Anime Piano Nostalgia (30.000 sub special) : Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Digimon

Anime Piano Nostalgia

Alright, a bit delayed, but I finally uploaded my 30.000 Subscriber special video series!

It’s called Anime Piano Nostalgia and the name says it:
“Classic” Anime Songs everybody knows and loves, from the three child-hood defining Series: Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Digimon.

I transcribed the Opening from each Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (first Season) and the “digitation” song from Digimon Adventure (First season) – Brave Heart.

All three of them rank among my favorite Anime Songs ever and I guess at half of you can still remember the lyrics for the songs.

Dragon Ball Z Opening – Cha-la Head Cha-la
Anime Piano Nostalgia (Part 1) – Cha-la Head Cha-la – Dragon Ball Z OP

Sailor Moon (S1) Opening – Moonlight Densetsu
Anime Piano Nostalgia (Part 2) – Moonlight Densetsu – Sailor Moon OP

Digimon Adventure (S1) Digitaion Song – Brave Heart
Anime Piano Nostalgia (Part 3) – Brave Heart – Digimon Digitation Song

Alright, that would be my Anime Piano Nostalgia Series, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I’ll look forward for 40K subs, to make another transcription special series!

See you next time!


6 thoughts on “Anime Piano Nostalgia (30.000 sub special) : Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Digimon

  1. I like Brave Heart! I am so happy to sea you transcribe it and excited to go home and print the sheat out. Besides I wonder if you are ever going to transcribe Keep On which I assume to be the ED.
    There seems to be a German version of Brave Heart, have you heard it?

  2. What a nostalgia trip. Although I don’t remember any of them THAT well, I was still brought back to those moments in my childhood. Thank you very much.

  3. You’re gonna get to 40k in no time! Especially after your SnK, your subscriber count probably went up a load cause of the popularity of the series.

  4. Hi Animenz! I came across your amazing blog about learning piano and transcriptions from similar interests for music; I am doing my own blog about learning piano as well for an ENG for social media class that I have. I love your videos for anime transcriptions and your play as well, I am still learning and a noob but I would like to follow you and add to my blog roll to build my audience! My blog is at:

    Thanks! =]

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