Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find some advanced anime music sheets and every now and again some other anime related things.

My name is Animenz and I live in Germany. Currently, I am studying music.

I’ve played the piano for more than 15 Years until now and have won a dozen prizes and awards in several competitions. I love playing the piano and I love music in general.

However, my secret hobby, more or less, is Anime. Unfortunately I don’t  know any person in my circle of friends, who like Anime too. So the only people I could share my interest is the community on the internet ^^’

I started this blog because I recently got my new notation software Sibelius 6, and therefore I want to share my work with you. (you can also read my first post)

Generally my transcriptions are for piano (2 hands) but there is a small chance that I’ll do transcriptions for violin solo or other solo instruments such as flute. PIANO FTW! Normally, I’ll only make transcriptions of pieces which are still NOT transcribed by anybody. Which means: if I google e.g. “lost my music piano sheet” and the only results are lyrics or youtube videos, then I’ll assume, it is still not transcribed (or at least published)

All my transcripions are published in the pdf format (obviously) with the associated midi file.

If you want to know which is my favorite anime and favorite anime characters, you can look it up at my Anime list.

My header picture will change every anime season and will always feature my most recent  favorite anime. I usually browse danbooru (NSFW!) to find some nice artworks and edit it with Paint.NET.

The same goes with my gravatar.

If you want to contact me, here is my e-mail address:


PS: Aria is the best anime ever made.

simply beautiful

58 thoughts on “About

  1. you`er good player in piano…
    I can`t wait to see your transcriptions on the violin
    “So the only people I could share my interest is the community on the internet ^^’”
    yeeh~~ that`s Right¬_¬
    good luck=)

  2. I really like your transcriptions xD if only i found ur site sooner lol . ur transcriptions make me wanna watch those anime x) ganbatte!

  3. You should provide an e-mail link somewhere 😉
    Well, haven’t watched any of your transcriptions yet, but I read your last message and wanted to comment.
    First (because I’m such an egocentric), thanks for linking to my website (JUST ABOVE JOSH, HAHA).
    Second, will you attend Symphonic Legends, as you’re German? I will.
    Third, someone requested “My Soul, Your Beats!” to me too, but an instrumental version (and you can find it on YouTube, I think it is easier to transcribe).
    Fourth (I finally take care of you), I’m also a (not so much) pig-headed perfectionist so I understand what you feel. But don’t forget that you have only one life. Don’t put obstacles to yourself else you’ll never move forward, and learn. I know perfectionism is a kind of pride – I’m personally seriously affected – but you could for example provide a message with the sheet: “I’m sorry, it’s not really really accurate, but JUST TRY TO DO BETTER, ASSHOLE!!!” By the way, how old are you?
    Fifth, I hate Light. I HATE HIM. But I love Tsugumi Ohba. Because of (L from Death Note and) Bakuman.. (Yes, two points, because there is one in the title.)
    Sixth, HAHA apparently we both think that 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 is the best anime ever thought and made. I’ll watch 涼宮r不日の消失 in October, at Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Seventh, I think you’ll love Cardcaptor Sakura. I do, and I think it’s the best music you can hear (or even listen to) in an anime.
    Eighth, let’s go until ten.
    Ninth, I wrote correctly.
    10th, I learned today that you don’t put “tenth” but “10th”, when you’re using the adverbs.

    • Oh WOW I didn’t notice this comment until now!
      I apologize most sincerely. In any case, one of the most interesting comments here.
      Okay, time to shoot back:
      1. You’re welcome, you’ve got a nice sheet collections after all.
      2. NO WAI!!! I missed it! AAARGH
      3. The transcription draft is still lying somewhere in my drafts folder, maybe I’ll finish it one day….
      4. *BROFIST HERE* I’m 19, btw
      5. no, just NO. I had this argue with my little sister again, she also dislikes Light, but I say Light >>>>>>>>>>L
      6. FFFF – I still can’t wait for the BD on december, I wanna see this movie now!
      7. It has an awesome OP but it’s already transcribed
      8. Aria
      9. is
      10. Love

  4. You are german? but your english is as great an american, and I’m not being sarcastic. I’m wondering how old and what gender are you, and if your german, in your only my railgun transcription, why does it say “arranged by m.g”? because that last name indicates that you’re actually chinese, as I guessed.

