7 thoughts on “An ironic post

  1. I know right!!! I just had to face palm myself every time I encounter these comments.. I’m pretty sure many others feel the same too.

  2. Haha, “I see what you did there”… nice one… i clicked the 4535 thumbs up button thinking… “was that ever there? O_O All wellz. :3 I guess it’s just my horrible memory. hehe.” 3 secs later….. -keyboard palm-
    I totally agree with you! :3 It gets really annoying… =.=”

  3. Hey, assuming every single person who watched your video within those 18 seconds after posting that comment liked it and that the number of people watching that video every second remains constant, you’d get 21,768,000 views every day. The average ratio of watching/comment-voting is approximately 1000, so that’d video would get 21.7 billion views a day!

    You’re pretty popular, aren’t you?

    P.S. How long did it take to make the first image

  4. Your technique is very fluid
    how do you practice your technique? Scales? Arpeggios? maybe Hanons?

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