Transcription: Sociometry (shakugan no shana II ED 2)

Oh yeah.

Forgot about that.

Anyway, Sociometry is one of my favorite ED’s, I wonder why nobody transcribed this epic piece of music.

the melody is very catchy, plain, but memorable. Truly one of KOTOKOS best songs.

So this would be my last “difficult level” transcription.

Starting today, I’ll only make easy transcriptions.

But seriously, althought it seems very hard, it is not impossible to play it. I tried it too and it sounds incredible cool on the piano. So it’s worth to practice this!

Piano sheet: Sociometry.pdf

mp3: mp3 + midi

she is cool and I don't care

Transcription: Musuhi no Toki (Kannagi ED)

Yaah, I know, it’s way too late (and nobody cares) but for those who are interested:

Here is the transcription of the beautiful ED of kannagi.

And the best thing is: It plays pretty well on the piano.

Very soothing.

So enjoy

Piano sheet: Musuhi no toki.pdf

Mp3: midi + mp3

Btw: I initially wanted to transcribe the full ED but, yeah, it was too much work and I’m too lazy now.

I’ll post the full version later. (seriously this time)