    Hello I’m Mark Jin and I am a chinese guy who lives in Vancouver and is only level 8 in piano. I am pretty interested in music and its composing. Ok, what else do I say? let me think of it first…

  5. Hi, well I’m Eric and i would like to ask you something, i had being seraching the Ame iro rondo from Toradora piano sheet, but i haven’t found it, I have seen that you had transcripted more or less a 60% of the song, would you like to pass me all the transcription to finish it by myself?
    I will give it to you completed if you could do that favor to me.
    I expect your answer, my e-mail is errabo@hotmail.com send the sheet there if you want.
    Thank you.
    Cordialy: Eric

  6. Hello, I have known you since 3 month ago.
    I saw you on the youtube, playing “Brave Song”. It filled and warmed my heart until now! I like this transcription most.

    But I also have the other piece that I like it most. After I downloaded Brave Song at night that day and played it happily, Before I went to sleep, At Midnight I also download “All in good time” to played it at that time too and it gave impression to me too. I really like it until now! 🙂

    Now, Your transcriptions is full in my piano sheet folder (Ha Ha), I got many thing from your transcriptions and It’s most worth to practice.

    I will play “All in good time” on my music school’s concert in 24 april.

    I’ve played piano for more than 11 years until now and never have won any prizes or an awards. ‘sigh’ 🙂 But I love playing the piano and I love music in general like you.
    Now I can only play Level 3 -_-” but I think I will play Level 5 soon!

    Your sheet is full of sadness, happiness(and others). I really like it.

    I’m sorry if my English is strange and complicate. I’m still not very good at English. @_@.

    Please come back soon! (_ _)

  7. Hi Animenz,

    My name is Catherine Meyers, I’m the admin of a web blog directory, while reading your blog and it’s transcriptions and articles about anime and it’s music, I was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange (no money involved), I would add your blog in my directory so my visitors will also visit your site and in exchange you add my website to your blogroll or links. Please let me know if you are interested and the best of luck with Animenz’ Piano Sheets.


    • Uhm… sure go ahead. I don’t really mind exchanging links.

      But it seems you forgot to post the link of your “web blog directory” (animenano maybe?).

      • Dear Mr Animenz,

        My name is Sally Wong, and I am a Year 12 student from The Glennie School in Australia. I am currently doing a research task for my music course about performing piano techniques. The focus of my task is one of your compositions My Dearest and the complex techniques involved. As a first-time learner of this piece, I was wondering whether you had any strategies or advice on how to perform this piece to the best of my ability.

        When you first completed composing this piece, what methods did you use to practice and familiarise yourself with the techniques required to perform the piece? What were some difficulties you encountered during practice, and how did you overcome them?
        For example, do you have any strategies on how to practice the glissando while playing an octave?
        Is there any tip for practice specifically on this piece?

        As a long-time admirer of your composition pieces and performances, I especially adore your combinations of classical and animation elements to create unique and resonant compositions.
        I would greatly appreciate a response from you as it would be incredibly helpful for my research task and personally that I gain feedback directly from the composer and performer.

        Thank you very much for your time.

        Sally Wong

  8. Animenz, I just received your message. I have one single advice:
    Do. What. You. Want.
    And if you cannot, for any reason, don’t hesitate to ask anything to me, of any kind. I will do all I can to help you. May the days from now on be wonderful, soldier.

  9. Great!!Great!!,,I’m student as you are but you are the most greatest transcripter and piano musician I have watched!! I’ll visit this site regurally!! thank you .

