Part-time Warrior, you will never been forgotten [filler post]

[play this music]

That… was certainly unexpected. Holy shit, Steins;gate ep 16 was fantastic.

I think I have rewatched the whole scene for the third time already, where Okarin reads her soul-crushingly depressing letter and I still get the same empty feeling in my chest.

The background music in this episode also contributed a lot to make the reuniting scene with Daru and the letter scene more emotional and leaves you with a deep impact.

Steins;Gate, I am impressed by your development. I have to admit, you started a bit dull and seemingly random at the first 1-4 episodes, but you were constantly developing your cast and story due to your well written dialogues and direction and finally absorbing me completely with your fascinating cast and your constant cliffhangers.

Steins;Gate is now officially one of my top five shows of the year 2011.

Still…. Suzuha…    ;_;

(side note: screw you horriblesubs for f*cking up the encode for ep 16)

Impressions of Summer Anime Season 2011

I have just noticed recently, but I am becoming more and more demanding with each new Anime Season. When I used to follow 6-7 series weekly 2 years ago, now it’s only 2 or at most 4 shows I watch on a weekly basis. I used to watch the generic harem-romance-comedy hijinx shows but now it is just exhausting. I used to decide whether I’ll follow the series or not by doing the 3-episodes-test, but now I don’t even have time for this anymore.  Because in the course of the years, I’ve realized something:

If I wasn’t hooked at the first episode or couldn’t find a particular reason for liking it, then it makes no sense in continuing watching it. There are a few exceptions of course but basically I trust my inner voice and judge by the first episode.

Let’s have a look at shows which I already dropped (credits for the screencaps goes to )

Sacred Seven:

This show is dumb. No seriously, just look at this picture:

"Hello, officers? I think I didn't spot any Pizza-hut ads."

You ask me what’s wrong with this picture? The maids.

Not that I despise Maids in general but as long as the maids serve as some sort of “elite troops”, I can’t take the setting serious. They just don’t belong in here, in this “serious” situation.

The first episode starts with cliches over cliches like average boy suddenly gets superpower, the loli girl with her combat butler being an absurddly powerful student council president and lots of other stale tropes I’ve been long tired of.

You can make only ONE highschool-comedy-mecha-drama and actually succeed with it and that would be Code geass. Everything else are fakes.


Kami-sama Dolls:

"M-my hips are moving on their own!"

“What the hell are wrong with her boobs?” – I asked myself during the first 20 minutes of the first episode. They are horribly, horribly deformed and way too large. The animation was also full of inconsistency and fail.

And I already dislike one of the main characters: the imouto with the brother-complex. This is a really, really booring character archetype which I’m fed up with and it will certainly lead to some face-palming embarrassing scenes like: “kyaah, don’t look at me, baka onii-chan” or “it-‘it’s not like I did it for YOU, b-baka!” Not that it would actually happen though, but the animation sucks hard, so


Mawaru Penguindrum:

"APPRIVOISE!" *monochrome playing in the background*

This is your typical excentrical-experimental show where you are not sure where things are headed to. This is your typical “wtf-am-I-watching” show.

There are good chances it would turn out to be something ground-breaking epic. It is definetely not your average mainstream anime, it is undeniable innovative and full of symbolism and it could be a fun ride. But not for me.

I didn’t find it entertaining at all. I think it’s rather annoying. It feels random and trying too hard being FABULOUS. But at least, the visuals are interesting.

I will pick it up again later, if the the reviews are positive. But for now, it’s  – dropped.

Mayo Chiki:

"Sorry, I lied about being allergic to girls. You are F*CKED now."


Don’t get me wrong, I am not a passionate fanservice hater. I like fanservice – delicious fanservice. But not this type. A few years ago, I would regard it as guilty pleasure of the season and watch it. Now these times are over.



Okay, I admit I still haven’t watched the show yet, because there weren’t any decent subs available when it aired two weeks ago. The situation has changed meanwhile but I won’t bother to begin with it because it’s a Spin-off (?) of Blood+  which I disliked and dropped it long time ago.  Because the idea of a vampire girl who REFUSES to drink blood is just… stupid, really.


Okay, I think that’s enough for the time being, I will continue it some time later.

And now for something completely different:


Kyon disapproves of me spending +50€ for beverage

Seriously, I never would’ve thought that Dr. Pepper would taste that awesome. It was refreshingly different, a untypical coke flavor I never could have imagined.

All credits goes to Steins;Gate of course, who introduced me to this beverage. I really wanted to check out Okarins favorite drink but it turned out to be difficult, due to the fact that Dr. Pepper wasn’t available anywhere here in Germany.

There weren’t a single supermarket, who had it in stock. You could only buy this (to a overpriced cost of 2€) in selected gas station…

– or buy it online via Amazon like I did. Damn, it’s already my forth can, I love this stuff.

Best consumed if it’s well-chilled. Can you handle the taste? (no, I wasn’t paid for writing this)

TL;DR: You jelly, germanfags? 

My first “speed transcribing” (Steins;gate ED transcription)

Some of you may ask yourself by now: “Wait, what? Speedtranscribing?”

That’s right, just the same with speedsubs, but with notes.

It all began when I came back from my trip to Berlin on Wednesday.

I have missed the last flight to Stuttgart because I came too late for the check in (there were still 30 minutes left but the counter said, it was already too late…) and then I was stuck in the Airport for roughly 5 hours before the next plane to Stuttgart take off. In the little of the night.

Luckily, I had brought my laptop and my headphones and there was also a cafe which had a WLAN hotspot!

I convenientely have the notation software already installed on my laptop, so I thought in the next few hours I could actually transcribe something. It spring to my mind, that I should just visit and ask on the forum for something to transcribe. (see here for my post)

Unfortunately, nobody answered and I just decided to transcribe the Steins;Gate ED (it also requested in a another thread)

HNNNGGGHH… Kurisutina is  awesome

I could finish it only after four hours because it’s really hard to transcribe if you don’t have a piano for reference. I only used my imagination how it would sound on the piano.

I wasn’t really sure if it would turn out well, since I practically blindly transcribed something without testing it out on the piano before like i usually do. (of course there were a playback function, but you can’t compare the sound of a midi with the sound of a real piano. Things which sounds “cool” on midi could sound ugly on the piano and vice versa)

Finally back at home, the first thing I had in mind was sleep and after sleeping for nearly 12 hours, I went to the piano and tried out my Speedtranscription. I was a bit surprised because it turned out better than I expected. Not really ground-breaking but still playable.

I only edited some minor details before I video tape. Maybe you notice the small changes between this version here and the version I posted on Ichigos.

I asked myself why I didn’t transcribed this earlier, since Steins;Gate is currently one of my favorite series and the ED is….

… someone give this man a medal.

pretty much my reaction (pic provided by YingYo360)

Download the sheet and midi here:

[Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meyaku pdf + midi]      (difficulty: average)


(the title is ridiculous long and nearly impossible to remember…)