and it looks more exciting than ever. Currently there are 8 shows on my watchlist including long awaited adaptions  like Mysterious girlfriend X or sequels like Eureka seven AO.

So today, I’ll start off with something unusual: a transcription of a soundtrack instead of a opening.

Remember the music which plays during the dream sequence of the first episode of Mysterious girlfriend X?

It was a really catchy waltz-like theme and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I just went and transcribe it.

I also quoted an another famous piece by a very famous russian composer. Bonus point for everyone who can recognize it.

As usual, I’ll rename this sheet if the official soundtrack is out, currently I name it  “Dream theme

Did I mention how much I’ve missed to transcribe things again? So expect a lot of updates this season.

Oh by the way, today is friday the 13th. What a great day to start off the new anime season.


JC Staff in charge of anime adaption?!? NOOOOOOOOooo!!!!!

I dare you, JC Staff,  I DOUBLE DARE YOU, do NOT fuck up the Little Busters! anime or heads will roll.

22 thoughts on “Finally the spring anime season has arrived (Mysterious girlfriend X – Soundtrack)

    • It just means that this arrangement is “relatively” easy/easier (in comparison with everything else), yet it is still amazing! 🙂

  1. I would absolutely love if you could play and record something of an extended version. I loved the song in the show but your playing of it is just superb.

  2. Like this little tune a lot! Thanks for the transcription.
    As far as spring anime goes I’m following more or less the same shows as you :]

  3. Excellent playing as always. I absolutely love your videos! 🙂
    I’m waiting on Hyouka as KyoAni’s next project for this anime season. Loved all of their stuff (except haven’t watched K-On) so far, so have high hopes for this one too. As a result, I feel likewise with you on the Little Busters situation but I suppose you can’t judge it without it coming out yet, despite other ‘wonderful’ projects J.C.Staff have done in the past… *prays JC won’t destroy a Key Novel anime-adaptation* T.T

    I saw in one of your other posts that you have finished Nichijou. Have you watched Gintama? I was wondering what it’s like compared with Nichijou? I love Gintama so far, but not sure whether or not to start Nichijou.

  4. Love your transcriptions!!! Have you watched “Sakamichi no Apollon” (Kids on a Slope) they have many jazz piano songs that I have not been able to find anime versions of the songs! Have a look!

  5. Wow you’re really good. have you seen this other person play a piano arrangement of the MGX intro? It would be so awesome if you could transcribe it and upload a pdf! here is the video

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