A small tribute to the possibly best fanmade Visual Novel ever (Katawa Shoujo – title screen music “Wiosna”)

So it’s finally here. The Visual Novel I’ve been awaiting for since the first demo was out in 2009.

You couldn’t imagine how excited I was when I finally finished downloading this game and begin to play.

My only reaction after I finished all routes:

the tears… they won’t stop

My god, it was beautiful. Every single route was fantastic. The music, the script, the artwork. I still can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed this. All girls were fantastic, you just can’t stop to care for them and share your love.

After I finished all routes, I felt empty, liveless, incredibly sad – but happy at the same time. I just can’t forget about the girls, the 30 hours of playing time you spent with them, the history you and the girls have shared – everything.

So the least I can do is to transcribe the music of the title screen, called “Wiosna”. Kudos to the guy, who composed this (and the whole soundtrack in general)

Do you know the feeling when you have just watched the last episode of an awesome anime you have been following for weeks, and then suddenly, when the credits begin to roll,  you realize this is probably your favorite anime of all time, but you know there won’t be another episode and you will never see your favorite characters again? That soul-crushing feeling of emptiness after you have witnessed the greatest thing ever?

Yeah, that’s how I feel now.

So, if you still haven’t played this yet, go and download the game here:

Farewell, Lilly, Emi, Rin, Hanako, Shizune, and Misha. I will miss you so badly ;_;

-=Download the sheet here=-

[Wiosna pdf + midi]    (difficulty: easy)

16 thoughts on “A small tribute to the possibly best fanmade Visual Novel ever (Katawa Shoujo – title screen music “Wiosna”)

  1. Great job. I just started Katawa Shoujo and it’s just a great Vn from the beggining.

    BTW. “Wiosna” in my language ( polish ) means “Spring” ( like in seasons)

  2. Hello! I played Katawa Shoujo too, and loved it! I’ve only completed Shizune’s route, but I feel like if I do any other routes, it’s sort of like, cheating or something ;_;

    But I want to request that you transcribe “Breathlessly” and/or “Cold Iron,” please! pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease :D!!

  3. I recently downloaded Katawa Shoujo a couple of days ago. Heard some really positive feedback on the game. Your cover has only inspired me to play even more =) Thank you for sharing the .midi and .pdf. It’s a really beautiful composition and I hope to learn it some time soon as well.
    ~ Martin

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this game! I’ve just finished my first route – I ended up with Emi, and although she was the only one I couldn’t envision pursuing when I started out, I sure was happy with it by the end. Like dudester567 above, I’m having a hard time starting another route now, lol. I feel like such a weird person for even playing this game, but it’s just so soulfully good :(.

  5. Great VN !!!

    This is the first time I cried after completing a VN route (Lily). I never played a VN that make me so…..strangely sad after completed it 😦

    Every route here is unique…. Make me feel something….. different

    Thank for the MIDI anyway 🙂

    btw, Sorry for my bad English…….

  6. Great cover of the title song. Been meaning to learn myself. The sheet music helps a bit although I’m not a great piano player at all (only had 2 years of lessons). But I’ll practice as long as I can.

    The game is absolutely brilliant indeed, I only need to play through Rins story. But I’m not sure I can. Knowing that it will be all over once I’ve done that.. damn.. My first play through with Lily…almost crying near the end. Then Hanako..even more touching, then Shizune (and Mischa), nearly broke me.. and then Emi, who managed to literally made me cry. Note, I haven’t cried over anything since I was 15 (10 years ago)… This game is absolutely amazing.

  7. this game makes you care about the characters a strange amount and flows pretty smoothly
    I wanted to make sure my heart didn’t give out and chose not to quit the workout and found my self with emi and still can’t start over and pick the other routes
    this experience (hard to call it a game or a VS for some reason) is one that will move you and stick with you for a while

  8. Great job! I really loved hanako’s route. This was the first time I’ve ever been so sad a the end of one arc. Next one is emi’s route :3
    Thank you for the sharing and I’d like to request the midi of “jitter” ( hanako’s bgm) please! please!

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