A lame excuse why I haven’t been updating my blog lately (filler post)

Yeah, I know, I said there will be more updates for the summer season and I still haven’t uploaded a sheet yet.


there is a reason for that:

I finally found it.

After all these years.

My new all-time favorite anime.

Ladies and gentleman: Let me present you, AKB0048, the first anime since years who made it into my top 5 anime list!!!

Welcome, AKB0048, to my personal “Hall of fame”

Now, many of you will probably ask yourself: “What, AKB0048? Never heard of it, and besides, it’s not even popular”

Yeah, I know. I was also very sceptical about AKB0048, which purpose is basically promoting the real life idol group AKB48.

I mean, the basic setting is: entertainment is entirely forbidden in the whole galaxy and some space idols are going to give guerilla concerts on the planets and fight the no-fun-allowed-police with some silly mechs and micsabers? (yes, you heard it right, micsabers). Seriously?

Yes, of course, and it’s fun!

I cannot say enough good things about AKB0048, because it was just that good.

I never have fanboy’d that hard for a series before. I rewatched every episode at least twice, I have collected every fanart available on the internet about AKB0048, I have told everyone of my (otaku) friends, they should watch AKB0048.

AKB0048 was the biggest surprise of the spring anime season 2012, maybe the biggest surprise of the year. My expectation was initially extremely low, but what I got in the end was by far the most exciting, awesome, dramatic and entertaining anime I have watched – for years.

Takamina is my favorite character btw.

Is this because of the awesome characters? The awesome insert songs? The awesome background arts? The awesome concert scenes? The awesome soundtrack?

Hell, it even converted me to a AKB48 fan, despite the fact, that I have nothing to do with the idol business in japan before. I have downloaded every single of them now, and I even watch those silly AKBingo videos – and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I watched AKB0048 together with Castlevaniapro93, and he even made an awesome fan musicvideo.

I still can’t believe how much I liked this series in the end. Even I can’t fully explain why AKB0048 was so enjoyable, so much fun to watch.

I cannot put into words what I experienced.

But one thing I’m for sure about.

AKB0048 is a masterpiece.

And I will never forget the fun I had while watching AKB0048.

Thank you Kawamori and Satelight for delivering this epic Space Opera Action series!

Because this is a show, I will remember (and cherish) for years.

And the best thing of all is:



Fuck, 2013 can’t come soon enough.

Oh yeah, since AKB0048 last episode aired a few days ago, I can finally concentrate on making some sheets again. So expect an update in the weekend.

See you in 2013 again!

So why the hell are you even reading this now, when you should have been watching the first episode of AKB0048 already?

Seriously, go and watch AKB0048. You don’t know how much fun you are missing out, if you neglect this awesome series. Go and watch it – NOW ^_^


22 thoughts on “A lame excuse why I haven’t been updating my blog lately (filler post)

  1. It was amazing just finished it now. Found Takamina also the most likable XD. Love the sound tracks and art which just wraps the anime in a like roll and imo perfecting it. I wonder how the second season will go!

  2. “You’re probably like, what’s AKB0048?”
    I know what AKB0048 is, but I’ve never heard of Great teacher Onizuka before.

  3. I agree AKB0048 was the best anime of the year so far. It was a really enjoyable series. Totally waiting for next season. And nice favorite anime list. All those anime are truly amazing. Aria is love <3. Btw what do you think or this season. None of them seem that great maybe 3 or 4 average anime. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  4. Hum, i watched 12 episodes until now and unfortunally i am very dissapointed.

    I was expecting a new Madoka Magica(looks infant but it’s super deep and mature ) but it wasn’t even close, plain plot, plain drama and not even a single plot twist.

    Maybe is just taste, i gave a look at your top 5 and it has nothing to do with mine.

    My top 5:
    1 – Code Geass
    2 – Steins Gate
    4 – Fate/Zero
    3 – Madoka Magica
    5 – Darker than Black

    • Yup, it all depends on your taste. I thoroughly enjoyed this series because I particularly liked a lot of the characters, but Takamina is the best xD. Well my anime taste is a lot different than yours so that probably is the reason

      Top 5
      1. Yosuga no sora jk xD (Aria is love)
      2. Mushishi
      3. Azumanga Daioh
      4. Great Teacher Onizuka
      5(tie). Nodame Cantabile/Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

  5. Oh yeah, just noticed your current anime watch list thing isn’t updated. I know there is MAL but it just looks weird that last season’s anime are up there xD

  6. lol, I found this on sankaku, don’t know where they got the stats from:

    Top 25 Worst Anime of Spring 2012
    Author: Leon Categories: Anime, News Date: Aug 14, 2012 12:46 JST

    Having had a chance to thoroughly digest the most wretched anime titles of the spring 2012 season, anime fans have disgustedly regurgitated them in the form of a ranking, handily indicating which to avoid.

