Why can’t it be fall already? (Hyouka OP 2 – Mikansei Stride)

At least, Hyouka still remains good

Alright, I’ll cut right to the chase: This summer anime season is extremely boring. Not a single show has catched my attention yet, and the only good show continuing from the last season is Hyouka at the moment. (Accel World has dropped in quality lately)

Let’s just start with my summer anime 2012 first impressions post.

Now, before everyone come at me and shout “wait, did you even watched these shows?

– yes, I did. All of them. Albeit only the first three episodes, but that’s usually enough to judge the shows.

The only series, who survived the three-episodes-test are Swort art online, Tari tari, Kokoro Connect and Jinrui,

Swort art online has started with a very impressive first episode, and everybody was hyped up, but from the second episode onwards, it began to crumble under it’s huge premise. The biggest problem I have with the series is the main character Kirito. After 4 episodes, he still doesn’t have any interesting personality besides being “badass” and most of the time “emo”. Another problem is the horrible pacing. In the second episode, one month has passed and no one even cleared floor 1, and two episodes later, they have suddenly reached floor 30. Seriously? How can you skip that much time in only TWO episodes? But the drama in episode 3 annoyed me the most. Why – tell me, why should I care about a character, who died a “tragically death”, when it’s has been barely introduced in the beginning of the same episode? That’s just wrong, there’s no build up, no real emotion involved, only a cheap plot device to force a tear-jerker for the viewers. And don’t forget to mention the introduction of your obligatory loli fanservice character in episode 4.


Well, let’s hope it will improve with the time.

Tari Tari is slightly enjoyable for the most of the time, but it still haven’t set apart from your average slice of life anime series and its characters still remains pretty bland. Well, it does get some bonus points from me because of the focus on music.

Jinrui wa sutai Shimashita or Humanity has declined is the oddball of this season. It’s a very cynical series with a interesting premise but I still don’t feel any motivation to watch the next episode. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea.

Kokoro Connect… well I still have to watch it (mostly because Tehishter has recommended this series), but it’s a bit irritating that the character design resemble K-ON! so much.

Now, let’s move on to the transcription itself:

Fun fact: I have added a (hidden) third voice in the Hyouka transcriptoin. If you pay closely attention you can follow it through the whole piece. The jumps in the right hand in the beginning is a bit tricky, so you can just omit these if you want.

-= Download the sheet and midi file here =-

[Mikansei Stride]     (difficulty: challenging)

This will probably be my only update for this summer season because none of the OP/ED have really intrigued me.

Fall anime season can’t come soon enough.


19 thoughts on “Why can’t it be fall already? (Hyouka OP 2 – Mikansei Stride)

  1. Well I get the feelings for SAO very well, since the light novel version is even worse, it jumped straight from floor 1 directly to floor 74..nuff I said, and episode 2-5 which has been aired right now is actually just a bunch of side stories

  2. “The only series, who survived the three-episodes-test are Swort art online, Tari tari, Kokoro Connect and Jinrui,”
    What a coincidence! I picked up the exact same shows!

  3. I think episode 4 of SAO takes place 14 months after episode 1? Kirito is noticeably less emo and/or retarded, which wasn’t done very well since he wasn’t particularly emo/retarded in the first place >_>

    Other than that, I’d disagree about Binbougami ga! but you know comedies, they’re hit-or-miss for all people. But jeez, did you really go through three episodes of Horizon and Chitose Get You!!? That’s dedication, man…

  4. You dropped to soon… D:

    Joshiraku is quite entertaining if you have a certain degree of Japanese knowledge (they tend to use wordplay, political satire, and cultural jokes)

  5. lolsummer2012anime.

    I have to agree with you about SAO; it failed to live up to the expectations it made with its stunning first episode. The pacing of the show doesn’t sit well with me. They’re trying to cram too many things in just one episode. Of course the fact there are other disastrous outcomes such as a lack of character development and disorientation doesn’t help at all. There are so many elements that make the LN an amazing read it’s really disappointing they just don’t manage to portray these well enough, in particular the Red-nosed Reindeer arc.

