Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can you do a piano cover of X from the anime Y?

– Sorry, I don’t accept requests. I usually choose the next song I am going to cover on a whim. Still, your suggestion will be noted for future reference.

Can you please share/like my page? I will share/like your page in return!

-No. Please stop asking me that.

Do you have any advice for piano beginners?

– the internet is full of helpful information, you just have to google it. (search for “piano”)
This youtube channel is also very useful for beginners.
Still, the fastest way how to learn the piano is simply taking piano lessons by a piano teacher.

But I can’t afford any piano lessons!

– Again, use the internet to your advantage. It really does offer a lot of help – if you are looking hard enough.

C-can you at least tell me how to improve my technique to reach the same level as you?

– If you could personally come to germany, to my home, I’d gladly teach you how to improve your technique, since I am aiming to become a piano teacher. But I can’t teach you many valuable things via internet, because I can’t properly assess your current piano playing level. My advice is simply: go to a piano teacher and let him/her teach you personally.

Can you tell me which keyboard brand I should buy?

– I’m sorry, but I am completely uninformed about this subject, since I usually play on grand pianos. The only electrical piano I own is a Kawai CA63. If you are planning to buy an upright piano: a Yamaha or Kawai is a very good start. My first upright piano was an Yamaha as well. Also, the steinway grand I am using in my recent videos belong to the conservatory I am attending.

Can you give me some tipps, how to make piano covers like you?

– Please read these two posts I have made some time ago:

What software are you using to create your piano sheets?

– I am using Sibelius 7 by Avid: it’s a professional notation software and you have to buy a license in order to use it. A free alternative would be MuseScore for example.

How long have you been playing the piano?

– I have been continuously playing the piano for almost 18 years and I started playing it when I was 6. Also, I have been classically trained by piano teachers since the very beginning, therefore, I am not self-taught.

Can I use your piano cover for a voice cover / Can I use your midi file for X?

– Yes, of course you can! It would be nice if you could also credit me in your video description.

What microphones are you using for your videos? 

– I am using a pair of Neumann KM183 and Neumann KM184. These microphones are extremely expensive (<3000$) and requires a lot of time to set up. A handy recorder (for example, zoom H4N) is way cheaper and easier to handle. The sound quality is very good for the price.

Is it possible to download mp3 files of your piano covers?

– Just use any youtube-to-mp3-converter (like this for example) and you can download the mp3 of the youtube video you want.

Can I become an editor of your Facebook page?

– Sorry, I don’t need any additional editors. My facebook page also don’t need to publish posts on a daily basis as as well.

What is your current profession? 

– I am studying bachelor of music in Rostock (Germany) and I plan to become a piano teacher in the future. I only do these anime piano covers in my free time and I never partook any composition lessons.

I can’t download the sheet from sheethost in your video description!

– Occasionally, sheethost has some server issues. Please try to access the sheethost page again the next day. It should work.

Will you do a live concert in city X as well in the future?

– Future live concert plans are written in the stars. But generally, I will perform in major cities.

I know you don’t accept requests anymore, but do you at least accept commissions?

– I want my anime piano sheets to be freely available for everyone. Therefore, I cannot accept commissions. Besides, I don’t have the time to work on additional commissioned works.

What are your top 10 favorite anime series of all times?

– My top 10 changes every year, therefore, I can only name the current top 5. However, my favorite anime ever will always be Aria – the Origination – it’s just that good.

1. Aria – the Origination.

2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

3. Great Teacher Onizuka

4. AKB0048

5. Shirobako

Hi! / Hey / 😀 

– Hi. If you have any question, please ask.

Ola Animenz , tenho um canal no youtube de amv na sua pagina?

–  Please use english or german to communicate with me, I don’t speak other languages.

15 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Hi Animenz, When you cover a song:
    1/ How many time did you practice/play before you record?
    2/ have you ever cover a song only by hearing the song and without piano sheet?
    Finally, How many year ( in your opion) to make a person from beginner to Advanced or professtional?

    • I apologize if I’m intruding but are these questions somehow useful for you? I mean, the answer could change from thoughts to thoughts from one person to another. For example, when I started playing piano 8 months ago, I took one month to learn how to play “comptine d’un autre ete” by Amelie and I had a Chinese friend alongside me who needed just one day after just listening to me playing without any sheet.

      Moreover, he already mentioned he had perfect pitch. Usually, people with this rare skill are capable of playing songs by hearing only because they are capable of noting every note during a song.

      Again, I apologize for my intrusion since you asked Animenz, not me…

  2. I’m not sure if this is a question you receive often or you feel the need to add to the FAQ list, but..

    -Will you ever continue your old blog?

  3. hi animenz!

    -Would you publish a music album for your piano transcription? If yes then I’m
    sure that many ppl are looking forward for buying it!!><) because it is worth for your piano skill! It will be the best if we can hear the high audio quality

    *sry for some broken English

    • Or if can I think that most of us hope that u can upload the 320kbps MP3 because the YouTube audio quality is just 128/192kbps
      for those who loves your music, it is sure that it will be the best if they can heard the best quality=)

  4. are you going to publish your sheet music books online anywhere?
    I know me and my friend would be more than happy to buy them!

  5. Hey Animenz, Just wanted to tell you I told my whole music class about you and we all love you piano arrangements please do come to brisbane more often and maybe Gold Coast.

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