Transcription: “Only my railgun” for piano

So lets just begin! I just finished my first and newest work with the composer software:

Allow me to introduce my premier work of transcription:


To aru kagaku no Railgun Opening:  Only my Railgun by fripside

In my holy opinion this is pretty much the best OP of the current fall season. It has a catchy rhythm and some cool electronic voices. Especially the verse is well done because of the short piano solo part.

It wasn’t transcribed yet, so I thought I’ll just do it instead.

The music sheet : Only my railgun.pdf

The associated MIDI file: Only my railgun.mid

I might possibly post a video of me playing the piece but unfortunately I don’t have a good microphone. I’ll cover this later.

Anyway: Please give me some feedback and suggestions, what I should improve.

It’s my first work after all ^^


7 thoughts on “Transcription: “Only my railgun” for piano

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  3. Wow! You’re 7 years now in the anime community? That’s cool! This brings back everything you’ve ever begun doing for us, your fans, and we’re so thankful to have you as our musical inspiration!

    Please notice me senpai T-T

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