[Microphone] 2 x Rode NT-5 Matched Pair

[Microphone stand] 2 x Millenium MS 2003

[Microphone cable] 2 x 10-meter

[USB audio interface] M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro

[Digital Audio Workstation] Avid Pro Tools 10

[Laptop] HP Pavilion g6 15.6”

[Piano] Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano

[Performer] Animenz (this is my actual Facebook photo btw)

Coming in fall 2012…

21 thoughts on “SOON…

  1. Oh my… O_O

    Can\’t wait listening your new performances !

    Btw, I have a question. Your precedent recordings with a grand piano where in this room ? It\’s a nice one ! I love the style =D It must be cool for recording a piano performance.

  2. *Reads post*

    *Sees Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano*

    *Looks at university honky-tonk stand-up piano in piano room*

    *3 second processing period*


  3. God…..your stuff…..0_0
    If it’s really you on the facebook photo you looks like the pianist lang lang…. seriously…

  4. I remember there’s some threads on where you can find the best way to set up the mics. I’ll try looking for them again..

  5. Have you ever considered or will consider releasing your recordings in mp3/flac/audio format? I’d feel it’d be a waste to only hear it in the quality that youtube provides.

  6. I noticed just a couple of audio glitches, the kind you get of using too low a buffer, either that or a problem with the M-AUDIO; those shouldn’t happen if you want flawless audio. Example: between 0:28 and 0:29, and incidentally also between 1:28 and 1:29.

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