Transcription: “Only my railgun” for piano

So lets just begin! I just finished my first and newest work with the composer software:

Allow me to introduce my premier work of transcription:


To aru kagaku no Railgun Opening:  Only my Railgun by fripside

In my holy opinion this is pretty much the best OP of the current fall season. It has a catchy rhythm and some cool electronic voices. Especially the verse is well done because of the short piano solo part.

It wasn’t transcribed yet, so I thought I’ll just do it instead.

The music sheet : Only my railgun.pdf

The associated MIDI file: Only my railgun.mid

I might possibly post a video of me playing the piece but unfortunately I don’t have a good microphone. I’ll cover this later.

Anyway: Please give me some feedback and suggestions, what I should improve.

It’s my first work after all ^^