A bit delayed update (Accel world ED – “unfinished”)

I was a very busy last week, and because of that I couldn’t finish any sheets. (three in progress)

But at last, I have completed one sheet today: The Accel World ending unfinished.

I extended the beginning of the original TV opening a little bit because I want to emphasize the first theme a little more. My intention was to imitate the sound of strings with the left hand in the beginning of the transciption. Only the beginning of the sheet is “original part”, the rest is almost a 1:1 transcription of the TV size ending. Did I mention that I love KOTOKO?

This transcription is significantly more difficult than the previous two sheets I made for the spring season, because of the really fast notes in the latter half of the sheet. Maybe I’ll make a simplified version later…

Well, that’s it for today.

-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[→unfinished→] (yes, it’s called like that)        (difficulty: challenging)

Out of moe (Anamnesis – Another ED transcription)

Maybe… I’m growing old of Anime… I feel tired…very tired.

“The new anime season has already began more than two weeks ago, and there is only one update?

Well, I was indeed planning to update two weeks ago, when new openings and endings came out, but I lacked motivation to finish the sheets. I started doing the sheets of Mouretsu pirates OP, Rinne no Lagrange OP and the second OP Nisemonogatari, but I dropped all of them halfway.

And to be honest I’m gradually losing interest in Anime. (yet again)

Yeah, I know, all of us have experienced this, there’s always a weak Anime  season where everthing seems to suck, but until this point I though I could deal with it. It’s particularly bad this time.

Maybe… I should start transcribing songs from other media besides Anime like video games… or even pop songs.

Anyway, here’s my obligatory first impression post. And I am NOT  happy with this season:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear: What the hell am I watching. The entire premise is just… ridiculous beyond hell. The evil minions have the most stupid design I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is stupid.

Nisemonogatari: FANSERVICE FANSERVICE FANSERVICE WORDSWORDSWORDS – damnit SHAFT. I had high hopes,  since I liked Bakemonogatari. SHAFT, I know you like pandering the audience, I appreciate the “unconventional” fanservice you are showing us here to boost sales, but using the first three episodes to simply reintroduce the characters? Where’s my plot? Where’s the kickass action? Where is badass-Shinobu? I am disappoint.

Mouretsu Pirates: … that’s actually not bad, but waiting this on a weekly basis is killing me. I’ll archive it and watch this in one run.

Rinne no Lagrange: XEBEC being… decent? HOW? Despite the “obvious” fanservice in the character design, it’s really not bad and partially entertaining. Still, I am not sure how long it will keep my interest, since everything else feels so generic.

Inu X Boku SS: Oh boy, every Shoujo love-comedy story ever. Let me guess: The main Character, will gradually fall in love with the bishounen – despite rejecting him first – and in the final episode they will be kissing, or at least holding hands. Prove me wrong.

Daily lives of Highschool Boys: Yeah it’s funny, but still, it can’t compare with Nichijou. Somehow, I can’t really relate to the characters, it’s lacking something.

Another: The only show I am still watching weekly.

Shana III is put on hold and I’ll watch it, when all episodes have aired.

Everything else not mentioned here sucks.

However, I have finished at least one piano sheet, it’s the ED of AnotherAnamnesis by Annabel.

Not much to say about this transcription, I kept it as simple as possible, the only difficulty in this transcription is probably the chord in bar 11, you’ll need big hands for this.

Well, that’s all.

I’ll start updating again when the spring Anime season 2012 begins. (and hopefully will be better than this lacklustre season)

Until then-


-= Download the sheets here =-

[Anamnesis pdf + midi]      (difficulty: easy)

Side note: Curse you FBI for taking down Megaupload. Now I have to remove over 20 bookmarks. Curse You.

My first “speed transcribing” (Steins;gate ED transcription)

Some of you may ask yourself by now: “Wait, what? Speedtranscribing?”

That’s right, just the same with speedsubs, but with notes.

It all began when I came back from my trip to Berlin on Wednesday.

I have missed the last flight to Stuttgart because I came too late for the check in (there were still 30 minutes left but the counter said, it was already too late…) and then I was stuck in the Airport for roughly 5 hours before the next plane to Stuttgart take off. In the little of the night.

Luckily, I had brought my laptop and my headphones and there was also a cafe which had a WLAN hotspot!

I convenientely have the notation software already installed on my laptop, so I thought in the next few hours I could actually transcribe something. It spring to my mind, that I should just visit Ichigos.com and ask on the forum for something to transcribe. (see here for my post)

Unfortunately, nobody answered and I just decided to transcribe the Steins;Gate ED (it also requested in a another thread)

HNNNGGGHH… Kurisutina is  awesome

I could finish it only after four hours because it’s really hard to transcribe if you don’t have a piano for reference. I only used my imagination how it would sound on the piano.

