Over 1000 Subscribers! Thank you everyone!!!

Wow, already 1000 subscribers. I’ve never thought I would ever reach that many (although I only uploaded less than ten videos)

Therefore:  thank you everyone for making this possible!!! 😀

To celebrate this, I’ve made a special video: a Anime Piano medley!

My piano medley contains following ED/OP:

1. Shakugan no shana ED 1 –  Yoake Umarekuru Shōjo

2. Eureka seven ED 4 – Sakura

3. Kara no kyoukai movie 1 OST – “M01” (i don’t really know the exact name of this track, but it’s the main theme)

4. Code Geass R2 OP 2 – World end

5. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) OP 1 – Driver’s High

6. Clannad OP – Megumeru ~ Cuckool Mix 2007

7. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ED 2 – Minna no peace

All those pieces are my randomly selected favorite ED and OP, but there is a peculiarity about these pieces:

None of them are transcribed yet!

Basically this is a “preview” of my future transcription plans. I can play many Anime OP/ED on the fly, but it’s a difficult matter to write it down.

That’s why my ultimate goal is to transcribe them all eventually.

Well, since I’ve improvised everything (thus, few mistakes included) the final transcription would likely alter a bit, but it would pretty much sounds like this.

Oh right, sorry for my lack of update: I only finished Star Driver OP and the Ore no imouto OP is still under work. But I will go away on a trip the next day, so there will be no updates until next week. But once I’m back, I’ll upload it, so stay tuned

On a side note: Ika musume ep 5 third part was the cutest thing I’ve ever saw


18 thoughts on “Over 1000 Subscribers! Thank you everyone!!!

  1. Shana.. awesomeness.. on ice.. Because everything is better on ice.. and its Icy here.. Oh and the code geass! X3
    Keep going, dont give up.

    Oh also have you seen Skip beat? (just out of curiousity)

  2. May I ask a personal favor?

    Please get a better microphone.

    Your transcriptions and playing is outstanding. Your current recording setup does not do it justice. Let us all experience your true magnificence.

    So please.
    I ask you.
    As a friend, as a listener, and most importantly, as a fellow pianist.

    Get a better microphone.


  3. man, i really hope you will transcribe every song you played in the medley, i´ll wait for it all my life. 😉

    you´re really good…awesome!

  4. I wanted to ask if you still plan on transcribing Yoake Umarekuru Shōjo I would really love to play the song on the piano, and knowing you would make the transcription perfect.

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