    Enough about SAO though, I really hope you can seriously consider Kokoro Connect. Personally speaking, it’s proving to be the most enjoyable anime of this summer with a premise that brings along lots of potential and I certainly hope that it stays that way.

  6. I never really found a problem with SAO’s pacing, not having read the LN myself. It seems to me it’s not going to follow a cliche “protagonist levels up and gets stronger throughout the series” and they’re trying to just explore some of the interesting elements of the world (like the effects of crime and player killing) through episodic stories.

    Granted, episode 3 might have been a tad overdramatic (but nowhere near as histrionic as Accel World lately), but I don’t believe the main idea was to try to force some kind of tragic, tear-jerking, sympathy from the watchers. I feel like it was to give some insight into the the various types of players in the game, like the ones who are absolutely afraid to die. And then episode 4 explores the potential of “law and order”, with the introduction of the crime system. At least for me, it’s interesting to see how people are interacting and dealing with being stuck in a fantasy world.

    Kirito isn’t just emo-badass. He pulled a Lelouch in episode 2, granted. But it’s shown that he’s a sympathetic dude who wants to help weaker players, though being a bit shy himself he prefers to solo rather than party, even when he knows he’s limited as a solo player. He has a younger sister that’s always eclipsed him in terms of success, which might have led him to be so obsessed with MMO’s in the first place, to escape from the realities of the pressure of his parents when compared to his sister. He knows his sister tries hard for him, and after being stuck in the game, he feels almost guilty for not treating her better when he still could, and hence he wants to help Silica, whom he sees his sister’s resemblance in.

    Sometimes I feel like there’s a bandwagon of nonconformity of anime fans who’ve either read the LN or heard of people who have and want to criticize SAO because it’s that good, as to feel “superior” Or maybe I just have no taste. To each their own.

  7. Haha, that impressions list made me lmao.
    I can’t believe you watched 3 episodes from every anime…. what happened to the old “I instantly know I don’t want to watch this” response :D?
    Oh and I didn’t know what NTR so I looked it up and I agree that, that description pretty much defined that anime.

  8. Well i have to say i strongly disagree with some of your anime taste, but i also love a lot of your transcriptions. So i guess it’s kinda like…. haha idk

  9. Lol. Your list is pretty much the same as mine. Tari Tari is eh, but I’m sticking to it because P.A.’s art is one of my favorites. Jinrui is pretty interesting, on toly one I’m legitimately into. Sao has one of the most shit pacing ever lolol, but light novel is pretty good. Kokoro Connect has potential from what I’ve seen, but it will take some serious shit to pull off. Moyashimon returns is my second favorite being that I enjoyed the first season quite a bit. Well that’s pretty much I can say about this season.

  10. Agreed with everything you have to say, sir. Especially with the death of Sachi in Episode 3 of Sword Art Online. Absolutely no build up, so true.

    Also, “Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer” as an emotional Christmas song? …I don’t even.

  11. Jinrui and Moyashimon ftw =)
    im pretty much surprised how you can manage to watch 3 of evrything….
    but yeah since i only watch Jinrui, SAO, Kokoro Connect, and Moyashimon…..
    Hyouka still has some annoying points to me (unnecessary dialogues, over-acting on something so unimportant….)

  12. >Ebiten: Why even bother

    Yeah, all the fansub groups other then Staircase agrees with you on that one, and Staircase isn’t even a proper fansub group, they are eroge translators

  13. I think you’re missing out on Moyashimon and YuriYuri. Go back and check out seasons 1 of those two series, then watch seasons 2. They made it into a second season for good reasons.

    I’m a big fan of Horizon too, in spite of the fan service. The story is so frenetic that you can feel your brain working on overdrive just to keep up with what’s going on with all the different character sub-plots. It’s entertaining in that challenging way, at least.

    • “I’m a big fan of Horizon too, in spite of the fan service. The story is so frenetic that you can feel your brain working on overdrive just to keep up with what’s going on with all the different character sub-plots. It’s entertaining in that challenging way, at least.”

      That. Horizon II is by far the best anime of 2012, they only have fanservice to sell it well, so they can make this masterpiece a third season. Besides that, horizon has an intellegend way of storytelling and worldbuilding + awesome fights.

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