Nostalgia (Only my Railgun – transcription)


remember this pic? :3

Hello there, everyone!
Sorry for going MIA so suddenly, but I wasn’t feeling well lately and I lack any motivation so I couldn’t finish any transcriptions.

Therefore I decided to (finally) upload a video of my very first anime transcription:

The Opening of To aru Kagaku no RailgunOnly my Railgun
(see original post here)

Looking back at my very first sheet I published, I am quite surprised how much my  transcibing technique have changed.

I think TehIshter ‘s comment best sums up my progression:

Interesting to see the progress in your transcription style. Back then was more MIDI-like and constricted to the middle of the keyboard, whereas now you take advantage of all the 88 keys of the piano.

Here’s a side to side comparison of the Only my Railgun transcription – the 2009 and the current version: (Strictly speaking, I re-created the sheet from the scratch again because I lost the original sibelius file, so I ccouldn’t edit the old Railgun sheet anymore)

I just noticed I improved the note spacing a lot

I just noticed I also improved the note spacing

-= Download the Sheets and the midi file here =-

[Only my Railgun]            (difficulty: challenging)

Well then, see you next season!


Did I mention that Girls und Panzer is still the best show of the fall season 2012?

Did I mention that Girls und Panzer is still the best show of the fall season 2012?

7 thoughts on “Nostalgia (Only my Railgun – transcription)

  1. Hmmm, I never had the time to attempt the first transcription, but since this is less challenging, I might have time to learn this. Also, if you have no motivation, you can always re-watch Aria. I am doing that at the moment. And you could even transcribe an Aria song, maybe spirale or some relaxing pieces like Nana iron no does. This is just a suggestion no need to take me seriously.

  2. Wow this brings back some great piano memories! This was actually the first piece that I played and will remain a very special place in my heart. Thanks for the re transcription. Also this is the first recording with the new mics which have no pops or clicks ! Whatever you did, please keep the settings the same for future recordings. Also please do a re recording of guilty crown bios on the new mics 🙂

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