10.000 Subscribers!!! I love you guys (Triple update)


Just wow.

When I started my Youtube channel two and half a years ago, I would NEVER EVER have thought that I would gain so many subscribers. I mean, all I did was just some random piano videos, focusing on covering Anime Openings/Endings and occasionally Soundtracks. My only cool feature was the sheet I provided to everyone.

…th…thank you … everyone…

But still, 10.000 people…

from all over the world….

subscribing my humble channel…

… *sob*


Anyway, thank you everybody for your support, for watching my Vids and playing the sheets I made. Seriously.

And in order to celebrate that, I’ll present you something special.

Remember the post I made, when I had gained 1000 subscribers one and a half year ago? I played a piano medley of various different anime OP and ED, and said there will be sheets someday.

Well guess what, it’s about (fucking) TIME!


– NOT, because I have only transcribed three of the seven pieces due to time constraints,…

… but don’t worry!  There will be sheets in the future… for sure…. I mean… I PROMISE!

And instead, I spent more effort than usual to transcribe the first three sheets.

So let’s begin with the TRIPLE UPDATE!


1. Shakugan no shana ED 1- Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo

Why didn’t anyone ever try to transcribe this absolutely gorgeous Ending of Shakugan no Shana? Seriously, it’s a mystery.

Anyway, the sheet I made is very similar to the version I played in the piano medley, only slightly improved in a few sections.

-= Download the sheet and midi file here =-

[Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo]         (difficulty: challenging)


2. CLANNAD OP – Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~

There exists sheets of Megumeru already on Josh’s Anime sheets, but only the version played in the original Visual Novel of CLANNAD, not the anime remix version and I personally think the anime version is better than the original.

I also made a sort of “remix”, because I included a part of the CLANNAD After Story Opening Toki wo kizamu uta in the sheet.

Henceforth, this sheet should be called

CLANNAD OP – Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2012~  (okay it was a joke)

-= Download the sheet and midi file here =-

[Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~]         (difficulty: average)


3. Eureka Seven OP 4 – Sakura

The infamous Fourth Opening of the epic mecha series Eureka Seven by Nirgilis. The OP is still one of my all time favorite OP, because the absolutely brilliant use of Amazing grace in a modern J-rock song.
So I extended the OP with the Amazing grace theme at the end, to give it a more proper finish.

-= Download the sheet and midi file here =-

[Sakura]       (difficulty: challenging)

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the sheets and let’s hope that I’ll finish the remaining sheets one day…

Well, enjoy those sheets for the time being, and see you next time!


Two years later, ARIA is still my all time favorite Anime

Christmas Special transcription: Lumis Eterne – Aria OST

Anyone still remember this scene from Aria?

Merry christmas everyone!

Because today is such a special day, I thought I would make something special for you, a transcription which fits perfectly to Christmas: Lumis Eterne from the Soundtrack of Aria.

Only a few of you people will know this piece, but I think every (true) Aria fan could  recognize it: It’s the Canzone of Alice Caroll, who sang it in the 11th episode of Aria the Origination.

By doing this, I think pretty much every track from the Aria Soundtrack is now  transcribed – it’s finally complete!

It’s one of my longest transcriptions (over 5 minutes) and, in my opinion, my most advanced transcription (not in term of difficulty, but transcription skill) . Because I’ve put every knowledge and transcribing technique I have learned so far in this transcription and I worked on this project with all my heart and soul, it’s a sheet made purely of love (for Aria), so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Also, this will probably be the last classical-style transcription I will make (simply because it’s too time consuming). Starting next year, I’ll transcribe again in my “old style”, meaning, less “original material” and more accuracy with more frequent updates. (and less burnouts)

All right folks, that’s all I want to say, I wish you all a happy christmas and above all,

thank you for all your support and comments so far, everyone!


-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[Lumis Eterne pdf + midi]     (difficulty: challenging)

And yes, Aria is still my favorite Anime of all time.

Aria v2 saved me again from the “depression” (Ikoku Meiro no Croisee ED transciption)

thank you, blessed god, for giving me this Anime

Wait, what? I’m still alive?

Well yes, hello again. It’s been a long time, isn’t it? I think over three months already…

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have returned that soon if I haven’t stumbled over this anime: Ikoku Meiro no croisee.

