Regarding the state of the blog

closedHello everyone.

It’s been a long time since my last update, and I apologize.

Since I have moved my blogging activities to my facebook page, (, this blog has become more and more forgotten, and now, it’s almost dead.

It’s not because I didn’t quit Anime or anything like that, it’s because I realized that maintaining a blog is too time consuming and updating a facebook page is a lot faster than writing a blog entry.

So starting today, I will only keep my blog as an archive of my transcriptions and I will only update my blog if I uploaded a new video on youtube  – and I will continue doing my  yearly Anime review postst of course, it has become some sort of tradition.

Also, I decided to replace all the sheet download links in my youtube description with the links, meaning, you will no longer be redirected from youtube to my blog anymore, if you want to download the sheets. (I think this is more convenient for the most people)

Well, this is some sort of an official goodbye to my blog then, and at this point, I want to thank my readers for visiting my blog over the years.
I really appreciate every comment you made and giving me feedback back then.

Thank you for  917,366 visits and 1,725 comments.

Nevertheless, I still made a  first impressions of Spring Anime season 2013 – an abridged version: (Judging only by first episode)

anime chart 2013

This season is definitely one of the better anime season, and currently I am almost following 12 shows, and my personal top three series of this season are Suisei no Gargantia, Railgun S, and Shingeki no Kyoujin.

The anime who caused the biggest shitstorm ever was probably Aku no Hana with the questionable rotoscoped animation and, well… let the pictures speak now.

left: Manga, right: Anime

left: Manga, right: Anime

Last but not least: the three transcriptions I made in the last two months:

1. Guilty Crown OP 1- My Dearest (full version)


After finishing My Dearest, I decided to create the first ANIME PIANO SONATA in the world:

Sonata in C-major “Guilty Crown”
-1st movement: Guilty Crown
-2nd movement: Euterpe
-3rd movement: Bios

Like a real classical sonata, it consists of three movements, fast – slow – fast, and these three fits the requirement perfectly (and they are in the same key too!)
This is probably one of the scariest coincidences I’ve ever seen, since I rarely do full ver. transcriptions, but it happens to be the three Guilty Crown pieces.

2. AKB0048 NEXT STAGE OP – Aruji Naki Sono Koe

AKB0048 NEXT STAGE was awesome. I seriously hope they will be an AKB0048 FINAL STAGE movie or something like that. And the final episode was probably the most exciting episode I’ve watched for a long time. Ah.. good times… I miss this series so much…

so why aren't you watching AKB0048 now?

so why aren’t you watching AKB0048 now?

3. Guren no Yumiya – Shingeki no Kyojin OP


Since this series just began airing a few weeks ago, I can’t say much about it except it has glorious production values and Mikasa kicks ass.

4. Sister’s Noise – To aru Kagaku no Railgun S OP1


Friendly reminder this transcription is not done by me, but by my good friend castlevaniapro93 (who also transcribed the ED of AKB0048 I played on youtube), I only edited some parts of the sheet to give it a final touch.

Well, that would wrap the things up.

I’ll update this blog again when I finish the next sheet – until then~


8 thoughts on “Regarding the state of the blog

  1. This blog started everything for me man ;_;
    I began watching non-mainstream anime after seeing your Mirai Nikki arr. over a year + 1/2 ago, and found this from the desc. I followed this blog religiously and your ‘currently watching’ list for anime to watch, hence much of my ‘tastes’ was based around your preferences until I found other sources. You also got me into anime piano, where before I had only know classical, kyle landry + random VGM. This also lead me to discover others like Ishy, marasy, pianeet ect;
    I’m sure this blog has inspired many others aswell.

  2. 🙂 You’re superb and I’ve started actively listening to more anime OPs and EDs (their piano versions too of course) because of some song of yours– the shakugan no shana piece– that I heard!
    AND I DISCOVERED TELSHTER THROUGH YOU TOO, you guys are the best!! Thank you! \o/

  3. You know, your (great) love for AKB0048 has sparked an interest in me to watch the show. Right now I’ve been very busy with other things, but I’ll be sure to watch that first thing first when I get the chance to have some free time to watch some anime. I’m sure it’ll be awesome like you say it is! (can’t wait!)

  4. Man, i think you should make a Tone Poem for piano 😀 or maybe Suite for Piano, based on the episodes of guilty crown, like i do, i make an orchestral suite based on Sword Art Online(well, i know you don’t like this anime, but i like it, and i make an orchestral work based on it), it has 2 parts, part 1 is based on the Aincrad Arc, and the second one is based on the Fairy World Arc, still on progress, because it requres a quite big orchestra. SO i think you should make a suite for piano based on Guilty Crown, maybe for piano, or Orchestra, or just for Chamber Music, Quartet, Quintet etc, i believe it will be a good music, and if you can, please upload a video of your sonata 😀 i want to hear it 😀 or maybe the midi 😀

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