It’s time. (Little Busters OP Full version)

-= Download the sheet and the midi here =-

[Little Busters!]        (difficulty: challenging)

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Alright, here’s a proper post:

So yeah, it’s here. The much anticipated Little Busters Anime.

Is it worth the hype?

I’d say YYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!, but I am also extremely fan biased.

But I am actually quite impressed of the anime adaption by JC staff so far.
I know, it didn’t get the red carpet treatment by Kyoani, and the animation is not god-tier, (in fact, they are really lazy sometimes) but the pacing and the dialogue feels very natural and the Characters are exactly like in the Visual Novel.

This is the first time I’ve done a FULL version of a Anime Opening, because Little Busters! has a special place in my heart. It was really the first Visual Novel, which made me cry. Seriously. I cried. Considering I’ve played tons of other VN’s, this was the first time I was so touched and moved, that I couldn’t hold up my tears…

Anyway, this is the reason why this transcription should really be special (and I am really glad they kept the original Visual Novel Opening for the Anime) and thus, I’ve made the full version. You can stop playing at bar 59 on the first beat if you only want to play the TV size (and it’s much more easier).

Oh, and there’s another feature on my sheet:

As you have noticed, I have utilized for the first time D.S. al Coda or Dal Segno al Coda, which means you have to “go back to the Segno symbol, and play until you reach “to coda”, then jump straight to coda.

I am not making this up, it’s a common term for musicians, you can read it up here on wikipedia.

In short:

my own short composition btw ^^

Instead of copy paste the refrain again, I used this notation to save place in the sheet, you can play the full little busters opening with only 6 pages instead of 7.

I’m currently thinking which OP/ED i should transcribe next…
well, until next week then.


16 thoughts on “It’s time. (Little Busters OP Full version)

  1. Perfection!
    This anime has also been going really well. JCStaff has been pulling it off so far.
    Loved the visual novel and am loving the anime.
    I just can’t wait a week between each episode! >.<

  2. You are a wonderful being. Another song I like from this season is Wareta Ringo, the ending theme from Shinsekai Yori. Oh, and from last season, Anata ni Deawanakereba by Aimer, the ending theme from Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Just suggestions, but I’ll work really hard on this one first. Again, thank you, kind soul.

  3. OMG you also watch Magi and K and Code:Breaker and Zetsuen no Tempest!

    I hope you would do a piano sheet from these animes^^
    Then I’d jump to the sun out of joy!

  4. Hi, how’s that there are those noise-bumps or how to characterise it else… Kind of “hop” in sound from time to time. It’s like the notebook doesn’t seems to be able to record the good quality flow… ?

  5. This is a question to Animez-senpai, famous for creating the most wonderful transcriptions in the world. What is your favorite route? Mio-sama’s route right? RIGHT?

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