More Love for AKB0048 (AKB0048 Soundtrack – Kanashimi no ato ni)

Takamina ;_;

Whoa, three transcriptions in a row about one anime series?

This can only mean one thing: I love the series.

Once again, the goal of this transcription is to convince more people to watch AKB0048, because it keeps getting better and better every week. Seriously, it’s really unexpectedly good and definitely going to be one of my favorite shows this year.

Also, it’s a special kind of transcription, because it’s not an OP or ED, but a Soundtrack.

Especially one particular piece got stuck in my head and I couldn’t forget about it.

I occurs in the episode 7, in [20:00] to be precisely. (the scene where Takamina arrived in the kirara cave of succesion)

According to the official OST, the title of the track (no. 20) is Kanashimi no ato ni (formerly known as Takaminas theme).

Summer anime is going to start soon, but I am really glad I picked up AKB0048, because it’s the real surprise hit of the spring season 2012.

-= Download the sheet and midi file here =-

[Kanashimi no ato ni]         (difficulty: challenging)

Finally the spring anime season has arrived (Mysterious girlfriend X – Soundtrack)

and so… a new journey begins…

Hey everyone, it’s time for an update again!

Since the last winter anime season was very, VERY disappointing, (I dropped everything except Another and Daily lives of highschool boys) I am glad that spring season has finally arrived upon us and it looks more exciting than ever. Currently there are 8 shows on my watchlist including long awaited adaptions  like Mysterious girlfriend X or sequels like Eureka seven AO.

So today, I’ll start off with something unusual: a transcription of a soundtrack instead of a opening.

Remember the music which plays during the dream sequence of the first episode of Mysterious girlfriend X?

It was a really catchy waltz-like theme and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I just went and transcribe it.

I also quoted an another famous piece by a very famous russian composer. Bonus point for everyone who can recognize it.

As usual, I’ll rename this sheet if the official soundtrack is out, currently I name it  “Dream theme

Did I mention how much I’ve missed to transcribe things again? So expect a lot of updates this season.

Oh by the way, today is friday the 13th. What a great day to start off the new anime season.


JC Staff in charge of anime adaption?!? NOOOOOOOOooo!!!!!

I dare you, JC Staff,  I DOUBLE DARE YOU, do NOT fuck up the Little Busters! anime or heads will roll.

Totally unexpected surprise update (Bios – Guilty Crown Soundtrack)

Well, since this season is really weak (with the exception of Another), I don’t have any intention in transcribing the Openings or Endings of the shows, so there sholudn’t be any updates until the next anime season arrives – but then something happened (yet again)

When I was browsing /a/ as usual, I stumbled across TehIshter. I was exchanging some words with him and an anonymous poster suggested this song as a request. I thought “well I’m not doing requests anyway so I’ll just listen to this song whatever this i- HOLYSHIT IT’S THAT SONG I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SINCE FOREVER asdfasdf”

And well, the rest ist history.

This transcription is probably the most difficult piano cover I’ve ever written and I am almost reaching my own limit of my piano skills too. Insane octave jumps (inspired by Tehishters recent piano cover of Mouretsu pirates OP which is really awesome), even more insane mega arpeggios, and nasty jumps on the right hand and left hand simultaneously. In other words: this transcription is really, really evil.

Well, see you until the next anime season then.

-=Download the sheets here=-

[Bios pdf + midi]     (difficulty: insane)


REDLINE was probably the most exciting movie I’ve seen in my life (REDLINE DAY transcription)

Never heard of Redline yet? Then watch this trailer. Or this one.

Convinced now? Good, because Redline was the m- HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME -ost exciting and visually most impressing anime movie I’ve ever watched.
The main selling point of this movie is of course its ABNORMALLY AWESOME animation, which I have never experienced in my life before.

Seriously, every single frame of the movie is beautiful, every frame is full of details. It’a feast for your eyes, you will have an eyegasm, you cannot leave your eyes from your screen for a split second because everything is so well animated and you don’t wanna miss it. Hell, it’s almost a sensory overkill for your poor virgin eyes.