Let me try to describe the situation back then:


*click click*

“…damn, nothing to watch… steins;gate is stalled at ep 3 because I want to marathon the series… nichijou doesn’t air until sunday….” *click*

“almopst dropped everything, … and I don’t have the motivation to start watching an older anime series in my backlog….”

*click click* “I guess I just call it a day then…”

*click* *tokyotosho* *notice the tag Ikoku*

“Huh, wuts dat? A new anime? Well, lets look it up on myanimelist…”

*click*  “Oh, looks like a generic moeblob anime with a loli girl…. no thank you, next…”


5 minutes later…

“why am I even bothering?”

*opening media player classic, play the vid*


nice backgrounds…

hmm… actually a decent OP, pretty relaxing…


the girl in Kimono is pretty cute after all…

and I like the cast so far, there are no particulary annoying characters…

oh wow nothing happens, but… somehow I like it…

where have I seen it before…

it’s… it’s just like watching Aria again…

wait… huh?”

*look up at myanimelist* *Series Composition: Satou Junichi*


There you have it. It’s really like Aria all over again:

The smooth guitar background music, the scenery porn, the nothing-ever-happens atmosphere, the interactions between the characters, the beautiful OP and ED, the warm fuzzy feeling inside your heart when you watch it… yep, just everything.

And so I decided,

“Fuck it, let’s get back to business.”


Expect more updates as today on.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Koko Kara Hajimaru Monogatari pdf + midi]    (difficulty: average)


TL;DR: I’m back, bitches.

A Quick Update (Aria OST AQUA transcription)

Sorry folks, for not updating the last weekend. I was having a cold and have to stay in bed.

But now I recovered and I will update every weekend again.

Ah, ARIA…. you never ceases to amaze me

Well, since I was sick I haven’t completed anything, so I’ll just upload a sheet, which have been finished a long time ago but  haven’t been published yet. I have a “draft folder” which mostly consists of incomplete transcriptions but some of them are almost up to 90 percent finished,  I only  have to put the finishing touches on the sheets.

A word or two about the sheet: It’s the transcription of AQUA, a soundtrack of ARIA. On Josh’s sheet library you can find a lot of ARIA music sheets but I wonder why nobody ever transcribed this particular piece. I think  it was one of the most memorable pieces in ARIA. Oh yes, and I just began rewatching ARIA again and it’s still as good as  it ever was.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[AQUA pdf + midi]    (difficulty: easy)

On a side note:

I can’t really decide which OP or ED of this anime season I should transcribe: I’m currently working on Star Driver OP, but I’m not sure what I should doing next. Feel free to propose something.

(Series who are not listed here are out of the question)

Enjoying Anime and playing piano again

Some of you may wonder why I didn’t update for two months.

Well, the reason behind my absence could be lazyness, lack of time, etc… but to be honest, I was “distracted” by this:

Yes I finally found it: my all time favorite Anime (besides Suzumiya Haruhi): Aria

Seriously this is probably the most peaceful, beautiful and charming series I’ve seen for a long time.

Whenever I have been stressed or annoyed, after watching this my mood was instantly getting better and I felt comfortable.

This series is extremely addictive (once you get in), so I’ve marathoned the triology (which means about 50 episodes).

The characters are just great: They are “genuine” and nothing felt forced: no forced comedy, no forced drama or forced unusual character traits. It was the very definition of a perfect slice of life Anime, or to put it simply: a feel-good anime.

Heck, I’ve made even a tribute video to worship the greatness of Aria. (Thank you very much for the transcription Josh, I couldn’t do it any better.)

Well that’s it. After the last episode I was sad at heart  and i will miss this wonderful Anime and I know that there will never be such a charming, lovely and idyllic anime again, ever.

So thank you, Aria, thank you for restoring my faith in good Anime. And thank you Josh for this wonderful transcription.

TL;DR watching Aria is good for your health and you should watch it too.


Thank you Aria, you have taught me that not everything on the world sucks

Oh right, one more thing: Sorry that I let your requests slide, but I’ll finish this off eventually.

I’ve only finished one request and it’s Kotori no etude (Toradora OST):

So here you go Angrist (I hope you didn’t forget about it ^^),  sorry for taking it so long.

Piano sheet: [Kotori no etude.pdf] (level 2)

the midi file: [Kotori no etude.midi]