    The ranking:
    1. AKB0048
    2. Natsuiro Kiseki
    3. Medaka Box
    4. Eureka Seven AO
    5. Saki
    6. Aquarion Evol
    7. Acchi Kocchi
    8. Tsuritama
    9. Sengoku Collection
    10. Kimi to Boku 2
    11. Zetman
    12. Lupin The Third
    13. Fate/Zero 2
    14. Shining Hearts
    15. Space Brothers
    16. Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
    17. Kuroko’s Basketball
    18. Naruto SD – Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden
    19. Upotte!
    20. Shirokuma Café
    21. Kids on the Slope
    22. Hyouka
    23. Hiiro no Kakera
    24. Queens Blade Rebellion
    25. Sankarea

  7. Welcome to akb world 😀
    I have been following AKB48 since beginning but I also had low expectation for this anime (considering how disappointing the drama series Majisuka Gakuen is)
    Yet I am wrong.. This Anime is Fantastic !!
    Great 3D graphics, great plot (actually the story is very much related to the real AKB48), great character development, awesome music as always and epic and moving concert battle !!

  8. Es war ein relativ gutes Anime. Muss man schon sagen. Leider hatte ich Probleme mit der Zeit.
    Warum hab’ ich nur genau bei der 5ten Episode das ähm… Subben des Animes aufgehört?
    Ich weis selbst nicht, warum ich mich gerade bei Animenz wegen meinem Sub entschuldige?
    Egal… (Auch wenn das vielleicht der falsche Ort ist, die Kritik gleich nochmal über mich ergehen lasse, aber:

    Es ist ein Anime voller Werbung für AKB48, ich hoffe das ist beim Anschauen meines Subs etwas klarer geworden. Selbst “No Name”, besteht aus Mitgliedern dieser Girl-Group, auch, wenn es nicht direkt einer der Gruppen A, K, B oder 4 sind, die dort die 3 Lieder singen.

    Ich würde zwar den Sub gerne weiterführen, doch ich habe gemerkt, alleine kann ich das auf lange Sicht nicht schaffen. Es ist schlichtweg zu viel Arbeit.

    Ich entschuldige mich dafür, ohne Vorwarnung meinen Sub abgebrochen zu haben.

    Doch falls ich doch noch eine Gruppe zusammen kriege, die mit mir Animes subben möchte, so will ich versuchen AKB0048 fortzuführen, und wenn möglich sogar die zweite Staffel gleich dazu.

    mfg StuxCrystal aka. rolimhf

    PS & PPS:
    Ich hoffe, es ist okay, wenn ich mich genau hier dafür entschuldige, falls nicht, so kannst du diesen Kommentar löschen.
    Kommentare diesbezüglich kann man hier abgeben: http://stuxcrystal.de/?page_id=24

    • Oh, na so was, ein Subber kommentiert auf meinen Blog? YAY! ^^
      Wie gesagt, jeder ist auf meinen Blog willkommen (ich mag zwar manchmal eine raue Zunge haben, wenn ich bestimmte Animes bashe, aber IRL bin ich ein ganz netter kerl ^^)
      Hm, also grundsätzlich schaue ich schon seit jeher englische subs, aber ich finde es trotzdem toll, dass es GER subs gibt für mein geliebtes AKB0048 ^^
      Seid ihr eine neue Gruppe? Oder bist du nur alleine tätig, weil ich hab noch nie von der gruppe stuxcrystal was gehört.

      >ein anime voller werbung
      ja klar war das werbung (durch den Anime bin ich auch überhaupt aufmerksam auf die idol gruppe akb48 geworden, und ich finde ihre songs einfach klase, weil sie so richtige Ohrwürmer qualität haben ^^), aber der Anime funktioniert auch ohne Vorwissen von AKB48 sehr gut. Ich fand z.b die Charakter drama oder auch allgemein die Atmosphäre einfach großartig, ganz zu schweigen von der ultra hammer genialen letzten Episode mit dem konzert. Hach, ich liebe es einfach, wenn in einen Anime plötzlich als insert song das opening kommt oder ending, aber in der letzten Episode waren gleich alle beide dran, das hat mich einfach umgehauen.
      ähm *hust* genug davon geschwärmt, macht dir nichts drauf, ich bin dir net böse oder so und ausserdme ist der 2. season bereits am start, und zwar schon in winter anime 2012

      Grüßle noch, Animenz ^^

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