K is a piece of shit and I’ll tell you why.

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Alright, here’s the real reason: (shamelessly copied from MAL)

Story: 1/10

I’ve never watched an anime with a more pathetic story. The story line feels like the creators decided to pull all their favorite aspects out of all the anime they’ve ever liked and put it into one. There is a weak reference to “deep” connections between these 7 gangs in the anime, but this story is following the main character, Shiro and his cat that turns into a sexy girl randomly. The blue gang is a vigilante police group and one of the members, Kuro, believes that Shiro committed a murder based on this shady cell phone video of Shiro or someone who appears to look like him, committing the crime, and Kuro decides to follow Shiro around at school and become a “transfer student” and cook for Shiro and his cat like he has no real duties. The story line is absolutely horrid and there is nothing great about it.

Art: 10/10

The anime contains the most beautiful art I’ve seen in a lot of anime, but that is the only thing going for it. I am continuing this anime based on the art alone.

Sound: 6/10

It sounds fine.

Character: 1/10

Just like the story line, the characters are pathetic. They are not unique in any way and there is no character depth at all. I feel no emotions or sympathy for any of them. The main character, Shiro, seems to be this aloof high school kid who appears to have some dark side or schizophrenic tendency, but also doesn’t seem to have much care. The cat/girl turns into a human randomly, she has two different colored eyes, and does “cute” things. The red gang seems to be a collection of “tough, cool guys” plus some strange gothic lolita girl. There hasn’t been much on the red gang yet for me to make inferences on them. The vigilante police blue gang includes Kuro, the guy who carries around swords and follows around the main character while the main character tries to prove his innocence. He’s boring and one dimensional, and he carries around a weird briefcase filled with cooking utensils (seriously, wtf). There is a woman in the blue gang, who is dressed in this outfit where her butt hangs out but apparently works in this professional setting.

Overall: 3/10

[Status: dropped]


I just watched episode 5 and I am fed up with this series. Still no PLOT, character are acting stupid as hell, so many unneccessary scenes, I feel like I am only wasting my time with this series. F*ck you, GoHands for ruining a potentially awesome series and throwing precious money out of the window because you wasted so much beautiful animation for this miserable effort of a “revolutionary original” anime, which tries too hard to be cool and ultimatively fail in story telling and creating compelling characters.

8/10, I mad.

22 thoughts on “K is a piece of shit and I’ll tell you why.

    • This. They were trying a bit so hard for a “shitload of interesting characters” thing that it just didn’t work…+ I still don’t know what the story/goal/purpose or anything really of the show

  1. *coughs K is getting more Interesting in the latest episodes. He got memory back and have action but yes, still pretty bad anime….. Sword art online is greatest anime of all time ok.
    1. first season pacing was wrong. Ok that’s a bad thing i agree. It should have been more episode but on the bright side. It’s not like Naruto or Bleach. The series is too long. Never ending… well Naruto ended.
    2. Second season ok I know every girl likes Kirito and it is kind of ‘hero’ based Character but it has some awesome fighting scenes. I know i hate that idea of Asuana trapped in the cage and that disgusting *** Glasses guy. I do like first season more however her sister(cousin) likes him because he is in the game and she didn’t know about that. Ok it is messed up but it makes thing interesting. Well Awesome fighting thing again when Kritio is angry.

    Overal great idea.. But a bit disgusting… But it is still better then most anime like Guilty crown.

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  3. Just loved the characters, but I don’t exactly get the plot. Ahaha~! I remembered that character in K that looks like he’s the combination of Shizuo’s looks and Izaya’s sadism. But no, Durarara is really good. And I expected so much of K (I finished the anime as well, thinking that there will come an episode that would really have the story but NOOOOOOOONE)

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