I wasn’t really sure if it would turn out well, since I practically blindly transcribed something without testing it out on the piano before like i usually do. (of course there were a playback function, but you can’t compare the sound of a midi with the sound of a real piano. Things which sounds “cool” on midi could sound ugly on the piano and vice versa)

Finally back at home, the first thing I had in mind was sleep and after sleeping for nearly 12 hours, I went to the piano and tried out my Speedtranscription. I was a bit surprised because it turned out better than I expected. Not really ground-breaking but still playable.

I only edited some minor details before I video tape. Maybe you notice the small changes between this version here and the version I posted on Ichigos.

I asked myself why I didn’t transcribed this earlier, since Steins;Gate is currently one of my favorite series and the ED is….

… someone give this man a medal.

pretty much my reaction (pic provided by YingYo360)

Download the sheet and midi here:

[Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meyaku pdf + midi]      (difficulty: average)


(the title is ridiculous long and nearly impossible to remember…)

Aria v2 saved me again from the “depression” (Ikoku Meiro no Croisee ED transciption)

thank you, blessed god, for giving me this Anime

Wait, what? I’m still alive?

Well yes, hello again. It’s been a long time, isn’t it? I think over three months already…

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have returned that soon if I haven’t stumbled over this anime: Ikoku Meiro no croisee.

Let me try to describe the situation back then:


*click click*

“…damn, nothing to watch… steins;gate is stalled at ep 3 because I want to marathon the series… nichijou doesn’t air until sunday….” *click*

“almopst dropped everything, … and I don’t have the motivation to start watching an older anime series in my backlog….”

*click click* “I guess I just call it a day then…”

*click* *tokyotosho* *notice the tag Ikoku*

“Huh, wuts dat? A new anime? Well, lets look it up on myanimelist…”

*click*  “Oh, looks like a generic moeblob anime with a loli girl…. no thank you, next…”


5 minutes later…

“why am I even bothering?”

*opening media player classic, play the vid*


nice backgrounds…

hmm… actually a decent OP, pretty relaxing…


the girl in Kimono is pretty cute after all…

and I like the cast so far, there are no particulary annoying characters…

oh wow nothing happens, but… somehow I like it…

where have I seen it before…

it’s… it’s just like watching Aria again…

wait… huh?”

*look up at myanimelist* *Series Composition: Satou Junichi*


There you have it. It’s really like Aria all over again:

The smooth guitar background music, the scenery porn, the nothing-ever-happens atmosphere, the interactions between the characters, the beautiful OP and ED, the warm fuzzy feeling inside your heart when you watch it… yep, just everything.

And so I decided,

“Fuck it, let’s get back to business.”


Expect more updates as today on.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Koko Kara Hajimaru Monogatari pdf + midi]    (difficulty: average)


TL;DR: I’m back, bitches.

Nichijou ED – ZZZ – transcription

Hello folks, it’s update time!

This time it’s the (first?) ending of Nichijou: “ZZZ” (an unusual title)

[youtube http://youtu.be/r4_w-_YxWmU]

I don’t have much to say except that this is one of the “calmer” transcriptions I’ve made. Relatively easy to play, but nonetheless interesting sounding.

-= Download the sheets here =-

[ “ZZZ” pdf + midi ]    (difficulty: average)

Mahou Shoujou Magica Madoka ED “Magia” – transcription

It’s update time!

My first transcription for this year’s Anime goes to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, my favorite Anime for the winter season 2011 so far.

Initially I was very sceptical since it’s SHAFT and SHAFT’s productions usually annoys the hell out of me due to their eccentric director Shinbo and his weird (read: bullshit) direction. SHAFT is trying too hard to be unique or experimental but it’s my opinion that the factor uniqueness is unequal to the factor enjoyment. I almost gave up every hope since I was disappointed so often by SHAFT ‘s works (Dance in the vampire bund was shit, bakemonogatari was too pretentious, Maria Holic just sucked etc etc) and so, I am glad to see them finally delivering an anime, I truly enjoy since  … well, whatever.

Anyway, back to my real purpose of the post, the transcription.

The third episode of Madoka was without question THE highlight of the entire Anime season: I was genuinely shocked by the you-know-what-scene, I just couldn’t believe what I just saw, it was… an incredible feeling… and when the ED finally kicks in for the first time I just had one thought: this is it, this shall be the first transcription of the year 2011.

What a amazing song! KALAFINA, you never disappoints me in delivering epic tracks, especially in creating memorable and catchy melodies.

If you have already watched the video, you will surely notice the sound in the video has changed: That’s right, I finally got a new microphone for recording my playing. The sound is now in much better quality than my older videos. My only problem is the volume: It turns out to be a little bit quiet, so you have to turn up the volume. Oh well it can’t be helped.

I did the transcription within a few hours, because the left hand is basically repeating the same rythm and pattern over and over again.

Because the TV ED was a little bit short, I extended my transcription a little by adding some original material. I basically had the idea of a music box, who plays the refrain melody. I think it is a good contrast with the excited and restless main piece.

Playing the transcription turned out to be more difficult than it seems, so playing it requires a lot of effort, but since it got such an awesome melody, I have also made a simplified version, which can be found below.