Just testing out something (AKB0048 Opening – Kibou ni Tsuite)

Hello everyone!

No, it’s not summer season 2012 yet, but I wanted to test out something.

I basically want you readers to decide which audio recording you prefer:

Pic related, the ZOOM H2 recorder

A) The (subpar) recording from my ZOOM H2 recorder when I play the grand piano, since I can’t afford any better microphone because I don’t have the money or

This is the one I own btw

B) a digital recording from my Kawai CA 63, where you can finally hear the bass clearly.

Initially I wanted to play a piano piece from Chopin to let you decide which one is better, but then I changed my mind and transcribed the OP of AKB0048 instead.

Why? Because AKB0048 has ascended to my third-favorite show of the season. I expected some boring idol show with a huge uninspired cast but instead we got the NO FUN POLICE, idols battles in space, post-traumatic-stress-disorder-suffering, a MECHA-ITASHA, plenty of good soundtracks – and fantastic backgrounds.

I love the details in background, awesome man, awesome.

So here it is: the transcription of AKB0048‘s Opening – Kibou ni Tsuite.

It’s a really catchy song and I often sing along when the OP starts.

-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[Kibou ni Tsuite]     (difficulty: average)

Now, it’s up to you to decide, which recording you prefer: the grand piano one or the digital one. Vote here:

32 thoughts on “Just testing out something (AKB0048 Opening – Kibou ni Tsuite)

  1. Posted a comment on youtube suggesting you should put a poll up when you’ve already got one..

    Voted for the digital piano anyhow!

  2. Whatever you use, you are still AWESOME~!!!! But well, I think you are more suitable to Grand Piano one. ^ ^

  3. Voted for continuing to use the grand.
    Firstly, its more fun for you to play on, and we get to see all those lovely Steinway’s at your conservatory! Also, I feel playing on an actual acoustic, the range of sounds and emotions you are able to produce is much greater, due to the feel of the keys, control over the sounds produced (in the moment, not through computer-_-), etc.
    With a digital, you don’t quite hear the resonance from the other adjacent strings vibrating when you strike a note (though some may argue this adds to the worse audio quality, but I definitely disagree, instead, it adds to the enjoyment and atmosphere for the performer which shows through his playing).
    The recordings on the grand have good enough sound quality in my opinion. I recall you writing in your Accel World cover, you didn’t like the sound produced in the big room, but I really enjoyed it as it gave the piece a lighter ‘air-ry’ and mystical sound.

    Scrap that ~ Do which ever you prefer!

    • While that’s true, it’s only advantageous when you’re watching Animenzzz LIVE. Grand pianos are very good with live performances.

      But if you’re recording for a YouTube video, it will HEAVILY depend on mic quality and the Zoom H2 isn’t exactly top of the line. So Animen’z expression on the grand is ultimately lost, while on a digital piano it is preserved.

  4. Gonna go for a cop-out here, but it honestly depends on the piece. Sometimes, when you only want the bass to support the melody, a subpar recording device might sound /better/ and more like the original bass (whatever instrument it’s in), and the grand’s pedalling will definitely aid in that, especially if it’s a grandiose arrangement. If it’s a lighter, less-pedal whimsical one, the digital piano’s quality still beats the grand.

    I think you should choose which one fits best for each arrangement. Sure, it won’t be as consistent, but it’ll sound better on every video.

  5. Does it matter how you record?
    The quality of your transcriptions and technique is consistently great regardless
    and that is more than enough to satisfy your viewers (imo)

  6. I personally love seeing you play on the pianos of your conservatory. As the guy above me explains, it might differ from piece to piece what sounds best. I imagine I would like a piano recording with a slightly better microphone the most, but I guess we can’t have it all… maybe make a little donation drive for a brand-new microphone.

  7. Awesome!

    If you could also record the same song using option (A), it would be easier for us to tell the difference and give a better vote 🙂

  8. First of all, I want to say “great performance!” I loved your latest video.

    Now on topic, I would suggest to keep using the digital piano BUT with a custom dual voice mode preset called “Steainway Grand Devotion”.
    It uses the “virtual technician” feature of the KAWAI CA 63/93 and CS9 pianos.

    You can also save the custom preset but I don’t remember how (it’s mentioned in the DP’s manual so, you can look there)

    Anyways, there is a lot of dual voice presets, you can try them but still, “Steinway Grand Devotion” is the best by far.

    To download the list of virtual technician, effects and reverb settings, please go here (check the date for the latest version):

    For more info:

    At last, I got a question for you.
    I have a KAWAI CA93, which is very similar to the CA63, and I’m used to it’s action. I know the pedal is terrible compared to a grand, but that’s on every DP.
    The question is: how do you compara KAWAI’s RM3 action to your YAMAHA GRAND’s action? Do you think that KAWAI has actually made a good job trying to simulate a grad piano action?

    Thanks in advance, and again, please give a try to the dual voice presets, they’re awesome.

    Actually, here’s an example of an old version of the steainway grand devotion (this is version 2.1, current version is 3.0 and it’s better): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPrws2SX19Y

    • First of all: thank you for your info dump. I’ll definitely try this out (I’ll also ask tehishter for some advice)
      Concerning the CA63: I only bought this because the “feeling” of the keys are very similar to a real piano. Actually it was the best one I could find the music store.
      ONe more thing: CAn you explain me the term RM§ action?
      >trying to simulate a grand piano action
      Did you mean the sound or the “feeling” if the keys? The sound sampling is.. alright I guess.. although I prefer the yamaha sound sampling.

  9. i thought this is gonna be a double recording~~
    nevertheless, love the arpeggio at the end.
    and even though imo i can hear more details in digital one,
    grand piano is always better even thou it’s recorded, more expressive to me.
    i voted for grand piano also hoping for you not to waste the piano =P
    good job for this one……….

  10. Hmm I love sound of acoustic grand pianos, but unless there recorded well you lose a lot of what makes them sound better than an digital piano which are getting better and better.
    As an Audio Engineer I think i would rather have the Kawai for recordings it might be a digital, but it sounds a lot clearer and balanced across all the octaves.

    As a side note when I complete another one of my Mk.III Large diaphragm condenser mics I’ll send you one with a Phantom power supply, then all you’ll need is a XLR-to-USB inter face and you’ll have studio quality sound.

    • Do you mean… you would actually send me a pair of mic?

      Dude…. if you do this, I’ll be eternally in your debt and I’ll send you all my money and I’ll fulfill any transcription requests you want and I’ll love you forever.

      Seriously. ;_;

      • It’ll take me awhile, but I’ll put it in my queue, and try to get a pair ready soon.

        Also i was reminded of a story from one of my music teachers he did a concert at a German music conservatory that was filled with Steinways, but they also had crates and crates of Neumann mics. Is this perchance the same one you go to?

  11. Besides your talent, what draws everyone to your youtube channel besides what you transcribe is the picture which is displayed in the video which is the grand piano. I doubt you even care for mass popularity but it’s what makes you unique besides the fact that you are wonderful transcriber.

    I wouldn’t mind to hear the bass better but eh, just as long as you don’t leave us IDC.
    In all honesty stick to the grand, An E-Piano.will never be on par with an authentic Steinway & Sons Grand..


  12. Both are amazing, but, the grand piano even with a sub par recording device always sounds for fuller and gives more control than a digital keyboard. You said the grand piano belongs to your school though? So if this is easier for you I’d say go for it, as I said, both sound awesome.

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