Probably the biggest Blog Update ever

Angel beats-Kanade

Hello everyone!

It’s been while since my last update, I apologize, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my blog. I was just a bit lazy in the last few weeks, and updating my activity status on my facebook page was a lot less work, than creating new posts here on wordpress.

A lot of thing has happened in january, so let’s start chronologically with my first Transcriptions for the winter anime season 2013 so far,ย  AKB0048‘s insert song Niji no Ressha (Rainbow Train)


Chieri X Nagisa are my OTP

Prominently featured in the first episode of the second season of AKB0048, (dat concert scene) this is still one of my favorite series of this winter season so far. I think I went a littlbe bit overboard with the difficulty of this transcription, (especially the last run of the right hand) but I simply wanted to express the high spirit of the original song.

My second sheet is AKB0048 again (because there is still not enough love for AKB0048, seriously, why is this series so unbeknownst among anime fans) featuring the new ending of the second season: Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu (I dedicated this to you, my tears)

And surprise! It’s my first collaboration video with none other than TehIshter!

It was a lot of fun to record the piano duet, even the creation of the sheet went very smoothly, despite being my first time scoring a piano duet. In fact, this sheet was written by both of us, me and Tehishter. He scored the draft, while I finished the rest. The sync is not 100% yet, but there will always be room to improve. On our next collab maybe, you will never know. Well anyway, it was really fun, and I want to thank TehIshter again, for realizing the duet, we both have dreamed of. Also, many many thanks to Castlevaniapro, who mastered the audio track for us. Check out his blog too, he is doing really awesome anime remix tracks!

Following next is the transcription of my favoriteEnding song of this winter season 2013 so far: Kibou no Hana (Flower of hope) from the anime Koutora-san


DAT ending ;___;

A hauntingly beautiful ED song I instantly fell in love with. Naturally, this is a must-do in my transcribing list. I kept the sheet difficulty rather simple, to express the calm atmosphere of the song. However, there are some parts of the sheet (in bar 12 for example),ย  where you have to play a 10th span chord. You can simply play an octave instead.

The fourth and most important of the transcription is my Angel Beats! Opening Transcription: My Soul, Your Beats.

everyone loves kanade ;_;

everyone loves kanade ;_;

Before you go and listen to this, let me tell you a little story behind the creation of this sheet:

Only a few of you may remember, but three years ago, when Angel Beats! was airing, I wanted to transcribe the Opening at any cost, because the music was practically MADE to be played on the piano. But I tried and struggled with the sheet for a week, and ultimatiely, I dropped the sheet.
I failed miserably because I couldn’t met everyone’s huge expectation. I wanted to made the most epic piano transcription ever, but back then I was lacking ideas and almost went insane due to the pressure.
So instead, I made the sheet Brave song and I sweared to never touch a finger on the sheet My Soul, your Beats! again.
The original sheet remained unfinished at 40 % progress until today.

Now.. three years (and several transcriptions) later, I’ve gained enough confidence to transcribe it again, not only because I have more experience with sheet arrangements by now, but I also wanted to redeem my past failure.
While arranging this, I remembered the hard days back then when I couldn’t make any progress for days, and therefore I’ve put all my heart and soul in this transcription, trying to express all those frustration and sorrowful moments back then. This is especially audible in the last third of the transcription, where I included an excerpt of Ichiban no Takaramono (My most Precious Treasure).

This sheet is dedicated for all those people, who have waited years for my arrangement of the Angel Beats!ย Opening, and their patience should be rewarded with a full version special transcription.

Well then, that would be my status update for the year 2013 so far, and in a few days or so, I’ll announce something really really special. Stay tuned!

Me on the left

Me on the left


14 thoughts on “Probably the biggest Blog Update ever

  1. THE ANGEL BEATS OPENING IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! to be honest, i also arrange/transcribe some anime songs, k-pop songs, and some orchestral classical songs, but i never share it, i only give it to my friends at school. To be honest, i have transcribed the full version of this song, but i’m not always satisfied with my transcription of this song……….and now………….you have finnished it with a very wonderfull technique,, and the realistic level………it sounds like the real songs, my transription? no. i envy you, sometimes i tried so hard to play your sheet music, but always ended with simplified it :/ like the mirai nikki one, must practice piano more often.

  2. extremely nice update!
    also, you may want to change the ‘Ichiban no Tabemono’ into ‘ichiban no takaramono’, as tabemono means food(stuffs) in japanese, ‘the best food’ would be a silly title wouldn’t it?

  3. This blows all the other arrangements out of the waterโ€”thanks for sticking with it.

    Have you considered,nz? It seems legit.

  4. Holy Shit….. amazingly beautiful transcription. especially on the angel beats!

    I cannot stop playing. Im just listening again and again.

    Nicely done. I’ve been listening lots of piano transcripted music, and I can definitely say you are the best transcriper. Thank for the music. It is so beautiful.

  5. Random lurker here.

    I actually discovered your website through the original Angel Beats! post, and Brave Song was so amazing that I had to listen to everything else.

    It’s great to see that you’ve finished the OP! I can’t stop replaying it . . .

    In a way, I’m glad that you transcribed My Soul, Your Beats now and not three years ago. Your style has changed a lot since Brave Song, and the song definitely wouldn’t have gotten the same treatment back then.

    Thank you so much for sticking with it!

    (By the way, whatever happened to the Shinsekai Yori ED? TehIshter’s done it, but I’d love to see your interpretation.)

  6. Wow, Mediafire, Seriously?, Wow; I never really understood you guys (mediafire)…
    Well anyways, I have a question to ask you (preferably in a private message, if possible), but first:
    For some reason, I usually have trouble with contacting people with email addresses ending in things that are a “bit”…”different” from the usual endings after the @ symbol… (“usual” as in the “common” types, such as Gmail, yahoo, etc., I think that’s the case…)
    So then, Would you mind if I sent that question through a private message on MAL?
    Or could you contact my email first? (I’m able to reply & respond those kinds of email)
    You can find my email at my MAL Profile:
    I would prefer it if you would use the 2nd one for this, but like I said (there) It doesn’t really matter to me which one you use, so you can choose which one to use.
    By the way, What anime is that picture from? (the one at the very bottom, with “me on the left” below the pic.)

  7. Thanks for all of your transcriptions!!!
    I found your blog through You-tube for searching ‘My soul, your beats’ (cause i’m great fan of angel beats hh). I was surprised when I listened to your transcription,,, you added ‘My most precious treasure’ at the end part….and also for other scripts!
    I’ve never heard such a beautiful melody before hh
    I always appreciate to the best transcriper while playing these sheets. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Again, You’re really awesome!!

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