This is probably my most ambitious transcription project (Mirai Nikki OP Kuusou Mesorogiwi)

Today, I’ll present you my most unusual transcription I’ve ever made: The Opening of Mirai Nikki transcribed in classical-style.

This transcription is in several points of view special, because

-a third of the entire transcription is completely “original material”, to give the transcription a more “complete” and classical-like feeling.

-it is reasonably difficult, technical skills is a must to play this

-is the longest transcription I’ve ever written, (8 pages long)

-I’ve made over 150 edits in the last few days, until I was 100% satisfied with the transcription, so this transcription took the longest time for me to finish

-= Download the sheet and midi mere =-

[Kuusou Mesorogiwi pdf + midi]      (difficulty: insane)


Warning, the following section, is an incredibly long musical analysis of my transcription, which will bore 99% of you readers, but there is a small chance that some people might actually find it interesting. Oh, and some basic musical knowledge wouldn’t be bad, either.

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