I will not go into the details of the story of REDLINE now, because you have to experience the movie yourself to be able to describe the atmosphere in REDLINE.

A small percantage of you will likely not like this movie at all or find it boring.

That’s because it’s so unconventional and experimental compared with your typical japanese anime. You could go ahead and get the impression that the movie is made in the USA, because it’s so heavily influenced by western movie tropes, it’s more a cartoon than a anime.

My transcription is of course the ending song of the movie, REDLINE DAY.

Did I mention this is my favorite track of this year? I just can’t stop listening to this all day long. The guitar intro, the bass, the voice, the beautiful lyrics…, this song is simply glorious.

Surprisingly my longest transcription to date (3:44 min), and I played it a bit faster than the original, unconsciously. Also, very difficult, but what did you expect from me :3

-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[REDLINE DAY]      (difficulty: challenging)


Some guy on Youtube just wrapped the movie up pretty nicely with these words:

[…] This art style is the epitome of beauty, and manliness. Each frame hand-drawn, hopes and dreams poured into every scene. This movie has been in production for 7 years, almost too long for a profit to even be in the equation.

This movie, is a look into the mind of it’s creator. This is one rare case, where exactly what the creator wanted to make, is what was made. This movie, is put simply, beauty.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go and watch it already! Grab a beer (or a Dr Pepper), watch it in your living room, turn your volumes up to max, and enjoy the fun, action and adrenalin of this unique racing movie.

And with this, I will sign off now and go to Summer vacation (I’m going to Shanghai, in case you are interested)

I will see you again in the fall anime season, (Shakugan no Shana season III? FUCK YEAH!) and by that time, enjoy your summer.


Special transcription: Sis puella magica! – Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka Soundtrack

In several aspects a special transcription because:

1. It’s neither an opening nor ending

2. It doesn’t even have an title yet, so I just name it untitled    updated, it’s name is Sis puella magica!

3. It’s the first transcription where I didn’t have the raw soundtrack file, but I transcripted it while watching episode 8. (between and 15:45 and 17:45 to be exact)

You probably heard this particular piece of music a few times in the previous episodes  before.

Yuki Kajiura, the composer of the soundtrack is really amazing. Every piece she has composed contains a certain “Kajiura-tune”, it gives you the ambience of something magical, mysterious, ethereal, a melody with an incredible beauty and a distinctive sound, and and and….

In short: I really really love her music. And you should love it too.

Some words about the actual transcription: Sorry folks, I really tried, but it turned out pretty difficult once again. ^^’

The transcription is divided in two parts: the original theme, which is almost an exact transcription to the original and a variation of the theme, which is pretty much the same, only with more movement, more sound… and more difficult, mostly due to the additional sound on the right hand (I had the idea of the sound of a bell)

Download the sheet and midi here:

[ Sis puella Magica! pdf + midi ]     (difficulty: challenging)


A Quick Update (Aria OST AQUA transcription)

Sorry folks, for not updating the last weekend. I was having a cold and have to stay in bed.

But now I recovered and I will update every weekend again.

Ah, ARIA…. you never ceases to amaze me

Well, since I was sick I haven’t completed anything, so I’ll just upload a sheet, which have been finished a long time ago but  haven’t been published yet. I have a “draft folder” which mostly consists of incomplete transcriptions but some of them are almost up to 90 percent finished,  I only  have to put the finishing touches on the sheets.

A word or two about the sheet: It’s the transcription of AQUA, a soundtrack of ARIA. On Josh’s sheet library you can find a lot of ARIA music sheets but I wonder why nobody ever transcribed this particular piece. I think  it was one of the most memorable pieces in ARIA. Oh yes, and I just began rewatching ARIA again and it’s still as good as  it ever was.

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[AQUA pdf + midi]    (difficulty: easy)

On a side note:

I can’t really decide which OP or ED of this anime season I should transcribe: I’m currently working on Star Driver OP, but I’m not sure what I should doing next. Feel free to propose something.

(Series who are not listed here are out of the question)