  10. Hey~u rock! plz keep up your gd work;)
    BTW~I hope u could do some transcrip on flute~haha
    (My major is flute ~well, I am not studying music now)

  11. Hi, I found your piano renditions on youtube and they’re awesome! Is it ok if I use them to make covers of the anime songs? Thank you very much!

  12. Wow we have both been playing piano for the same amount of years and… and… and I’m like 4 years behind in playability or something haha. Well great transcriptions they sound awesome and I love your blogs we seem to have the same mindset about things haha. Ok well thats all i wanted to comment. Good luck on future transcriptions and projects. CG/GC FTW!!

  13. you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the transcription of eutherpe and I fell in love! I can´t stop to hear it. (sorry if I say something weird, I am from Costa Rica and sometimes my english sucks too. I am not saying you´re bad at english.) And I really liked daydream, oath sing, brave song, bios and …. well everything. You have a new and crazy fan. I really enjoy your work and love the way you play the piano. Keep on like that. I´ll be waiting for the next. Bye

  14. I see your progress in piano skills.
    I can tell that there is a big difference between your performance of your early works in 2010 and the Bios (Guilty Crown OP). The best transcription I consider is the Mirai Nikki OP, which you made it really a sonata-like piece. The other works are still stunningly great and completely displays your piano skills.
    I hope that you can make more AMBITIOUS works like Mirai Nikki OP. Those are really piano pieces made by a professionally-trained person. Many of your other works are just a display of your piano skills like Liszt writing those crazy notes just to show the audience how excellent he is.

  15. ermerhgerd! I just saw your piano piece for Attack On Titan, it was awe~some!
    i wonder if you made (or planning to make) a piece for The Life Of Gusko Budori, cause if u did i pwomise i’ll join your cult~~

  16. aw, that’s so unfair for you!
    All of my friends in my closest circle love anime.
    I love ur piano sheets. If only I can play them.
    I can play the piano, but I am a piano machine. I need many training for ONE song.
    and I need a teacher beside me to whip me into shape.
    Bravo desu!

  17. umm i have a difficulty playing your my dearest transcription in page 6-7, how to practice scale and arpegio in high speed? thank you

  18. Hi. I simply love your transcriptions. They are extremely beautiful. Among all your piano covers of anime….Unravel is my favourite. I never found any piano transcription on Unravel better than yours. I listen to it most of the times. Keep up the good work. Wish u veryyyy good luck.

    And um….can you plz…..do a piano cover on Sakura Biyori from Bleach…. Thats is only if you like.
    Once again….thanks for such beautiful covers…… Best of luck. Love ur works ^^

  19. Hi Animenzz,

    I must say it’s quite surprising that you say you are from Germany, yet there is not a single German post here 😀 I’ll go ahead do the first step:
    Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt! 😀
    Now back to English for the sake of possible other readers~
    First of all: I really LOVE your arrangements although they are way too tough for me to play (5 years of playing is not enough~). Still, I’m about to work my way through your whole channel to get to listen to every arrangement and I hope more beautiful arrangements are to follow.

    I’ve got a question for you as well but it’s not a specific request for 1 piece:
    Did you ever consider playing pieces from your fans? I mean there have to be some hidden talents and if I was able to I would definitely have a look at what they created. I’m a hobby-composer as well yet I don’t have that many contacts that are interested in what I’m composing, not that I think it’s great tho :’D

    Anyways, that’s it from my side. I’m looking forward to hearing your skills even more!
    Take care and have a nice time~

  20. Hey Animenz, I newly noticed all of your anime covers in OP’s and ED’s. Well as for now, I’m working on “My Dearest” which is arranged by you. Thank you btw for the sheet music. 🙂

