Aria v2 saved me again from the “depression” (Ikoku Meiro no Croisee ED transciption)

thank you, blessed god, for giving me this Anime

Wait, what? I’m still alive?

Well yes, hello again. It’s been a long time, isn’t it? I think over three months already…

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have returned that soon if I haven’t stumbled over this anime: Ikoku Meiro no croisee.

Let me try to describe the situation back then:


*click click*

“…damn, nothing to watch… steins;gate is stalled at ep 3 because I want to marathon the series… nichijou doesn’t air until sunday….” *click*

“almopst dropped everything, … and I don’t have the motivation to start watching an older anime series in my backlog….”

*click click* “I guess I just call it a day then…”

*click* *tokyotosho* *notice the tag Ikoku*

“Huh, wuts dat? A new anime? Well, lets look it up on myanimelist…”

*click*  “Oh, looks like a generic moeblob anime with a loli girl…. no thank you, next…”


5 minutes later…

“why am I even bothering?”

*opening media player classic, play the vid*


nice backgrounds…

hmm… actually a decent OP, pretty relaxing…


the girl in Kimono is pretty cute after all…

and I like the cast so far, there are no particulary annoying characters…

oh wow nothing happens, but… somehow I like it…

where have I seen it before…

it’s… it’s just like watching Aria again…

wait… huh?”

*look up at myanimelist* *Series Composition: Satou Junichi*


There you have it. It’s really like Aria all over again:

The smooth guitar background music, the scenery porn, the nothing-ever-happens atmosphere, the interactions between the characters, the beautiful OP and ED, the warm fuzzy feeling inside your heart when you watch it… yep, just everything.

And so I decided,

“Fuck it, let’s get back to business.”


Expect more updates as today on.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Koko Kara Hajimaru Monogatari pdf + midi]    (difficulty: average)


TL;DR: I’m back, bitches.