The start of “Animenz” project


Greetings everyone.

Allow me to introduce my first blog on the internet :!

So what’s the purpose of this blog?

Well, basically, I love music. Music is the essence of life. Music connects people all over the world. Without music, life would be a mistake. I am a fan of almost all music genre, but I especially like Sountracks and classic.

To sum it up: I play the piano for almost 13 years now and  thus, I have a lot of experience.

One day I somehow got interested in japanese Animation (also known as Anime) and so i got to know jpop and Anime soundtrack. And, some of them are really fabulous (like joe hisaishi’s OST’s). I don’t know why, but after a while, I became addictive of Anime and its music ( hence Anime is known as the Anti-drug, because when you’re addicted to Anime, you can’t afford drugs )

Eventually I tried to cover some Anime music on the piano and… it worked, and  it was very easy too (mostly because I have a absolute pitch). So I thought: why not try to write it down?

I googled for Anime piano sheets and I found josh’s anime sheet. This page really inspired me and I liked his transcriptions a lot. But after I played it, I felt quite dissatisfied: it was too easy (for me). Sure, it sounds adequate to the original but it’s not very challeging for me. So I decided to make my own transcriptions. I had the idea for nearly 2 years now but I never have got an idea HOW i should write it down.

But now the time has come: Yesterday, I finally got a copy of my ordered Sibelius 6.  And … I can’t believe it. Its… the epitome of the software technology and a must-have for every hobby/pro- composer. (Of course I know that there are other softwares such like Finale but I’m fully satisfied with Sibelius 6). I can’t believe how many functions and options it has. You can do almost everything. It’s like a dream. Hell yeah!


So I finally get an acceptable the world’s best composer software and I immediately started to use it.

And the results are fascinating!

So starting today, I’ll try to publish one transciption per week. Most of them will be Anime OP or ED but I’ll do some Soundtrack too, of course. I can only play the piano, but l can still make some  sheets for the violin or even for duetts.

I gladly accept requests (free of course) if you want the transcription of a piece of music. (preferably Anime music)

Okay, I guess that’s pretty much everything I wanted to say and with this: let’s start the Animenz project!


15 thoughts on “The start of “Animenz” project

  1. I can’t believe you ignore Pokemon Best Wishs and How much of a big Disappointed that series was !
    Dat Anime need to be criticize as harshly and cruelly as Possible !

  2. First of all, I found you through other anime piano covers on youtube (2010 or so). Trust me from Durarara was the first piano cover I had watched from you and I have been following and since then. I actually was very fascinated by the anime piano covers that were on youtube that time but when I found your covers I was really impressed since I thought and still think that your covers are the best because I love how you combine/use classical elements in your covers and thus you were and you are still my inspiration. What I really enjoyed most was to notice that you were improving from cover to cover in the techniques, speed you used and trying to add new things in every new cover whenever it was possible.
    Now I am pretty happy to know you that long already and even I still can’t believe what you have created for others and especially for me.
    I was on the verge of quitting the piano because I had my reasons, and thats how I started losing interest in playing and everything about the piano, yeah I started to hate it. So since I was already very reduced in playing piano like trying to learn sheet by sheet without knowing everything, I got really inspired and motivated by anime piano covers and especially by you. That is how you got me back and remembered me how much I actually love to play the piano. Thank you for everything!

    Frohes Neues!

  3. So hi Animenz. I’m here to answer your question. I express my thanks to you for your dedication to piano and your generosity as you share your sheets, we’re very thankful for that.
    I have played piano for 3 years, but I learn on my own so I can only play easy sheets without using pedal. So technically I can’t play any of your sheet (too hard). But still, thank you for sharing your sheets.
    I has been absorbed in anime for a year. One of my first anime is angel beats and no game no life. When I was watching the anime, apart from itself, I was fascinated by the opening and ending, it’s so good. So I look it up online and find out your channel. I watch the video and it’s sterling. You are so talented and your arrangements are excellent. That inspired me to play piano again.
    So that’s how I discovered and subcribed your channel. Thank you for reading this.

    *My english, literature is bad and I am not good at expressing myself. Sorry for that*

  4. Animenzzz, I enjoy listening to thy piano songs and I have a request: May you post a video of thyself playing Claymore’s Ending 1: Danzai no Hana?

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