  21. Lieber animenz
    Erstmal großes Lob für dein Arbeit im Bereich der animemusik. Meine ganze Familie kennt deine Arrangements, da sie bei uns tagtäglich laufen:)
    Ich bin noch kein sehr guter Klavierspieler, da ich eigentlich trompete spiele, deswegen kann ich nur nur eines deiner Stücke spielen heartwarming und lerne zurzeit kuchizuke Diamond.
    Was ich dich eigentlich fragen wollte ist, ob du nicht auch ein mal ein Konzert in Deutschland geben könntest? Ich denke, die meisten deiner deutschen Fans warten sehnsüchtig auf eine live Performance. Ich selbst bin 15, heiße Jonas und wohne in Stuttgart.
    Ich wünsche dir gutes Gelingen in deinem Studium und hoffe auf weitere exzellente Arrangements.
    Liebe Grüße
    Einer deiner Fans!:)

  22. Animenz do you only cover anime songs or are you willing to cover other songs? Also what’s you favorite anime cureently XD. For now mine is Project K:Return of kings or Ushio and Tora. Project K just has the sweetest soundtrack ever to me at least on this year of new series.

  23. Did you learn formally in school at some point? If so, how far did you get?
    P.S.: I’m curious about how you learned music, and how you think of writing it. If it is too much to ask, I apologize.

  24. Hi! I really appreciate your artwork! You play well plus your fingers almost dance on buttons … that wouldn’t be possible unless worked hard woth love 💪❤ and that’s valuable
    By the way I have a question for you, I would like to know if you are left handed ?!
    ( Fatemeh_apn in youtube & instagram)

  25. I have been going through a whole lot in my life as of recent, not nearly as bad as some but its enough that i was becoming cold and emotionless, I stumbled on your Tokyo Ghoul cover of Unravel, i almost teared dude.. I began trying to learn piano now, and have been motivated to do many of the hobbies I love. So thank you

  26. Hi,

    I’ve just found that you have a WordPress. I really like your piano covers for animes so I wanted to ask how do you decide in which country you will play (how does it work) ? It would be great if you could come to Paris. Anyway, thanks for your great job !

    I know that’s not easy to find people who like anime among family or friends, but yes, we can share opinions with people on the internet. That’s really interesting even if we don’t have the same point of view according the subject. =)

  27. Hi, I really love your original compositions and anime transcriptions! I’m currently ATTEMPTING to play Unravel because of how awesome and hard it is! On your home page frequently asked questions you mentioned you were attending an observatory and I’m curious to know which one. I think that’s super cool, especially since it’s really hard for a pianist to get into a music conservatory.

  28. Hi, if you search a really good anime there are “Trigun”. Unfortunately, it was licensee.
    A second one that I realy loved the song is “Aquarion Evol”. The story… I don’t remember :p

    At least, I really like what you play on youtube, thank you 🙂

  29. My love is anime my life is anime
    …. My soul is anime .. My destiny is anime .. Anime is what gives romantic school life …piano make it sweet ..and for the last .. Animenza fulfill that need..😘😎😚💑👪

  30. Thanks for the resources! ill make a manga based on this story! its perfectly incredible, a guy who love piano so much along with his hobby of being an Anime lover yet, he doesnt have anyone who can go along with this kind of hobby.. please tell me more about your story sir! ^_^

  31. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had to grade your transcriptions, what piano pieces would be grade 7 and 8?

    Kind regards

  32. Hi Animenz! Me and my boyfriend are now going 30 but we still love anime! Haha! Just dropping this comment here to say we both love your anime piano covers in youtube!!! Keep up the good work!!!👍😊

  33. Hello Animenz!

    I have sent you an email yesterday, hopefully, you have time to read it!
    Always love your work, and will always support you no matter what!!!!!

  34. Hello, Animenz!

    I am fifteen years old and have been playing piano for three years now. Even though your transcriptions are extremely hard, I really love them. You, along with Theishter, are pretty much my biggest inspirations to keep playing the piano.
    I do have a question though: how do you pronounce your name? Animenz with the “e” making a long “a” sound or with the “e” making a short “e” sound?

    Thank you,

  35. Much love from South Korea. I don’t think you’re going to read this comment but I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired many, many men and women alike around me, including myself, to start or continue playing the piano. Your pieces are truly amazing.

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